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  1. Apologies for not being around for ages. Had a very bad crash in February, not in the Esprit, not my fault; huge van ploughed into the back of me whilst I was stationary. OUCH! And wrote my car off. Really struggling to generate much interest in driving or cars fullstop since this incident. It was pretty bad and has left me a bit scared of the road. Maybe this will pass? Anyway, today, the Esprit had its aerial 'liberated', AKA some piece of scum decided it was their right to pinch it. To be honest, neither of us had been aware these things unscrewed. Is there a generic Lotus aerial that fits a range of cars, that one of you could kindly recommend? Or do I have to source a specific one? Would be grateful for advice, thank you.
  2. The whole dieting industry is geared towards getting people to lose weight. There is really little out there on maintenance, though it is infact a question of common sense and constant application of self discipline. Easier said then done. Easy to understand why people lose the battle; 96% of weightloss losers gain it all back and more. Maintanance is not easy, and unless you make permanent lifestyle changes, maintenance will be incredibly difficult. Go on a diet and you are pretty much setting yourself up to fail....once you come off the diet. I feel I have worked out that whilst I was losing the weight, the was a consistent jubilation and celebration for every pound lost, it was fantastic. That can be no more, it's quite a loss in itself, and is easy to see why people take dieting too far. According to my GP, I did, and I have subsequently gained a stone and back at size 10. A a senior colleague at work even asked me if I had cancer when I was down at my lowest weight.
  3. I actually managed to achieve a total weight loss of 14 stones about 3 years ago. I was told by my GP to gain a stone, as I had gone too thin, which I have done so. Maintaining weightloss is more difficult than achieving weightloss, in my opinion.
  4. It absolutely comes down to what works best for you, though finding that out can take quite some time. For me, to not gain weight, I have to avoid carbs like the plague. Yet I am fine eating cheese, low fat milk, quality meats, veggies...but not carrots,peas,sweetcorn,potatoes (carbs) I have drawn the conclusion that opinions on diets are a bit like arseholes....everyone's got one!!
  5. This is a kind of tangent within this thread, perhaps I should have started a seperate topic. Anyway, I picked up on this story and I'd be interested to read other people's thoughts on it. My concern is where the airline say that they would not intervene if an obese passenger turned up and had not paid for an extra seat. I have flown as both a large person and a slim one, but I never flew alone when I was large. Rather, we'd book a window seat and a middle seat, and any overspill on my part would go into the side of the plane and Jason. Last year I flew to Nice and a very large man sat next to me. It was a dreadful experience; there are family members I would not want to sit that close to, never mind a complete stranger. I was virtually smothered by him, he was unable to use his own pull down tray, and insisted on resting his drink on my pull down tray. He also asked if he could have my leftovers. I seriously thought it was a wind up, candid camera or something. But no. It's a delicate subject, I have no problem with the obese boarding planes. But surely there has to be a little more common sense, and thought for fellow passengers?
  6. Laura, that is a very interesting post, and a valuable addition to the thread. I was told recently by a professor of medicine, a consultant that I had had to visit, not to take too much credance by the BMI calculations. I am supposed to have an implant in my abdomen, thigh or buttock every 6 months. However, the last 3 times have been difficult and traumatic to say the least. After referral by my GP, the professor has said it is now technically impossible for me to continue with the implant medicine, as there is too little body fat on my body to perform the minor surgery involved in getting the implant in. Yet, my BMI is currently 24.3, which is extremely near to the overweight margin. But I have virtually no bodyfat on me. And, according to the print-out I receive when I get weighed at Boots, my BMI range could healthily be between 18 and 24.9. Thus meaning, I could weigh two stones less and be considered healthy. What??? I'd look like a bloody skeleton. The point I am attempting to make, is that in the wrong frame of mind, ie. a very weight conscious teenager, BMI evaluations could encourage excessive weightloss with the understanding of remaining within a normal range. One size cannot possibly fit all. Over the past year, I have had a couple of concerned colleagues ask if I am okay, such is their concern for my slimmer presentation. Yet, according to BMI, I am virtually in the overweight class. I don't get it. Perhaps I do have heavy bones afterall!!
  7. Spotted today, 4/10/09, heading North along the IDR Reading at 5.20 p.m.
  8. Great pics of Concorde, thanks for posting them; a backward step for aviation, ridding the skies of her, IMO. Sadly never flew on her, though Jason's grandma did, to New York, and loved it! Also a bit jaw dropping to see Quantas first class, I have often wondered what you get in first class, though I'll likely never experience it myself. I'm more of a premium economy girl, at best!
  9. I think I'd just like to add that it's al down to personal choices. I made a very focussed and considered positive lifestyle change to lose weight. That was my choice. Then again, there are those people who actively choose to be big, it is their lifestyle choice, and I don't have a problem with that either, nor do I condemn it or consider them stupid. I was big for a very long time, and I certainly don't consider myself to be stupid. Nor do I consider stupid those people who pursue dangerous activities. I guess life is what you choose to make of it.
  10. Thanks Kylie, not been posting on here too much myself recently either. Thanks for very erm....nice pictures, and to Roger...a lovely thought, shed a tear over Pavarotti, the singing world is not the same without him. I have had a lovely day, been spoilt rotten and made to feel very special all day, despite the utterly shite weather!!
  11. Happy 40th's not as bad as I thought it was going to be....I am also 40 today!
  12. He's indestructable!! What a great read, thanks Bibs.
  13. I have been a tennant numerous times, and signed tennancy agreements. Not once do I recall any small print about what happens to all my worldly goods should I snuff it. If this person had no will, are they not intestate?
  14. Bibs you are one in a million. It's a lovely thing you did, but I don't think I could do it myself.
  15. I'd 'phone or visit your local Citizen's Advice Bureau.
  16. If you spotted it yesterday pm then very likely me & Jason!
  17. I test drove an Evora. It's not often I am left lost for words. But it truly is unbelievable, out of this world, handles like a dream, is unbelievably responsive and incredibly comfortable. It is truly fabulous. I am grinning from ear to ear! To all at Hethel....You have got this so flaming spot on RIGHT!! And nice to meet Scott too at Bell & Colvill.
  18. DOHHHHHHHH Perhaps I should just dye my hair blondE too and have done with it!
  19. Never mind a toothbrush. I use a very substantial hairbrush with firm bristles. It
  20. Simon, stick at it. A couple of pounds off in one week is a sensible weightloss speed. And, there will be times when you won
  21. Shocking and dreadful pictures. Thank God you are okay.
  22. How's it going Si?Don't be too tough on yourself, then you stand a great chance of keeping it going. I have an interesting link to top 10 worst and best foods. Whilst the brands are American, the information is quite jaw dropping, as to how many teaspoons of sugar, or grams of fat and salt some foods contain. I am signed up to a newsletter and this arrived a few weeks ago, I had been meaning to find it. It is intersting this whole diet thing, different things work for different people. Paul mentioned early on about changing his coffee choices. Whereas my lifestyle choices absolutely rely on two lattes a day, and, this works for me! They are skinny lattes, but it's a vital way for me to get protein, iron, vitamin A and D into my body. (I don't digest meat well at all so fat free milk is important) Also, the thing about lifestyle change re food, is that you can get into the trap of feeling deprived of those things you really enjoy. I love stopping off for a good latte on the way home from work, my day always starts with one. I am also a great consumer of soup, could not live without it. I just don't supplement my soup with crusty bread and half a ton of butter! And fruit smoothies also work for me. Again, a sensible quantity, and a good quick way of getting fruit into your system.
  23. So sorry Dave. My thoughts are with you.
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