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  1. Not remotely jealous As ever, fantastic pictures Kylie.
  2. It seems the general opinion is that pies should have sides, and folks would prefer pies to have sides. I am just struggling to find an official description as such that I can draw reference to in a letter of complaint. I'm not sure that ''in my opinion'' carries much weight. I just wish menus would state they they are serving a proper pie, and not the crappy ceramic dish puff pastry lid after-thought affair. Paul, the site you have linked to is fabulous, I am finding it difficult not to order one of everything....but must stick to the diet.
  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday
  4. Katie

    Hello :)

    Welcome Jimi, you have most definitely come to the right place. My first Esprit experience was an S4.
  5. Don't start bringing sex into my thread!!
  6. Spotted this thread and that Sue!!
  7. I'd really welcome some opinion on this, and where I might find further information. When you order steak and ale pie off the menu (or indeed any pie), what are you expecting to receive? I am expecting, or at least hoping to see a pie that has a top, sides and base. That to me is a pie. How can a ceramic dish balanced on a dinner plate, containing the heated up insides of a pie, with a seperately cooked lid placed on the top at the last minute, possibly be classed as a pie? Further more, these types of 'pies' served in this manner, make it very difficult for the pie to be interactive with accompanying veg and mash. There is something very wrong in trying to eat out of a small bowl on a plate. Surely a pie should have top, sides and base, and the whole thing cooked as one, so that it all intermingles during cooking?
  8. When you say ''you can't fit in one'', is that a height or length of leg problem, purely out of interest?
  9. Money no object, I would not hesitate to have an Elise, but it would have to be as well as the Esprit, and not instead of.
  10. Hiya Jussi, nice to see you again. As ever, your photography is just beautiful.
  11. It's a real gripe of mine, people who park in disabled bays who don't have the blue badge. I am glad to see that they are now taking this problem seriously at The Oracle car park in Reading, and issuing tickets to those who abuse these spaces. On the other note, I too have experience of parking the Esprit at the back end of a car park, where there is nothing else around, and also because I am shite at parking. You can guarantee when you get back to the car there is something parked either side of you!
  12. Nice one Tony. So, is small really beautiful?
  13. Katie


    I am just amazed by the talent on here.
  14. I'm a soprano, having trained at the Royal Northern College of Music. Whilst I stopped pursuing opera a very long time ago, I do perform at weddings in the London and home counties areas, and occasionally do concert platform work and recitals. I really, really should have a website for this, there is one in the pipeline, I am just slow/lazy(?) with technical stuff.
  15. Speechless. And that does not happen often!!
  16. I vividly remember being left stunned, by my first ride in an Esprit. It was an S4, May 23rd 2001! Bibs have you any more bad-boy upgrades planned to add to your Esprit? My ears are still ringing from the back firing at the Pear Tree services last year, not to mention almost setting fire to my leg!!!
  17. Katie


    Lovely pictures; I like the second and fourth best. I could not draw even if my life depended on it.
  18. Katie


    Hiya Sue and WELCOME! Hope to bump into you some time at en event, though not too literally of course! Have you gotten beyond the just starring at the car in the garage stage yet, or having to pop out every 5 minutes just to have another look at it?!! Lol Sue, just checked out your profile....we are both 39 and living in Berkshire!!
  19. Welcome!Great looking car. Your trade up was definitely a good decision. And yes, you are right, you can indeed get a good deal of shopping in the boot of an Esprit!!
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