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  1. Must be something in the air, I was stopped today on the M40 :-(
  2. I'd be only more than happy to cover 100k quick time in an Evora! What a job to have!
  3. Cadbury's chocolate eclairs...half price in Sainsbury's :-)
  4. Well I have received something TODAY And it's not that I am ungrateful, but, today is the 13th and not the 14th, and they have signed their name too
  5. God this story had my jaw hanging, then I got mad. I'm sure the kids will get goodness knows what in benefits, from a system they have contributed sweet FA to. What does this teach people FFS?
  6. Peter, so sorry to read of your loss. I can only echo what others have already said. I lost my Dad eight years ago and it was totally numbing for quite some time. Try to think of all the really daft things he did, and all the stuff you laughed at, and the things he taught you, and the things you respected him for. I know this sounds like a really bad cliche, but time, when enough of it has passed, will help you to feel better than you do now.
  7. That's about the most offensive thing I have seen for quite some time. Oh, other than Subarus and Porsches!!!
  8. Katie


    If I wake up to another six inches one more time this week I am going to lose the plot.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this one Ian. This has got to be one of the best events in the Lotus calender, and I missed it last year!
  10. Sent to your paypal Dave, thanks for organising this.
  11. Katie


    Don't do it!!....Only kidding! Welcome to the forum Chrispy
  12. Katie


    Cliff your pictures are just gorgeous! I just about made it into work today, but rear wheel drive sucks, I was all over the place, not a single road I took had been gritted. I am now effectively snowed in. Got back tonight and did the usual three point turn on the drive, but she flatly refuses to go up the drive (it's quite a slope) so I cannot even line up to get her in the garage. There's no way I will get her off the drive tomorrow with even more snow, I'd burn the clutch out trying to I suspect.
  13. Oh Purza, that is so terribly sad to read. I don't think I know Jeff, but sincere condolences to his family. I too was thinking about flowers but point taken about their home looking like a florist. Are people sending donations individually to the above named charity, or might we do a forum donation?
  14. Ican well believe it! I am a regular consumer of extra dark chocolate with chilli, quite wonderful. I once in Spain had dark chocolate with corriander, again fantastic. Never seen that anywhere since.
  15. A link to a complaint letter, recently received by Virgin Atlantic's customer complaints department. It is being hailed as one of the funniest complaints letters ever written... It does make, in combination with the pictures, for very amusing reading. So, do any of you ever complain? Do you ever get freebies for your complaint efforts?
  16. Katie

    diy help

    D.I.Y. ...... Don't Involve Yourself!!
  17. Hi David and welcome. Let's see some pictures then!
  18. Hi guys, great pictures, looks like it was a cracking day out and I am so sorry I was not there. Eddie bless you, thanks for the PM's, I'm glad I managed to get contact to you and apologies it was late in the day. I don't have your number on my new 'phone. Sorry Bibs for not getting in touch with you at all. I was ambulanced to hospital last week and just spent a delightful (not!) seven days there. Feeling a little better, hence them letting me out this evening. Have numerous bottles of morphine, any recommendations for a cocktail??!! January to say the least, has been shite!
  19. Thanks Cliff for booking the restaurant. Always good to go somewhere that has been tried and tested! I'll go with the flow if that's what everyone else is doing. I'm just nostalgic about eating fish and chips out of paper on the seafront. Although perhaps in the freezing cold there is less nostalgia to be had!
  20. Are we definitely going to the Regency Restaurant? Or are others more tempted by good old fashioned fish and chips?
  21. I have been to two Heythrop Hall events and they were both bosting, especially the food!
  22. What! Was a great video, well put together and the music really set it off. Is there anywhere else it can be viewed with music? It was a fun reminder of a great day out.
  23. 1. sparky - hopefully wiv missus. 2. GT3 Jonny - hopefully wiv daughter 3. Setras- plus Katie
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