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  1. Hi Christophe, and welcome
  2. Just letting you know, the February 2009 edition of EVO has a very interesting article on the Europa SE, and some really great pictures of it.
  3. I would like someone to remind me, in approximately 11 months time, that I am NEVER EVER going to have a real xmas tree ever again I shall be setting the bloody thing on fire tomorrow.
  4. I have it also, some cracking Evora pictures and very interesting reading.
  5. Katie


    I'm surprised the individual colours of our underwear are not also disclosed! Pretty amazing stats Bibs, this is quite a place you created.
  6. Stewie's cool, as is every episode of Family Guy! But I'd rather see the hamster. May be I'll start a thread to demand the return of the hamster!!
  7. Katie

    New member

    Hello and welcome!
  8. I'm told some of them are so huge they can take days to download. You might try messaging Jason, he's virtually got a doctorate in W.O.W.!
  9. Nothing so far. The party I had planned to go to has been cancelled
  10. I am a bit late with this, but Merry Christmas to all. x
  11. Howard, I take it you have not listened to a choral version of Eric Whitacre's Lux Aurumque. Most definitely NOT shit christmas music!!
  12. Not sure where you are going with this one Roger.... Eddie, I have no idea what you collect...intrigued!
  13. I collect obelisks, though I am very fussy about which ones I will and won't have. I also collect ecclesiastical antiques, though I am not remotely religious. I have also for some time been considering keeping hens. If anyone has any experience or advice, I'd welcome it.
  14. Thanks for a great response Mike, all the best to Lotus for a great 2009. I'm looking forward to Evora spotting!
  15. Still the hamster for me!
  16. Well done Mike, and all at hope Lotus. I really hope this company goes from strength to strength, despite the current economic gloom and doom.
  17. So sorry your car was vandalised, know exactly how this feels. Some little f*****g b*****d sh*t gouged its name into our Esprit a few years ago
  18. That actually doesn't bear thinking about!
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