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  1. Happy bithday Eddie! And check your in-box, have finally replied! Katie
  2. Katie

    Red one M4...

    Red, 12.30, M4 heading West, travelling inbetween junctions 10 and 11, outside lane. Sorry, I was also in the outside lane opposite and uncertain as to the model, possibly S4 or V8.
  3. Fantastic! Good to see them spending the licence money on something worthwhile for a change.
  4. Katie


    Happy birthday fellow leos!!
  5. Katie


    Last year we went to Spain and I was so cold I had to buy a fleece for the daytime and a quilt for night time. It was cloudy/grey/overcast every flaming day. This was Northern Spain.
  6. My screen is the same......old, battered and covered in thick dust!
  7. My auntie parked by a postbox and hopped out of the car to post her letter. And yes, she had her car nicked the minute she was posting the letter. Her handbag containing everything was in there, and worse still, the family dog was in the back of the car. The police told her that thieves sit in hiding near post boxes as they are a perfect opportunity for car jacking. Yesterday I noticed a middle aged lady had left her keys in the ignition whilst she went to post something on the noticeboard of the village hall. Again, most unwise.
  8. Only just getting to read this....yesterday was packed and lovely from start to finish. Got a surprise pressie of a day at Nirvana Spa, so was up at the crack of dawn to get there for 9am. Started off the day by running 3 miles which knackered me, and today I feel like I have no hips or legs! Then it was onto serious pampering territory....bliss, heaven. Jas and me went out for an Indian/Bangladeshi last night.....Cinnamon Tree in Mortimer, which I have never been to before and highly recommend. So thanks for all my lovely messages. had better be running very quickly, I had forgotten quite which birthday it is next year. Love the pic of Rog and Lilly-May! Eddie....I am intrigued, really, really intrigued as to what the new towel rail looks like...... BigSi....hahahaha! No puke wretch vom at the Wensum! Thank you Kylie for the best picture I have ever seen on here!!!
  9. Kimbers, I spent approximately 18 months unable to eat any meat or fish, nuts, wheat, dried fruits,soya. If I did, I either vommed or had excrutiating bowel pain. Had all kind of tests and cameras shoved up and down, no one knows why. I have gradually been able to introduce beef and fish back into my diet in small quantities. Still a no-no to dried fruits and nuts and soya and wholewheat/grain. A little bit of wheat now and again. I think what I am attempting to say is that whatever is wrong with you, may just be a passing phase, and that one day you will be gradually able to introduce currently banned foods back into your diet.
  10. Sadly not that exciting.....I don't have pop-ups
  11. Approaching traffic lights on A33 at the roundabout for J11 M4 at 10.40am I gave you a quick flash and waved like a maniac.... Very nice looking car, made a great noise pulling away on the opposite side of the roundabout.
  12. Yes cheesey, but still fantastic Kylie!
  13. Katie

    Cool plane!

    I saw it Bibs, it was awesome, and almost as loud as your car!
  14. I'd avoid bouncing around hard on a space hopper this weekend!
  15. I am absolutely addicted to ebay.
  16. I was also wondering, though not too deeply, what an infected ''erm'' actually is! OMG Si, your lube comments.....TMI!!!! Tony, whatever is wrong with you ''erm'', I hope it recovers quickly!
  17. WOW What a great birthday present! And welcome to the forum :-)
  18. Katie

    my final drive

    Si, I'm glad you are going to keep the car. It would be awful to make a decision that turned out not only to be wrong, but irreversible. I have read within the thread you are looking into altering the seat. Is there any way of having a removeable steering wheel? Is that possible? If it were, it may afford you alot more space/ease of movement getting in and out of the car. Where there's the will, there is usually a way.
  19. Oh I can think of far worse Howard, but I'm not going to push my luck with the swear filter! "posterior cleavage" .....PMSL at that one!! "Good breeding and class" my arse!! I've yet to let my wilder side trip out at a meet up...... Further suggestions.... Tosspot saggy boobies Veiny bang stick
  20. Added to all the problems listed above, is modern technology. Whilst very useful, I think it causes distraction and the innability to realise you have a car up your arse. You see pedestrians on mobile 'phones, texting, wearing headphones etc. Half the time they cannot hear you, or, are so engrossed in what they are doing, they have no idea you are there. This is a particular problem round here as the road that takes you to the main road has no pavements, and is a rat-run to the local senior school. And ditto for cyclists who go about there travels listening to music. They put themselves at a disadvantage to what is on the road. This is unfair on all who use the roads. There are drivers out there who don't give a toss about pedestrians and cyclists, but I'd say more than most do care. Seems unfair that it's our pocket that has to pay the price for a driver, cyclist or pedestrian that could/should have been paying more attention.
  21. This arrived in my mail this morning....... SILVERSTONE NEWS We've just enjoyed a wonderful weekend at the British Grand Prix, are now dry again, and can impart the following inside information. After the screw up over tires, the Ferrari F1 team fired their entire pit crew yesterday. This followed Ferrari's decision to take advantage of the British government's 'Work for your Dole' scheme and employ some Liverpudlian youngsters. The decision to hire them was brought about by a recent documentary on how unemployed youths from Toxteth were able to remove a set of wheels in less than 6 seconds without proper equipment whereas Ferrari's existing crew could only do it in 8 seconds with millions of pounds worth of high tech equipment. It was thought to be an excellent, bold move by the Ferrari management team as most races are won and lost in the pits, giving Ferrari an advantage over every other team. However, Ferrari got more than they bargained for! At the crew's first practice session, not only was the scouse pit crew able to change all four wheels in under 6 seconds but, within 12 seconds, they had re-sprayed, re-badged and sold the car to the Mclaren team for 8 cases of Stella, a bag of weed and some photos of Alonso's bird in the shower.
  22. Simon....PMSL at your suggestions of Bib's password. Did you forget bumcrack?
  23. I actually thought the Smart had been the victim of bird shit. Maybe it's the way the light is reflecting the roof on it.
  24. Hi Eddie! You are dead right about the British Monsoon season, another pants day weather wise. Hope your car is on form soon, it's been quite a while since I last spotted you. We'll have to organise a hoon, taking in The Old Bell en route.....!!
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