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  1. A gold brick??? You can plate them in gold but they are still bricks.
  2. I think Kylie has has started something of a trend for a certain Lefty shot.....!!!
  3. Katie

    my final drive

    Si, I am so sad to read your post, it's so bloody unfair. I will send you a PM tomorrow. Hugs, Katie
  4. LOL!!! I kind of don't get it but get it. I'm at Henley on Saturday, I'll keep a look out for them, they might be there again, Saturday's the busiest day for the Regatta.
  5. Our demised S4 SCC082910RHA61253 Esprit S4 Racing Green L213 LMO
  6. I think the Barby is being held at the factory on Saturday evening.
  7. Si, congratulations to both of you, you must be over the moon. Hope you are both feeling okay soon.
  8. Howard, I'm speechless.....that does'nt happen often!! If anyone puts me in a chavvy burberry coffin, I will come back and haunt them so bad!
  9. My pictures are here.....
  10. Sounds like one of those experiences that renders the need for a change of underwear! Glad the three of you are okay.
  11. Nick, just to thank you again for such a first class and informative talk. All the bits and pieces you brought with you were just fantastic to look at and examine, and I had no idea cows were so big!!!! Thanks as ever to Kato and Bibs, it was another great event from start to finish, and we were blessed with lovely weather this year. Here's one of my favourite pics of the day.......suits you sir! And further thanks to Bibs for rupturing both my ear drums and almost setting me on fire!!!!
  12. This is the postcode for Travelodge Peartree, Moto Service Area Peartree Roundabout, Oxford, GB, OX2 8JZ. I'd have thought this would be useful.
  13. As Clarkson once said....''the Esprit is like a small room. You can rearrange the furniture around, but you're still left with a small room'' I'm not so stuck for space myself, though I used to be before I lost weight. My problem is rather the opposite, I'm not tall enough. And despite having the seat as far forward as it will go, getting the clutch to the floor is an effort. Getting the accelerator to the floor is never a problem
  14. Oh FFS, that's just ridiculous. Reminds me of the 'pimp my ride' thing, TV and stereo in the boot, everyone gathers round for a social, I don't get that either.
  15. Katie


    It's Spain for me and Jas, more precisely, Barcelona and a beautiful quiet little place on the Costa Brava, overlooking the Medes Islands. For me also it's Norway, which I visited alot through work in the early 90's. It's an incredible country, with some of the friendliest and most welcoming kind people I have ever met. And the cheese is awesome!
  16. Katie


    Dodgy, does this mean you won't be with us on Sunday?
  17. Well done Sam and Roger, hope the three of you are doing well. Looking forward to seeing a picture of Lily, that's a gorgeous name by the way!
  18. OMG too much information!!! Although I guess there are worse places to stick a tatoo!!
  19. It seemed to finish before it had even gotten started.
  20. Hope this is just very temporary Si, and that you are out of pain soon. {{{hug}}}
  21. I love house/dance/trance and I was getting right into that until the guy opened his mouth.
  22. My vote is still with the hamster!
  23. Many thanks for pointing that out Owen, I'd have completely missed it.
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