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  1. Work this one out, have a look at the DVLA Vehicle check 😎
  2. That makes it Hugo Schneider's Essex LHD 008 renumbered 039.
  3. Lotus in the Peaks Chatsworth House Sunday 10th July.
  4. Hi Barrie, there must have been 2 in the skip the one I sold was just the outer board.
  5. No. 11 was Mario Andretti - looks exactly like the one I sold on Ebay years ago - bought from Team Lotus personnel - rescued from a skip at Ketteringham Hall.
  6. The owner of LHD Essex 008 Chassis No. 10308 changed it to 039. Lotus records still recognise it as LHD 008.
  7. The Jim Loose "Essex" chassis no. 10307LHD is not part of the numbered Essex sequence and not recognised by Lotus as a genuine numbered Essex. The present owner purchased the car from Stocksports Cars in the UK.
  8. If you get in to trouble with it have it serviced at Agenta Audio Classic Car Radio they’ll sort it out.
  9. Hi Neil, Bring back Donny, if I turned up dressed as David Thieme wearing an Essex jacket Tocus would be there following me.
  10. Needs an Essex Umbrella to go with it.
  11. If there's any Essex owners reading this have look in your Essex history file please, want to know the Essex no. in the photo. The reg no. DSK 778 is now on a BSA motorbike isn't an original Essex reg. no. Steve T
  12. Hi Neil, Hew Dundas, Bell & Colvill, Vansten and an accident involving an Essex on the Ridgeway (B552), 020 at Lotus Bits being confused with the Hew Dundas Essex & DVLA data protection won't release any history for HRD 7, feel free to have a go at piecing all that lot together !!!!
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