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  1. Interior wise I'm not sure either I agree it should be red ??? probably it's been in the sun to much and faded !!! it was specified no Essex stripes when ordered.
  2. Hi Lex, Have you see these photo's of Essex LHD Chassis 10301 can't remember if I've already posted these before. I must have some info on this somewhere, from what I remember it had been left dumped on the roadside for years could have been in Saudi or the UAE ? Extract copied from Dry Sump register -10301 1980 Exp LHD Essex Exp Prod 1 000 Essex Blue Essex Blue Red Compomotive Y LHD Essex 001. Saudi Arabia (No Essex ID No.) Apparently requested not to have decals and customer was Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia according to Brian, but is considered a Essex. Steve T
  3. 004 is black but galvanised under the black finish I'll dig some photo's out. I had the chassis powder-coated when it was undergoing restoration.
  4. Lex, Reference to 10953 being the same spec as 1980 FYEO (turbo dry sump) SCCFC20A1AHD10930, engine no. CD910800718630. Steve T
  5. 1980 FYEO (turbo dry sump) SCCFC20A1AHD10930, engine no. CD910800718630 = 10953. 1980 FYEO (n/a) SCCFC20A8AMD10858, engine no. CC912801118912. Log book never updated by Lotus to change the engine details prior to going to the film set. Original turbo dry sump engine no. CD910791117542. Original reg. no. 459 JTA. Reg no. OPW 678W originally belonged to a Blue Series 3 Esprit which belonged to the Lotus Engineering dept.
  6. Barrie, did you have the white lettering pen out pre blast ? the Goodyear lettering looks very white, presuming it's not the stick on lettering ? Anyway it looks very nice. Steve T
  7. Essex 022 is the only genuine Essex I know of in SA. Location - Durban. Owner - Indy Nainu. From memory it now has a wet sump HC engine.
  8. Sure this was at the Club Lotus Donnington Show, can't remember what year, early 90's ?
  9. Hi, Some information - 10901 - for you to update your register - photo's taken South Africa 2003 so what subsequently happened to it I don't know. The owner was in contact with Lotus at the time, he thought he had a missing Essex Turbo, sadly for him he didn't. Steve T (Veilside) Chassis 10901 Vin Plate.pdf Chassis 10901.pdf
  10. Sorry can't help you with that one !!!
  11. If he comes back with anything will be interesting, thinking about it a new toothed pulley might be a good idea for a rainy day with the belts. Where do these people hide - reminds me of a guy who had a garage full of Compomotive wheels, rang him many times, never answered, left messages and then when he did eventually contact me he'd sold the lot !!!!! And then there's Trevor Cooper who had contract with the factory to take away "scrap parts" used the aluminium Compomotive wheel centre's for air rifle target practice, they're more than gold dust now !!!! He had everything ther
  12. Hi Jason, Oil Pump Drive Belt +2/+3 and a -1/std/+1please. Steve T
  13. The Mazak Essex is not 008.
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