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  1. So does anyone know who bought it ?
  2. One things for sure he’s not been seen riding round Paris in 007 or Monaco.
  3. Forget the 3 development cars they're a can of worms and pencil in 8 LHD Essex Turbo's including LHD 007 which is suppose to be owned by Mr. Theime if he's still around but never confirmed.
  4. Long time ago now but would guess the "back wall" was 2008 the foyer 2009 & 2010 was the last Donnington show.
  5. 004 - Donnington 2009 - Entrance Foyer Display
  6. Classic Team Lotus Festival - Snetterton: 20 Jun 2010.
  7. Essex 025 - MBW 777W Chassis No. 10950 Essex LHD 029 Photo taken Donnington 2001
  8. The records say that it's rotor blades haven't fell off.
  9. Bell Jet Ranger 206B-2 registered by Bell as N1453W, transferred to UK as G-AYTF, transferred to Belgium as OO-COB, Civil Helicopter Register of Belgium 2018 not registered as inactive. KAH 540V Lotus Esprit Dev. 2, SCCDC20A0AHD10859, Essex Colours, mot expired October 2015, last mot 29th October 2014 87,344 miles, SORN.
  10. Wrote a piece about this one it's on here somewhere the fridge/freezer caught fire in the garage and finished up with the house going the same way, melted the Compomotives, nothing left to salvage.
  11. Found this photo the other day I'd forgotten about - 004 without it's cloths on.
  12. Forgot to mention the round yellow and green lotus emblem in the photo isn’t standard for Essex jackets.
  13. The Essex badge is where it should be along with the round emblem, I have two jackets one as your photo with the round badge in the same position and the other one doesn’t have one, is the zip repairable without replacing the zip ? take it to someone who repairs/replaces zips see what the say, you really need the zip working but replacing the zip could spoil the jacket so be careful.
  14. On average a good Essex jacket on EBay will make £500 to £700 but with a broken zip could be less, not a good idea to put it in the washing m/c. though. A few years ago the Silverstone Classic auction had an Essex lot that went for nothing so to speak, Essex jackets, Essex umbrellas, Essex travel bags etc. etc. the winning bid was around £350 or thereabouts that really hurt as I didn’t find out until it was to late, Essex umbrella’s are even harder to find than the jackets I’ve got a couple but the condition isn’t great maybe Classis Team Lotus should commission a batch of replica’s.
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