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  1. The following is a letter I just recieved in response to my question about slicks that I had sent to Lotus Sport. Note the answer was sent from outside of Lotus Sport. F.Y.I. for those contemplating running slicks. Cheers, Al Al, Thank you for your patience.We received this from Lotus Sport in response to your questions: Slicks make for an interesting question on the 2-Eleven. The car was designed and developed around treaded Yokohama A048 tyres, so we have very little data proving the cars durability when running on slicks. To that end we have always been careful to say that the car is not specified for slicks and they shouldn't be used as we cannot be sure that the engine won't suffer from oil surge because the high grip from the tyres and the cars low mass will lead to some pretty serious lateral g figures. We are not too worried about suspension stresses as the suspension is the same as that on the much heavier Exige and they have been running slicks with no real issues, but although the suspension forces will be similar thay cannot pull the same g as the 2-Eleven. The Dubai 24hour car ran Michelin slicks and the engine didn't surge at all; we were monitoring oil pressure all through the race and we had no issues. The car was fitted with the Moroso Oil pan and the standard Accusump oil accumulator. I think my advice would be that any customer who wants to run slicks on his 2-Eleven but who doesn't want to go to the expense and hassle of a full dry sump system should install the Moroso oil pan (I don't think the baffles work in it as the design is flawed, but the extra oil capacity must help). He should also install some form of oil pressure monitoring system, a gauge or transducer, to be sure things are OK. The standard Accusump is all that is needed, there is no need to up the unit volume to the best of my knowledge. The main thing with running slicks is that the customer understands he is now firmly in race car territory when it comes to maintainance schedules due to the high loads everything is being subjected to. This means he MUST have the car inspected and safety checked fully after every track day/race meeting and must be prepared to change components like track rod ends, wheel bearings etc as a matter of course rather than waiting for them to fail. The car cannot be treated like a road car when it is fitted with slicks. Period (as you colonialists say). I think I have already answered your question on the Accusump; the 2-Eleven is fitted as standard with the same accusump unit as used on the Cup 255, so no need to worry. The SCCA homologation includes the Accusump. Front 20/61 - 16 S7C Rear 24/61-17 S8B Size and Compound slicks Lotus ran in Dubai. Although they mentioned that they should have run a half an inch wider at the rear. Hope this helps. We have the Accusump kit ALS3E0022J $16.74Cup Car Wheels: Fronts now $833.54 ea Rears now $912.03 ea Thank you for choosing Lotus Garage and we hope to meet your future Lotus parts needs. Regards, Brandon __________________________________ Blackwatch, Inc tele 949.246.4839 fax 949.653.5838
  2. Sorry to hear about your situation, from past experience I truly understand how that can louse up a nice situation. But at least the planned trip to the frozen area shuyld not be too badly missed. Once you get back to the U,K, you'll have more than enough "frozen" to deal with based on the latest weather reports. All kidding aside, best of luck, hope your situation goes back to the favorable soon. Al
  3. I have put on a little over 8000 miles on the car with the header shown in the photo above. So far no problem. Mileage included a track day, a few 300+ mile interstate runs and is in use as a daily driver. It was stated that SS headers with turbo is a "no-no" but no reason was given. Can a reason be offered other than hearsay? Not trying to sound cryptic, seriously would like to know what technical reasoning supports the statement, especially since current conditions indicate that the statement is not necessarily a true one, at least in the case of my current set up. Al
  4. Simon, The new manifold was mounted with just a bit over 92.200 on the clock. I am now at 100, 400+. The car has been run at a club track event, a couple of 300+ mile interstate runs and is in use as my daily commuter. All is well thus far. As for any more orders, unfortunately I will not be able to do so. This was a one time run. If anyone who has ordered one decides to back out I might be able to sell you theirs. I hope not to get involved in that kind of swapping around but if it happens I will do what I can to help anyone out. There are two gents who have ordered two manifolds. It might be possible to cajole one from them. Al p.s. To those here who have ordered one, I am waiting tom hear back from the fabricator as to when the order will be completed. I was told that it should be very very soon. I will email all those with further details as soon as I hear back from them. Thank you for your patience, (you are all doing a lot better than I did).
  5. Hate to admit it, but have done that on many an occasion. Don't know how many times this weekend I got into the 2-11 to go out to grid, turned the key and for a moment wondered why the starter was not kicking over. Duh!
  6. Jack, Thanks for the feedback. Have no plans to change the header. Will commence with can order directly. Al
  7. I looked at the SCCA schedule for our area and it appears that most of it conflicts with the vintage schedule for this year. I think I will spend this year modifying and getting used to the 2-11 so that it and I will be ready for the 2010 season. In addition to the vintage season, (which I am obligated to run in), I am hoping that I can get enough people in our area signed up to get a Lotus challenge Series going. Budget barley allows for two series runnings so SCCA will have to wait. Patrick, thanks again for your efforts in getting the 2-11 sanctioned. Makes ownership most worthwhile. By the way, had a chance to run against a GT3 class Vette this past weekend. If that's what we will be running against I am not as worried as I was prior.
  8. After reading through all the postings to date I have not found any discussion with regards to the mounting of slicks for track use and adjustment to camber. According to the manual the negative camber should be increased in order to obtain a 10 degree temp differential inside to outside, (or the other way, whichever). Negative camber is increased by reducing the shim pack. Has anyone fitted slicks and made the necessary camber adjustments? PatrickO, anyone? for reference, stock settings for A048 shod cars is Fr: -1.4 Deg., Rr: -2.5 Deg. Since the 2-11 is not street legal I plan on going to slicks and would like to get the correct settings. Thanks, Al B.
  9. All the best on the greatest day of your life!
  10. Patrick, By "change the box" are you referring to the can? Since there is no way to determine exactly what is on the car I asked the dealership and that was their guess. How's them apples? The exhaust can is a large unit indeed. your last line is exactly what I have in mind. Al
  11. He's making them in Ti ? So far have only seen it offered in SS. Wonder how much less weight and more cost? the 4" SS is $675 stateside. Anyone know?
  12. I know this topic has been dormant for a while but I had to wait untill I had a chance to get out onto a proper circuit before entering the fray. This past weekend I had a chance to run for two full days on a 2.9 mile fulll course circuit. prior to this I had only been out on my local 1.3 mile practice track which did not offer the opportunity to let the car stretch it's legs. Also it did not allow me to get a taste of the cars full potential. I'll save that part for another time and subject posting. To the point, the car is equipped with the Lotus stage 1 system and along with evertyone else at the track we were constantly asking, "is it running?" It is too dang quiet. there is a lot to be said for running in stealth mode but I find it difficult to tell what the engine is doing when I cannot hear it. Being tall in the saddle it is hard for me to see the red shift light and during the busy times I rely more on engine note than the tach. Once I know where redline is I do not need to watch the gauge. With the current system I cannot do this. I'll admit that by the end of the two days I was getting better at watching the tach, but when I found myself in the twisties, dicing it up with other cars, watching the tach became impossible. As a result the rev limiter was visited frequently. I am considering the 2bular system but wanted to see if there was any feedback available on which type worked best with the car. There are 4 types available, 4", 6", 7", 8". Since noise levels are not critical at the venues I am currently running I am more interested on which one will work the best with the car. I am leaning towards the 4" primarily because of the weight differential in comparrison with the Lotus Stage 1. 10+ pounds versus 20 something of the Stage 1. Any thoughts from those who have trekked this path? Oh hell, I can't wait, during the course of two days and 8 20 minute sessions I was passed by no one. I passed the entire group and was running up against Vettes, Vipers, Porsces, Exige S types, and a couple of Ferraris. I did not pass the Ferraris, but I did blow by a track prepped, slick shod, 700h.p. GT3 class Corvette.......twice. The Ferraris will be on the plate next time as driver skills improve.
  13. Thanks Dan, you're a gentleman and a scholar. Al
  14. Paul, That is what I normally do. Just looking to see if anyone else has done anything in this vein. Key should not come out under normal conditions, but could. Also, it sits loosely when in the off position. Just a thought. Al
  15. Has anyone come up with a tether with which to secure the red cut-off key? Trying to think one that will keep the key from flying off for any reason but at the same time be easily removable. The one on my race car is permanently tethered with a wire. Was looking for something that could be detached when the car is in transit. Anyone?
  16. Dan, Three questions. 1. Where does the third hose connect? Not to clear from the photo. It runs behind the coolant overflow bottle and I cannot see where it goes from there. 2. Can you clarify how you attached the cannisters? I like the out of the way position and set up. 3. Where did you source the Russell braided hoses from and how much hose was required? Thanks gents for the clarifications and information, and time to bring it to the forum. Al
  17. Nicely done. care to make a second set
  18. Cameron, you're just a young-in, (which is not such a bad thing). $0.72 a gallon! I was already protesting it when it went that high. I remember being pissed at having to pay 0.35 for Getty premium. After posting initially I went home that night and started thinking about what else would fall into the "remember when" list. I became seeriously depressed. Sure seems like a long time ago when you start thinking on it.
  19. Well thanks for nothing. Started off this Monday just feeling like my usual grouchy self. Now I have to add miserable old git to the resume. Additional rememberances, wait I need a shot of Geritol to get through this, okay here goes. remember the Howdy doody show remember black and white television with 6 channels to choose from. Yea I'm bragging. One of the benefits of growing up across the river from New York City. remember when riding in the back of the bus was reserved for a select group and as kids we trhought it was just plain neat. remember when there were no such things as sequels. remember when you could see two movies with cartoons during the intermission. remember when they had intermissions at movies. remember when going to the movies required dressing up. rememmber when manners were common and expected. remember when I would get a dollar for lunch. That dollar got me three huge slices of pizza, a large cold drink, and an ice cream from the Good Humor ice cream wagon at the park. Best part, the remaining change was mine to keep. remember when a gallon of milk was a dollar remember when milk used to be left at the door remember when a man used to come to the apartment to replace the tubes on the television set that had gone bad. Key on coming to the apartment remember when doctors made house calls. remember when the president of the United states was an ex general and military hero of WWII Remember when people were civil towards each other in New York city. That's going way back. Remember Soupy Sales, Captian Kangaroo, Officer Joe Bolton and the three stoogies. Remember watching the Bowery Boys and the old Abbott and Costello movies on Saturday morning followed by a day of war movies and westerns with the old man while chomping down on fresh from the deli down the street cold cuts, cheese, and Italian bread, with hot cherry peppers on the side. Remember having the crap scared out of me on the old wooden roller coaster in Pallisades Park. remember when you could go out and trick or treat and not worry about getting candy laced with something that could hurt you. remember when the path trains that took you from Jersey city to New York's Grand Central Station were refered to as "tin lizzys" remember when Lionell trains were made from metal, not plastic. remember Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, and G.I. Joe who only came in one denomination and who's accessories catalog was no more than 6 pages long. remember when burning garbage in open air incinerators was considered okay. remember when a "large" pizza could feed a family of four with the chance of left overs to be a certianty remember when the toy surprise that came in a 10 cent box of Cracker Jack was worth the wait of having remember when an eight year old could could get on a city bus, go to the square and watch movies all day long and come back on another city bus and not have to worry about ending up as a photo on a milk carton. remember when inmates uniforms had stripes. Don't ask. a bit more recent, remember when the kids had long hair in pony tails and the old grey hairs went for the brush cut. remember when you could go to military surplus and buy a brand new, still in the crate jeep or Harley davidson motorcycle for $50. Addvertisments were found in the back of the latest Marvel or D.C. comic book. remember when MAD Magazine was considered an underground comic remember when FM radio was considered underground music. remember when gay was being in a good mood, not an alternative lifestyle. remember when the Yankees played in Harlem and the stars were Pepatone and Mantle. That's it, time to recharge the pace maker.
  20. I diagree with the they have nothing comment. They have sand. Lots and lots of sand. With an occasional rock for texture. Geesh, what a complainer. Nice write up!
  21. Thanks for that link. It led to a video of my 2-11 running down a Ford Gt at our local club meet that I did not know existed. Cool! Now I have proof to back the story.
  22. Congrats to the black and gold! Go Steelers! Houston Steelers fan club.
  23. Some nice tasty but rather dear bits to be sure. For example, a four nozzle fire system, with electronic release can be had stateside for approx. 700 U.S. With the car being rather costly to begin with, an additional rap for the extras hurts.
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