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  1. With the video being small and my eyes not what they used to be, is that a paddle shift equipped 2-11? I did not see the driver touch the stick. Nice video, thanks for posting. Would really love the chance to drive that one. One more question, how tall is the driver? I ask with regards to possible fitment of the full cage on my car. Al B.
  2. Wow! 850-1200 pounds. I was charging 600 U.S. First batch had issues which was corrected and to my knowledge none of the second batch manifolds had any issues, fitment or otherwise. The manifolds were stainless and coated with a heat transfer material. I now have almost 40,000 on the prototype with no cracks, leaks or other issues. Single gaskets at both the head and turbo with a thin coating of high-temp silicone on both sides of the gasket. I just wish the rest of the car was holding up as well as the manifold. AL B.
  3. Ditto to the above. Both front mount bolts were out and both rear were out as far as the mount would allow. I had not read this post so did not expect anything like that to happen. My bad. The dealership completely missed it, or just did not bother to look when I asked them to give the car a good once over as I figured they would be more savy to what might be amiss. My bad again.
  4. My turn to join the dead gearbox list. At the start of the last race going from 2nd to third at the drop of the green flag, third gear went away. Completely away. I've pulled the box and did see a fair amount of metal flakes in the oil so I have to assume that they are what's left of third gear. Will not know for certian untill the box is opened. For the record the car has seen three years of track play with a little over 2500 miles on the clock. Not a lot of mileage and not a good testament to the strength of the gear box. Most likely will go with the Jubu gears for the present as a sequential is just too much cash. If the box can withstand another couple of years after the rebuild I can live with that expense versus the alternative. The joys of racing!
  5. My car came sans towe hooks or even the front mount for the hook. I used the long Memorial Day weekend to install both. What a royal pain in the nether regions the front was! If you go by the instructions in the owners manual it sounds like a relatively hastle free effort. Wrong! The manual only mentions a third of the bolts and screws that have to be removed. On top of that my front grille did not have the opening for the hook to pass through which resulted in some snipping of the mesh. It amazes me how much has had to be added to the car to make it race compliant. I still have to install a proper fuel cell and fire supression system. Will save those headaches for another long weekend.
  6. Jo, Would you be willing to part with the cover? I, like Jack, am campaigning the 2-11 and would like to close off the passenger side. I already have the seat out and just need to close off that side to cut down the wind. If so, please email me off-line at and we can work out the details. Thanks, Al B. Houston, Tx.
  7. Better late than never, all the best to you young man. I shall hoist a cold one in your honor. Happy Birthday! Al B.
  8. Scotty, Thanks for the info. Metric is no problem, I've been working on Brit and other foreighn cars since the 70's. I even have a set of BS wrenches. Are you familiar with those? Out of curiosity, if the asssembly is only attached at the two main belly pan bolts, what keeps the thing from vibrating against the undertray? Is there no other attachment to the tray at the hook end to keep it from slapping against the bottom of the tray? Are there any spacers at the bolt ends to allow for the nut and bolt and overlap of the two bars which make up the assembly? If it's not to much trouble, could you snap a photo fom the bottom, showing the attachment points. A close up would be most helpful. Al
  9. Gents, My car came with neither the front hook or front hook attachment point, or anything at the rear. As such I purchased the Lotus tow hook kit which I now have but absolutely no idea how the rear hook connects. The rear kit consists of two un-equal length bars and a hook and a bag of bolts, nuts and plastic insert screws. As with the other 2-11 bits I have purchased the kit came sans installation instructions of any kind. Has anyone installed the Lotus rear tow hook kit and if so could they be kind enough to show me how the unit is to be installed? I spent a little bit of time last night looking at the rear of the car trying to visualize how it might go together but it goes beyond my feeble imagination as to how it works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As for the front, looks like the front clam has to come off, yes?, or will removing the underteray gain me access to the front mounting location. Again, thanks for any help offered. Al B.
  10. My first real Electric was a Gibson Melody maker, studio model. Then came the 73 Les Paul which was the weapon of choice for me. At the time I did not like the maple necks on the Fenders or the sound quality. To me the Gibsons just had a fuller and cleaner tone. Later on i picked up a Fender with a Rosewood neck and have to admit that had it been around earlier I might have been swayed in that direction. My only complaint about the Les Paul was the weight. Slinging that beastie around three nights in a row took some getting used to. Overall tho, I'm a Gibson fan first.
  11. Everywhere but Gatwick. I do need to get out more.
  12. "Don't bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me" confirmed member of the masses.
  13. L.O.S.T. (Lotus Owners of South Texas) TLF The Lotus Buzz Lotus Formula Ford Register Lotus Talk British Speed (Lotus Talk spin-off) Lotus Ltd. Lotus - British Car Forum
  14. Lyn, Looking forward to meeting you. And not to worry, I won't reveal your dark secret, (ie: Asian Lotus). ;-)
  15. Wife unit and I will be in attendence in the Elise. The Esprit is just not up to the task of a cross country excursion at the present. Would love to do the track day but the logistics of getting the 2-11 there and back make it not do-able. Hope to see some old friends and meet some new. See ya there, Al B. Houston.
  16. Okay you win. Congrats on the long term relationship. I've had my 89 since 92 so that makes it only a paltry 19 years. But I have put on over 100k on the car and the engine is still un-opened. I've suffered all the usual problem areas but the marriage is still a pleasant one. Latest annoyance is a turbo to manifold gasket blow-out. Seems the studs had worn loose and caused the problem. New studs are in place, new gasket sitting on the bench and a long Easter holiday weekend approaches. The beastie will be back on it's feet in just a few days. "On the road again"....... Al B. Houston
  17. Having had the car since October of 2008 it is high time to get the car properly ready to race. With that it is going in for a roll bar redo, (being a tall buggar the factory roll hoop is just a bit short), full fire system and a baffled fuel cell are going in. A somehwat less porky exhaust can and a respectable header to add some noise to the beastie, and some minor suspension tweaking to help keep things in place. The passenger seat is out and a template for a toneau is in the works. It will be interesting to see how it goes when there's actual prizes at stake and some serious conmpetition to be had. I can hardly wait. Al B.
  18. Currently the car is equipped with the standard non fuel cell tank. Same as what comes on all U.S. spec Elise/Exige variants. Considering the nature of the beast you would have thought Lotus would have installed a proper fuel cell but such is not the case. Will enquire about the fuel cell offered by Lotus Sport and see how that goes. Al
  19. Having just switched from the Yoko A048 to a full race slick I have encounetered a problem with what feels like momentary fuel starvation during high speed left hand turns. Had the car out on a track this weekend where the turns are fairly high speed able. When getting on the gas in the turn the car would sputter momentarily, almost as if hitting the rev limiter, and then run normally as the turn straightened out. If I applied the gas gingerly the "miss" would not happen. If throttle was applied more liberally the sputter would occur. This never happened in any right hand turn. Because of the higher G's experienced with slicks is it necessary to adjust the fuel pressure in the system and if so, how is the adjustment accomplished. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Al B. U.S. 2-11
  20. It's Feb. 2011 and the above statement from a year ago applies.

    This is rucking fidiculous!

  21. When adjusting the ride height for the new slicks I found that both shock locking nuts, (height adjustment), were loose. May not be a common malady but something to look at if they've never been touched.
  22. Scotty, Have you heard anything related to the kit you mentioned? My second gear synchro is not gone but requires an extreemly gentle hand. something not always easy to do in the heat of the battle, especially where a lot of 2nd to third to 2nd action takes place. Al B.
  23. Ads, Does the front clam have to be removed in order to install that spiffy looking tow hook assembly? Would you have the p/n per chance? inquiring veggies need to know. Thanks, Al
  24. Thanks, you and me both on that count. As projects go, this one was a total nightmare. Good news is that the last effort produced a good product. On to the next project with a long list of lessons learned as a guide.
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