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  1. Paul, You must have read my mid. thanks for trhe info on the rollers, i was going to find some myself and you have saved me the hassle. you made perfect sense to me :-) Guess its time for me to make that great expense you referred to and order a set myself. Cheers, James
  2. on my s4 both ports were the same size and are on the back of the compressor as you have already found. suction is the low side and you can vac and recharge without the car running. 50 degrees was as good as i could muster on my car. 42 is my usual goal but no matter how much i played with the charge it would not get cooler. make sure you vacuum it down before you recharge it. James
  3. UPDATE: i neglected to mention the cause of failure for the nylon part. the "grease" used on the tracks now has the consistency of glue, the lower track was never even lubed ( a good thing in retrospect). I have cleaned and relubed with a synthetic bearing grease and my windows now fly up and down compared to previous. Moral of the story, clean and lube your tracks before you have the same issue. Those thinking the motors are failing would be smart to do the same prior to replacement. i am still looking for the nylon piece, Lotus onlys sells the entire regulator assembly :-( James
  4. and that is the same as my 95 s4. the square connector to the alternator, the othe to the a/c compressor (its for the clutch). James
  5. My luck.... any ideas? I doubt its a US car so I need some input from you chaps on the other side of the pond. i think i will look for some part numbers on it today. James
  6. Hey Guys, Well, I managed to get off of work and get over breaking my leg well enough to make another trip cross country (#3) in my esprit. Before I left I replaced the exhaust with a 3 inch turbo back set up with a magnaflow muffler that tries to keep the noise down. I then recovered, vacuumed and recharged my a/c. I also installed a new stereo to make the trip a little better.... lastly, I removed the spare tire and its ancillaries as well as the original cd changer and cables losing over 100lbs overall (including the exhaust change)! The car has been great and after arriving at my destination I have also replaced my fuel vent hoses and did the ram air mod. tomorrow I am installing my BOV pieces and some high voltage coils! ahhhh, vacation at its finest. For those that missed my other post I am in dire (to me anyway) need of repairing my passenger door window, help! must find repair part..... CHEERS!! James
  7. Well, i finally found some time to pull the panel, easy work. I have discovered that it did not come unglued but that the nylon piece that rides in the track and the regulator attaches to is split in two. i have looked in the parts book and i do not see this part listed though it is visible in the 11.02A section. Anyone know if this is available separate from the entire regulator ($$!!) assy? i cant stand it not working properly and am finally getting to drive the car! James
  8. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I hear there is some nice roads north of me. Hopefully i will find out this summer. I am taking my esprit to OKC next month for its third cross country trip under my ownership so if nothing else i will get some seat time. CHEERS! James
  9. Thanks Martin! I knew it was somewhere.... Good to be here. James Oh, and if anyone needs to know what to use to glue these in, i have had great luck on 60's era US cars using 3M Window Weld. James
  10. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum but not to esprits. Been on turboesprit list for about 4 years now. Not active due to military commitments. i am only hime about half the year. hoping to put some miles on my 95 s4 this year as well as finally add some mods. I am stationed at Mtn Home AFB in southern Idaho. I am glad to see we hav some new forums to share our cars on. Cheers, James
  11. I wasnt sure if they were just glued on or it was a roller. I do my own maintenance, just wanted some input before i went tearing into it in case i needed parts. I will head over to the noob section now :-) James USAF!
  12. Hey guys, i am new to this forum and need some help. The passenger side window on my 95 s4 starts to cock in the tracks when i try to roll it down. What needs replaced and who has instructions for removing the door panel? Thanks in advance, James
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