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  1. I have purchased plenty of items from the UK, Dubai, Bahrain and Australia and never had to pay anything extra when they arrived. The really annoying part was not knowing this and having to have a check ready (march of 2011 was the last time i used one) for the driver. Mine will now arrive tomorrow. Thanks for the info on paying with a card zig, wish i had seen it sooner.

  2. 7 hours ago, chris said:

    Cheers Jim, I went for Just Stevens manifold hence my surprise. But at least I know it might just be me.

    Will give them a bell tomorrow morning to see what's going on.

    If it is for complete system then will be chuffed!

    my invoice is substantially higher. 1300 gbp for stevens and downpipe to box/muffler (i had asked for a quote on this to make the decision for the downpipe) and shipping is 148.77 gbp for shipping, this makes it about $640 usd for a downpipe... Not sure its worth more than half a header for a downpipe. As jslpcum pointed out, its much easier to fab than a header.

    None of the above is meant to detract from the value of this gp, just providing info i received. I am excited for the header even tho i have no idea when i will get around to it!

  3. Jacques,

    IMO, you are correct. When I joined the USAF in 1987, my job was corrosion control on aircraft, missiles (the big ones that dont go on airplanes lol) and support equipment. galvanic corrosion is not a concern with stainless, 304 in particular. some lower grades contain enough ferrous metal to be magnetic but would still be better than standard zinc or other coated steel as far as corrosion prevention goes, strength in applcation is what must be considered.

  4. i have found places here in the US that can cut thte key, but no blaks that are correct, they can only come up with a blank very similar but with a groove in it, and it wont work. Could i talk you into picking up two blanks for me and posting them too me? I am happy to cover your trouble and costs.

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