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  1. mundo

    Twickenham Esprit

    mmm not its orignal colour I'm afraid, I recall someone saying it was a Ford colour. Never mind, looks better on an Esprit rather than a Cortina. as for Police camera action, I'll have to look out for that one....anything pre 99 would have been one of the previous 13 owners! simon Ahh I've seen your car! Nice S2, and on the road I used to live in! rent the flat out now so still pass every now and again. Never saw your car when I lived there?
  2. mundo

    Twickenham Esprit

    Good for you getting it back on the road again. Not sure I could have waiting that long if I had a GT3 in a lock-up! ....I'm at the Twickenham end of that road, I'll look out for you. Simon
  3. ....Nearer St Margarets actually. Parked up quietly (as quiet as a bright yellow esprit can be) an S4 I think? P reg with spoiler?.....looked like it had just been dusted off for a blast around, good for you!
  4. Thank you for all your sugestions. I am pleased to provide a solution at the end of this post (for once) I've fixed it...amazingly. So, 5 litres of new fuel and a set of new spark plugs fitted. It then fired into life and nows runs smoothly. As previously stated the old plugs were very black for approx 80 miles use, can i presume that this is due to the fuel mixture being too rich? if so how do I set it correct? simon
  5. Spark is small & yellow not blue. It should be strong & blue, correct? Fuel has been in for two or three months. Can it really loose its explosive potential in this time? There shouldn't be water in the plug wells because the cars been garaged, but I'll clean them anyway. thanks for your thoughts simon
  6. Hello, Here are the symptoms....this time.. Ignition on, fuel pump pumping. Turn key, engine turns over but dosen't fire. I have checked the following. Fuel is arriving at carb. Battery fully charged. Spark at plug, slightly weak, but still a spark. plugs do seem a bit black seeing as they are almost new. Timing is correct, serviced recently. New coil. New fuel pump / filter. Can anyone shed some light on this? Have i missed something obvious? Simon
  7. Excellent!! I can finally sign of this post. The car is working!!!! So having changed all the parts to solve the first problem (stalling when warm) the car would then not start. Problem turned out to be my own inexperience, the condenser connector was on the wrong way round thus shorting against the body of the dizzy. However still sparking at the points. Oh and I was out by 180 degs as well!! I thought i put the new leads back exactly as they came you say Tony, so easily done. These things seem obvious to many of you I'm sure but i am enjoying my learning. Thank you so
  8. Red S2 78 T plate in Teddington off stanley rd. Looked imaculate. I thought mine was good but this is perfect, puts mine to shame. Anyone on here? do get in touch if you are I could do with your very local expertise. The Momo wheel looks much better (original in engine bay) ..good skills.. simon
  9. OK...... This is proving very frustrating.. I've changed: Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Points & Condenser, Dizzy cap, HT leads. This should have solved my stalling problem but now the car won't start! So.. Im getting a spark from the coil to the dizzy. Im getting a spark acroos the new points. The new pump is pumping. Battery is charged. Please could someone tell me if i have overlooked something, I'm new to working on my own cars and i'm frustrating myself because of my lack of knowledge! PLEASE HELP simon
  10. Thanks for you comments guys ..mmm fuel or spark?? could so easily be either. What is Pertronix or Lumention? is that standard or electronic ignition? if it is then the car has standard iginition. I'll start by changing the points/condenser, HT's in that case, then look at the coil if no joy. Oh yes and the fuel filter, why not (thanks Clay) BTW what is vapour lock? many thanks simon
  11. Hello all, Today my S2 suddenly started to stall ie: complete loss of power when the car had been running for 20 mins or so. Car will then re-start but then fail again minutes later and then won't start at all just tries to turn over but won't fire. This sequence seems to continue untill the car cools down, once cool starts no problem, untill......yep same thing again... This engine would you believe has been faultless for 5 years so I guess I'm due some trouble. I know sure this could be a number of things but i wondered if anyone else had had this sort of problem? Any advise gr
  12. Thanks James, I'll send it over for repair. regards Simon
  13. Continuing this speedo issue......mine has done this for eight years of ownership, finally got round to changing the huge cable which was thought to be the problem. only eight years of not knowing what speed i was going ..honestly officer... still flicks.... so should the short cable, right-angle or guage be replaced now? any ideas people? simon , (a newbie) thanks.
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