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  1. I'd like to give credit to the designer of the 2CV now - blimey WTF !
  2. Maybe she would like my Eclat Excel with PAS Paul
  3. Marc, can't believe there have only been 3 views on ebay (1 is mine) Would love your car to add to the collection, but just don't have the spare pennies at the moment. Hope all goes well for you. Keep us informed. Bob
  4. Spoke to Steve C at Castle Combe about the online petition to "attempt" to save CC from dying out and said I had signed up. Not sure if it will do any good, but would be a shame not to so to speak. Heres the link Clicky and for those without a mouse click I did it a while back and my junk mail doesn't seem to have increased, so I'm fairly sure it's legit. Sorry if it's be covered before. Bob
  5. Dave, did you get no joy when you went to Horizon then ?
  6. Oh Come on guys its only running at ... US $34,001.00 (Reserve not met) With 6 days to go - 33 bids some cheeky sod stared the bidding at 250 bucks - thats like
  7. Gutted to miss this, will be in Le Mans tough - in the Old Excel Dave
  8. Might be worth re posting in the Stevens car section although we all seem to hop about a bit on here. Efi G car - Steve Coule will be here in a minute Welcome by the way - I'm Bob
  9. Oops, so used to typing Elise. No offence meant, although Troys comment was funny. Nice big avatar piccy, can I pinch it a minute to wind up my Elise pals ? I've popped it up as a Proton S3 Elise - please dont hit me
  10. Could have been worse could have been ARSEOL - well someone had to post it - strangley - its always me - I'll get me coat.
  11. And I thought the Tivver was a sod for ECU resets !
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