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    David Edwards
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    Elan M100 SE Turbo in Norfolk Mustard, Wolseley 1500 in bits.
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    Road dirt on one, rust on the other
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    Wadesmill Hertfordshire and Mickleton Gloucestershire

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  1. Not me this time....out with the Kiwi kid for the first time in 4 and a half years... 😀
  2. I see this differently.... The one at the back with the helmet cam has clipped the woman's back wheel as he's riding one handed, giving a V sign with the other, and is looking backwards not forwards so has no idea what's going on in front of him and has no control over his own brakes and steering.....
  3. I did that already after driving that one..... An itch needs rescratching...
  4. I wish you hadn't..........
  5. Giving it plenty of beans, and thank you so much for that superb exhaust symphony! I know you did it as much for me as for yourself.......
  6. Northbound approx midday near Snetteron Looking gorgeous in the sunshine......
  7. Well to be fair they haven't beaten Spurs this week, although I've yet to check on how many players they have on loan at Burnley..... COYS
  8. Perhaps they were swimming in from northern France......
  9. Any drone footage @Bibs .........?
  10. So better than following them over land and sea to watch them lose @Barrykearley ? 😟
  11. Paving the way for more expansion of Stansted Airport then..........
  12. Was it a professional valet or was it your local hand car wash? It's not unknown for the latter to brush on a diesel based solution to make tyres look shiny....
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