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  1. And your spelling @pete Did you miss me?
  2. Lol. I'll book for ten in the name of James Peter Button then!
  3. The Lotus Forums Attendees for Breakfast at Pearce's Farm Shop Sunday 11 February, 2018, 08:30 - Sunday 11 February, 2018 , 12:00 Attendees ChrisJ Declined Dave Eds pete
  4. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    Kids should be banned from being kids until they're adults, then they can be kids for the rest of their lives.
  5. What did you do on 1st day of ownership ?

    Drove to Norwich for a weekend away - via Hethel of course for the customary photograph.
  6. Hi from Watford

    No but you live next door to someone who does......
  7. Happy birthday Sparky!

    The older he gets, the better be looks! Happy Birthday Gary
  8. Oops, by J-M Gales

    It's very easy to misread km/h on a Lotus speedometer Constable, I will speak with the team as soon as I get back to the office.....
  9. Nice little Cotswold cottage between Broadway and Stratford upon Avon if you're looking for somewhere to stay while in the area..... TLFers discounts available.
  10. Ads rather out of date

    Just in time for the end of their January sale then!
  11. Favourite Lotus?

    Whichever one is sitting outside at the time......
  12. Meat, Vegetarianism, Vegan?

    Hadham Spring Water lol.
  13. Daughter Crashed

    Ah, of course, I have got confused with my second cast. to come later then!
  14. Daughter Crashed

    Good progress Graham. btw what did the nurse use to slit the old cast? In 1990 mine was done with a disc cutter. Noise was deafening, the room stank of 2stroke fumes and the consultant was named Lecter
  15. Carillion gone bump

    @Bibs About a marillion years ago Tarmac swapped its housing division (McLean Homes and Tarmac Homes) for George Wimpey's construction and minerals divisions, and Carillion was the name given to the new construction outfit when Tarmac decided to demerge the construction arm some years later. I left the new housebuilder for pastures new and years later worked for Taylor Woodrow which then amalgamated with (but effectively got taken over by) Wimpey to become TaylorWimpey. In the meantime Wimpey had devoured Laing Homes and Alfred McAlpine, while Taylor Woodrow had consumed Heron Homes, Bryant Homes and Wilson Connolly. The construction (non housing) company that was left was later acquired by Vinci. So the simple answer to your question is the whole industry has run out of proper names and meaningful logos, due to years of incestuous carnivory. HTH, if not then WGAF! BTW watch out for Vinci to come to the rescue, everything will be glossed over, probably in some sort of mysterious coded gobbledygook.