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  1. @Kevjp ooh I have Lotus neighbours!
  2. How many have an airbag cover that isn't warped? The reason the nearside is lower could well be related to the panel gap difference Sherlock! Far too cheap anyway......................
  3. Dave Eds

    Spa classic 17th-19thmay 2019

    Le Mans classic is normally pretty crap in years ending with an odd number! But Spa sounds like a plan.......
  4. What's the issue then Pete - that they're narrower? FWIW the Evora NA winters are 10mm narrower than normals, both front and back.
  5. What does the handbook say Pete?
  6. Microswitch. Been there - new door lock. Ouch!
  7. Shame there's no yellow in there!
  8. Put me and Sue down for this and her old man is bringing his Cobra!
  9. Dave Eds

    Donington museum to close

    Donington was fiicked as soon as they tried to get on Bernie's gravy train.
  10. Dave Eds

    Jensen Healey

    I do, but I'm not running.😂
  11. @pete. Not what your profile says......
  12. Dave Eds

    Speeding tickets

    On all my courses they've said it's not about speeding it's about getting caught. Ho hum! ( wankel rotary engines!) .
  13. Anyone know if we broke the record for the most Lotus parked on the M25?