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    David Edwards
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    Elan M100 SE Turbo in Norfolk Mustard (Elan M100 SE Turbo in Calypso Red now belongs to Wayne and Michelle Plumber) Evora NA in Solar Yellow. Wolseley 1500 in bits, naff all to do with an XR3i.
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  1. Dave Eds

    BBQ at the FARM

    Drinking whisky and rye........🎤
  2. Top plumbing mate - can't wait til it's back on the road I reckon "Dave" deserves a thread of his own too.
  3. Dave Eds

    Check light and temp gauge

    Take it Wednesday and then on to the Ace!
  4. Dave Eds

    What made you happy today?

    From Will?
  5. Dave Eds

    Mike 6

    More aerosol paint cans? 😁
  6. @Dave Freeman @pete Back to where we started............
  7. You sure it's not the rear window wash/wipe pipe leaking. 😁
  8. Dave Eds

    Newbie & Evora with forum history

    Err - Devon! 🤣
  9. Dave Eds

    What made you happy today?

    Seeing the red M100 being trailored away by it's new owners. I had many fun times over the first 6 years of ownership but hardly used it in the last 6 years. I only sold it because I knew Wayne will restore it to former glories and that Michelle will have all the fun that these little cars were made for.
  10. Yay Michelle has an M100!
  11. Dave Eds

    Congratulations to our CEO

  12. Dave Eds

    Temperature in traffic jams

    Windows open, heater on full blast, and the engine temperature will come down. Yours won't though.
  13. Door cards are easy enough to get off to give you access to the inside of the door. Just need to be patient, methodical and careful you don't lose any of the parts!
  14. Silverstone and Strattons also have provided this service
  15. Dave Eds

    Who’s owned a Green Car..

    @ChrisJ has a green Excel although he'll try to tell you it's white 😛