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    David Edwards
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    Elan M100 SE Turbo in Norfolk Mustard, Wolseley 1500 in bits.
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    Road dirt on one, rust on the other
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    High Cross Hertfordshire and Mickleton Gloucestershire

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  1. Get yourself over to sir Sorry Bibs.....
  2. Happy Birthday Yasuo........
  3. Do you have one that can be rebuilt?
  4. Was going to suggest you wait for us at Hadham Hall..... Will then do road through Stansted, Elsenham, Chickney, Thaxted....
  5. Maybe swap the rear wheels over? See what happens with the readings then. Formula 1 Autocentres can fit a kit for about 20 quid including a check to make sure it seats properly. Had this on mine after wheel refurbishment.
  6. Absolutely promise to turn up for this one.... May not be in a Lotus though.....
  7. Strattons gave me a quote early last year Tony - I can send it to you.....
  8. I saw that too......
  9. This was mine until about a month ago. If anyone wants to know any history.......
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