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    Elan M100 SE Turbo in Norfolk Mustard, Wolseley 1500 in bits.
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  1. Is that a Morris Marina knee cap?
  2. Get it replaced before it blows itself apart....
  3. Scouse mum's won't be so sure though.....
  4. I wonder what Macron has up his sleeve for five past eight........
  5. Bet the clutch is fine - he forgot to mention it to his missus first, and she's upset because she wanted that money for a holiday.......
  6. Aka Foxy. Freedom for Tooting!
  7. Another one here Dave.....
  8. They'll turn it into a detention centre for asylum seekers......
  9. I remember him - was there in '88 when he won the Le Mans 24 hours with Lammas and Wallace in the TWR Jaguar. Not sure how many laps he actually did though.....
  10. The new strain that was identified in September.......
  11. You really are a wrong'n Gary.......
  12. You've been planning that for months mate........
  13. You could have asked any if us first ner number Dan......
  14. Think it is with a collector in Holland Chris. Well it was a few years back if I remember correctly.
  15. With the profits theyve made from supplying face masks which nobody would have needed.......
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