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  1. New Tesla Roadster.

    You wont get my vote unless you include 1600cc turbo petrol engines as fitted in the many M100s still on the roads!
  2. Gold FFM?

    Done what Bibs? £100.for first year then £48 thereafter?
  3. Couldn't resist it

    Instead of or as well as?
  4. Or back to Holland! Lol You wouldn't have appreciated me coughing and sneezing so I kept away this time.
  5. What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Yeah - 45% tax on the 75% that isn't tax free if that bit is over the threshold of £150k and after your personal allowance. Might as well up your buy in prices on doer uppers mate!
  6. Remarkable acts of kindness

    Good luck with that one mate!
  7. So the Police turned up!

  8. People's reactions to your Evora

    Pressure wash? Hope there were no stone chips and you haven't lifted any lacquer!
  9. 340r near BT Tower, London

    MOT'd but SORN in place.
  10. Hi From Monaco

    Not that rare G!
  11. What made you happy today?

    Congratulations mate. Pass that on to the family too please!
  12. Which car is the piston from mate?
  13. roadworks

    It'll no doubt be the "who's liable for paying the cost of shutting the mainline down while the works are done" negotiations.
  14. What made you happy today?

    They don't! They are exclusive to yellow Lotus owners and it's by invitation only!
  15. 1982 lotus esprit s3 NA

    Are you referring to the Overbrook cars?