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    David Edwards
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    Elan M100 SE Turbo in Norfolk Mustard, Wolseley 1500 in bits.
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    Road dirt on one, rust on the other
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    Wadesmill Hertfordshire and Mickleton Gloucestershire

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  1. Indoor cover or outdoor? Just thinking of UV rays for darker outdoor covers eh @Bibs 😉
  2. Did he get too old to drive it Trev?........
  3. I still think those two should have been glued where they were and left there as a deterrent, not as though trafffic moves fast across the bridge very often and it would have brought smiles to the faces of those drivers that have to suffer the delays day in day out.....😀
  4. Brothers by different has been adopted by the other one's father........they both share the same lightweight DNA eminating from Potash Lane...... Dave (Conspiracy Theorist)
  5. Intersting Google reviews @exeterjeep ......some in the name of Beresford.......
  6. What colours were they @ChrisJ ?
  7. I've PM'd Geoff Smith to see if he can get it sorted.....
  8. I've posted over on the LEC thread that @Rambo can't post......
  9. @Jonathan Ashcroft bargain at £27.50 - I'll have it....... you might want to amend that though.....
  10. amend the thread title to include full range then?.........
  12. i find that offensive, therefore I'm offended, and I blame @Kimbers for offending me..... . now let me get back to my Kellogg's Snowflakes.....
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