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    David Edwards
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    Elan M100 SE Turbo in Norfolk Mustard (Elan M100 SE Turbo in Calypso Red now belongs to Wayne and Michelle Plumber) Evora NA in Solar Yellow. Wolseley 1500 in bits, naff all to do with an XR3i.
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  1. Dave Eds

    M100 parts

    Get over to and you'll be where all M100 knowledge lives....
  2. Is he fook...... Not for me anyway!
  3. Having dinner with MJK isn't too shabby either....
  4. Thankfully I didn't need fibreglass repairs, just a new bumper and bits behind it and a headlight.. Can't fault their work in any way.
  5. Mine goes to Manchetts in Newmarket whilst I drink tea with Gerald at GST.
  6. Averagìng 40 mpg across four countries in 4 and a half hours drivng the Evora. A very successful trip indeed.
  7. Different subject... Van c*+ts lol
  8. Try driving a truck when cars are parked irresponsibly ........
  9. So what were you searching for then Ian?
  10. Done nearly 50,000 miles on my clutch, that's on top of the 16,000 miles on the clock when I bought the car and I've no idea if it was replaced before I bought it. Does that help?
  11. So yesterday they were in Hoddesdon (Spitalbrook) and today in Wadesmill. Looks like they are after us!
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