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  1. Think it is with a collector in Holland Chris. Well it was a few years back if I remember correctly.
  2. With the profits theyve made from supplying face masks which nobody would have needed.......
  3. Got a mate who's at GSK producing millions of doses of 5 or 6 being trialled vaccines ready for release pending results.....
  4. Ffs buy it before I do! Life ends Wednesday night........
  5. No just asking on behalf of Iran....
  6. Question please Mr PM, will I be able to share a dingy with someone outside of my household, or shall I just form a bubble?
  7. Had to replace the clutch? Or replaced it while they were doing something else maybe? I'd want to know a lot more about why they "had to" before making a judgement......
  8. If the first lockdown worked why would we go into a second one? If the first lockdown didn't work why would we go into a second one? .......
  9. Get yourself over to sir Sorry Bibs.....
  10. Happy Birthday Yasuo........
  11. Do you have one that can be rebuilt?
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