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    David Edwards
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    Elan M100 SE Turbo in Norfolk Mustard, Wolseley 1500 in bits.
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    Road dirt on one, rust on the other
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    Wadesmill Hertfordshire and Mickleton Gloucestershire

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  1. 6 years in a 60 plate NA, almost died in dieing without it 🙄 wtf to do but been treading water for far too long now.....someone help me out......
  2. Just stocked up on shortbreads in case.......
  3. One of mates has said he finds the whole thing belittling......🙄
  4. So your 3rd best out of the 3 you mentioned Chris - keep trying mate you'll get there soon.....
  5. Think my brother is going to join us as we were meeting later in the day anyway......he won't be in his tvr though.
  6. When (if) that day ever comes boss.....💚
  7. And the link to substantiate this is where?
  8. "Historically Wadesmill is particularly notable for two features - it is the location of the first turnpike in England (and therefore the world), and the presence of the Clarkson Memorial halfway up nearby High Cross hill, a memorial to Thomas Clarkson's rest point in his travels at which he decided to devote much of the rest of his life to ending the slave trade." This place is oh so exciting 😂
  9. Or trying to get a close up of her new man......
  10. @Barrykearley It's a gender issue - just except it .....
  11. Does anyone want a rhd driver's one was that replaced? - maybe it can be made good by someone who has the time/inclination/knowledge/ patience.......
  12. Today 11am heading away from town on Shipston Road
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