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  1. Wimp! Still I get Shelley all to myself so every cloud....
  2. Want to borrow an Evora on Sunday?
  3. No that would be cerebral palsy antiques 😝
  4. Mainly 2 night bookings at short notice - normally to attend a local or family functon rather than to holiday. I have used them to book short stays when I'm in foreign cities. I use a holiday cottage company to take most of my bookings, and TripAdvisor for a few too. And I do direct bookings on my own website.
  5. Yep! Cotswold District&guests=1&adults=1&s=Q8HEunsg
  6. As in tomorrow never.......? And @Kimbers half way to veganism
  7. I'd never use one again on a Lotus. Or go to a "hand" car wash that uses them. The quickest way to turn a minor stone chip into an even more unsightly mess as it will lift away the clear coat unless you are really careful.
  8. Stanstead doesn't have an airport! Neither do Gatewick or Healthrow or Looton...😋
  9. just now near the Range off Mollison Ave - EV04 LOT Sorry you had to go round me on a right hander, I'm blocking the road while waiting for my truck to be loaded
  10. It's pretty much a diy job to fit a new latch. Just need to take care and have patience.
  11. How many have an airbag cover that isn't warped? The reason the nearside is lower could well be related to the panel gap difference Sherlock! Far too cheap anyway......................
  12. Le Mans classic is normally pretty crap in years ending with an odd number! But Spa sounds like a plan.......
  13. What's the issue then Pete - that they're narrower? FWIW the Evora NA winters are 10mm narrower than normals, both front and back.
  14. Put me and Sue down for this and her old man is bringing his Cobra!
  15. Donington was fiicked as soon as they tried to get on Bernie's gravy train.
  16. I do, but I'm not running.😂
  17. On all my courses they've said it's not about speeding it's about getting caught. Ho hum! ( wankel rotary engines!) .
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