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  1. Very likely that I'll be furloughed this week - started the job 25th Feb - phew!
  2. I'll come back when TLF becomes less like the playground mate....
  3. Sharon Stone Channel 5, I know I know..........
  4. Reckon diesel will be back in favour by then.....
  5. New Kent Road around noon yesterday coming away from the Elephant and Castle
  6. As Barrie says the place for this is Many of the people there are on here too so you'll be extra welcome and well looked after....
  7. Put me down as a possible at this stage. My eldest daughter is getting married the weekend before, youngest daughter is over from NZ, sister is over from bank balance and family commitments to add to the usual hangover excuse.....
  8. How many per page Pete? What's the item no?
  9. Choice 1 - leave it there and replace all the parts that fail due to lack of use Choice 2 - drive it all year and replace all the parts that fail due to plenty of use Mine's on 74k and I've done 58k of those in just under 6 years
  10. Driving that car condemned me to 5.5 years and still counting of Evora ownership
  11. So I've got a Norfolk Mustard one and a Solar Yellow one, because that's what I wanted.. Don't recall anyone ever describing me as being bright or sunny though......
  12. Yep, aiming to turn up to this, can someone call me early Sunday to remind me..........
  13. Where and when Pete?
  14. Cheers fella, made my short commute a bit more fun than normal
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