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  1. But will she be allowed to fly if she's punctured a lung?
  2. If you'd have asked that approx 12 hours earlier Trev I would have paid more attention to what I was told today.......
  3. Leaving the ASBO button for @Trevsked 😳
  4. From St Evernarge on a night out in 'atfield.....
  5. @Trevsked doing a shake down on your new car mate 😄
  6. 55 minutes of absolute truck shite - and I drive the frikkin things .... 5 mins of positive Emira stuff - and I'm at Hethel tomorrow 😁
  7. A sure way to deter foxes is erm......the piss of an adult male human. Well known fact that is amongst allotment holders....
  8. They've been doing camel safaris to Newcastle since October......
  9. I saw them at Hammersmith Odeon when they were support act to Mott The Hoople.......
  10. Not me this time....out with the Kiwi kid for the first time in 4 and a half years... 😀
  11. I see this differently.... The one at the back with the helmet cam has clipped the woman's back wheel as he's riding one handed, giving a V sign with the other, and is looking backwards not forwards so has no idea what's going on in front of him and has no control over his own brakes and steering.....
  12. I did that already after driving that one..... An itch needs rescratching...
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