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  1. "Historically Wadesmill is particularly notable for two features - it is the location of the first turnpike in England (and therefore the world), and the presence of the Clarkson Memorial halfway up nearby High Cross hill, a memorial to Thomas Clarkson's rest point in his travels at which he decided to devote much of the rest of his life to ending the slave trade." This place is oh so exciting 😂
  2. Or trying to get a close up of her new man......
  3. @Barrykearley It's a gender issue - just except it .....
  4. Does anyone want a rhd driver's one was that replaced? - maybe it can be made good by someone who has the time/inclination/knowledge/ patience.......
  5. Today 11am heading away from town on Shipston Road
  6. There getting on the dinghies too on their way to the land of milk and honey......😄
  7. Hotmail should work.......
  8. @garry - sparky - think you're on to something there Trev @chipp judging by the email address associated to that user name slowly but Shirley.......
  9. There's no garry,no garry smith or any sparky that would/could be you in the members list........ Try a search for posts under ealc and EALC mate cos you may have posted there previously (if you're the Garry I remember from my days as an EALC member...)
  10. @garry What's your forum name on there? - I'll see what I can do.
  11. They said it was the best display of same make cars they've had and that we are a great group of people. We are always welcome back, but could you just ask that chap in the race car to be mindful of our neighbours....... More pics to follow.
  12. How does that affect your annual ski trip then @pete
  13. Must have been in or approaching traffic build up from a rush hour smash - I was going the other way returning from Exeter but did not see or hear it unfortunately...... (I came off at J17 and down the Denham Way to Uxbridge Road)
  14. @ChrisJ I'll wait for you in the layby on the A10 just south of the A120 roundabout for Puckeridge....
  15. Dave Eds

    Exige today

    Don't remember where or even the colour other than black panel at the back ffs. May well have been blue and on the M25 anti clockways between A1 and M3, or most likely on the M3 heading southwest. You would have passed a painfully slow yellow mobile crane between 1pm and 4pm today. I was in a blue transit connect escorting said crane to Southampton docks. Your arse end was definitely the better of the two views.......
  16. Just looking at that last pic @C8RKH would tell me both boxed in and tilt & slide would be the way to go with low sitting sports cars Andy.....
  17. On the A424, I was in the yellow Elan, you flashed your lights and I waved as we passed each other. OMG how good on the road does a yellow Evora look as it heads towards you, and after 18 months how I now miss my old one.
  18. Dave Eds


    That's about correct. But as with the Ace Cafe I think you can exit towards but not into the ULEZ on a slip road to head back over/under the North and South Circs into non ULEZ.....
  19. Dave Eds


    Exempt from the ULEZ charge because their emissions are below the emission threshold specified under ULEZ....
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