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  1. 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura (sans Esprit) 3. Bigsi (with Esprit) 4. James (with Esprit) 5 & 6 Glyn & Toni (with Esprit) 7. Dave Eds - hope you dont mind me posting this on LEC as well
  2. Dave Eds

    Vulcan Meet

    No Geoffrey I think he was referring to this
  3. You wouldn't know how to use it as well would you Geoff ( being an IT buff)?
  4. Dave Eds

    Vulcan Meet

    Yeah - it was cold, wet and there were no Esprits But hey after what you guys did at Castle Coombe it was still a fantastic weekend. But 4 of us in Elans from LEC went to meet you guys anyway, just a shame you all had technical problems, fatigue or just plain commom sense
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