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  1. What James said. And for his special customers a limited edition T-shirt!
  2. Martin - could this be thrown open to Kimbers FWD cousins forum too?
  3. French Police Helicopters will be tracking you without having to take off Bibs. Can you still buy a jail bond? Be careful matey!
  4. As the man doing a "Bibs" in the second pic, and also having recovered the screw from within the depths of the boot, and having started the screw to finger tight, if that wasn't enough I had to witness Kimbers wielding a screwdiver. I am posting this from my secure room at the Norfolk County Hospital Trauma Dept.
  5. Don't forget the 2eleven and the Elise James! Surprisingly not one drop of rain entered the car on the way home Good to meet all of you AEG chaps and an honour to speak with MJK. Thanks Wing Commander Kimbers for a fun (but wet) day
  6. Think Kimbers had something to do with it
  7. Kimbers I got myself a pass for the day! FWD ragtop to the rescue - even spoill your Esprit line up pics like I did at Castle Combe, little cousin on the end was quoted I seem to remember. Someone PM me some details or text on 07816 514041.
  8. Looks like I'll wait 'til yours is delivered then In the meantime I'll just keep on lurking.........
  9. 12th Friday 1 - Matt & Jo (caulkhead68) 2 - MatK 3- Sissi & Jukka 4- Gordon, Linda, Fraser & Sarah Masson 5 - Brian & Jackie (bingoking) 13th Saturday 1 - Nick & Ross (Stagowner) 2 - Martyn (Martynv) 3 - Matt & Jo (caulkhead68) 4 - Bibs & Laura 5 - MatK 6 - Graham (Backmarker) 7 - Barrie & Emma (Bazza 907) 8 - Peter (Peter_england99) 9 - Sissi & Jukka 10 - Cliff & Caroline (gghc87) 11. Ade and Gina 12. Ian (mayesprit) 13. Yasuo (esp88) 14. sparky & Tracy 15- Gordon, Linda, Fraser & Sarah Masson 16- Brian & Jackie (bingoking) 17- Dan 18 - elanplustwo - Roger and family 19 - Dave Eds 14th Sunday 1 - Martyn (Martynv) 2 - Bibs & Laura 3 - MatK 4 - Graham (Backmarker) 5 - Peter (Peter_england99) 6 - Sissi & Jukka 7 - Cliff & Caroline (gghc87) 8 - Ian (mayesprit) 9 - Yasuo(esp88) 10 - sparky & Tracy 11 - Brian & Jackie (bingoking) 12 - Dan
  10. Im a lurker, and a Lotus nut - ask Bibbo Would love to be able to afford a 2eleven, or even an Esprit, but have to make do with my Elans and my dreams Still at least I've now posted.
  11. Dave Eds

    Castle Combe

    What an awesome day. PAx ride in an Elan with Nige, parade lap in my Elan, and then to top it all a PAX ride with Mike. Confession here guys, until today I never even sat in an Esprit. Now I want one more than ever.
  12. Well done Caroline, excellent effort. Which is you in the pic? Await your PM with payment details!
  13. Kimbers - topside of M25 or t'other side? I'll be doing M11 and topside leaving Stortford at 6am.
  14. Nice one Stu, just bought back a few good memories about Jurby and the Island, we'll be back in September/October.
  15. I'll take it off you if that's OK! I'll PM you address etc.
  16. Best of luck Kimbers, and well done for being so bold and making a move. Been mulling over an offer myself, but still not sure it's the right one.
  17. Si - good luck mate! If you can slim down, I'll keep drinking 'til we're the same weight Then I'll take you on in a curry competition
  18. You're on the list. We start leaving HIE at 6.30. Shuttle buses, cars, cabs, rickshaws, shopping trolleys ........................
  19. I saw! Good man - see you there!
  20. You're on Si as are Jen and Pete.
  21. Check out this link and add to the list if you want transport to the Curry House from HIE or Travelodge
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