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  1. Drove to Norwich for a weekend away - via Hethel of course for the customary photograph.
  2. No but you live next door to someone who does......
  3. The older he gets, the better be looks! Happy Birthday Gary
  4. It's very easy to misread km/h on a Lotus speedometer Constable, I will speak with the team as soon as I get back to the office.....
  5. Nice little Cotswold cottage between Broadway and Stratford upon Avon if you're looking for somewhere to stay while in the area..... TLFers discounts available.
  6. Just in time for the end of their January sale then!
  7. Whichever one is sitting outside at the time......
  8. Ah, of course, I have got confused with my second cast. to come later then!
  9. Good progress Graham. btw what did the nurse use to slit the old cast? In 1990 mine was done with a disc cutter. Noise was deafening, the room stank of 2stroke fumes and the consultant was named Lecter
  10. @Bibs About a marillion years ago Tarmac swapped its housing division (McLean Homes and Tarmac Homes) for George Wimpey's construction and minerals divisions, and Carillion was the name given to the new construction outfit when Tarmac decided to demerge the construction arm some years later. I left the new housebuilder for pastures new and years later worked for Taylor Woodrow which then amalgamated with (but effectively got taken over by) Wimpey to become TaylorWimpey. In the meantime Wimpey had devoured Laing Homes and Alfred McAlpine, while Taylor Woodrow had consumed Heron Homes, Br
  11. What is the Turkish for "to the beach"?
  12. Yeah @Bibs , running from the bar to the gents - that's age mate!
  13. Are they really going to pull it back up with that red 4x4?
  14. Possibly
  15. Good job it wasn't Crown Court!
  16. At least the plate is yellow Pete! Well half of it anyway...... Oh and top spot makes me tosspot lol.....
  17. She said you are a massive dick, not you have one!
  18. Walsh's grammar has always been Scottish - certainly never the Queen's English that's for sure!
  19. Oh fuck! I normally park the Elan or the Evora there when we play the bindippers or the bluescousemonkeys away.
  20. Happy Christmas fat fucker -2018 is your goal mate!
  21. What happened to the Yaris mate?
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