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  1. It's gonna rain. Yeah, and football came home too! And Trump doesn't wear a wig. Yet more press speciation and BBC biased reporting. It's all bollocks, ask Michael Fish. Any one else think that Carol needs to step down before she wheezes to death?
  2. Dave Eds


    @internets in my local tonight, then he is off to carfest. He sends his regards mate.
  3. Dave Eds


    Mate of yours!
  4. Wash my plastic cars while wearing only a smile!
  5. Is that a wide angle lens you've used, are are they putting even more cheese on the cheesy chilli chips these days?
  6. Lotus? You were all thinking it
  7. You drive I'll navigate. When?
  8. The battery cover has more than one use mate....
  9. Dave Eds


    En route to join tomorrow's big fly past? I will be going to watch. Or something to do with the Don's visit? Saw them too Pete with their escorts, and many other old planes over the last few days making their way to the various rendezvous airfields.
  10. I am the man with the van, following the man in the truck to the South of France.
  11. Can't commit to a yes or no at the moment. I am doing a house move that week but not sure of exact timings.
  12. Yep she has. I'm gonna bring April instead, unless she's done the March on me like the others, in which case it May be Gwendoline. Or Windowlene, or couldneverhavebeen.. ...
  13. Thanks @Bibs but I am away that week. Perhaps @Dan E may be up for it!
  14. Only let down by the red marker on the steering wheel - why the fuck is it not yellow?
  15. Drinking shit loads of beer all day while you lot sweated and toiled all day. See you on the other thread tomorrow
  16. Make sure the boot light is not staying on when the boot is shut. Also the 2 courtesy lights on the rear view mirror can stay on if the headlight switch is not pushed right in .
  17. Dave Eds

    World Cup

    Opposition should stick to making hats and cigars
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