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  1. Essential to go food shopping? Not always as we have food shops that can deliver. I get that sometimes needs must though.

    But for any other type of shopping most can be bought online or by phone, and then delivered by the shop or it's chosen carrier. So not essential to go out then.

    Same goes for most takeaways now too, so not essential to go out then.....

    My work is deemed essential (delivering vehicle parts to garages etc) and we have always had a home delivery service. But we still get queues of people coming to the shop to buy parts. And it is so much more evident in this "lockdown" than the first "lockdown". As is the amount of general traffic.

    Essential appears to mean "I will, because I want to, and who's going to stop me anyway?"

  2. 1 minute ago, andydclements said:

    A trip to any legitimately-open business is allowable under the rules but I'd guess that @Kimbers point is, whilst allowed under the regs, it's not really in the spirit of the idea of minimising risk.

    What does essential mean then?

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