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  1. Hi, great day today, really enjoyed it. Although not in my Esprit displaying, it was nice to drive down with Trevor Yallop (Chipp), who let me drive his Elise to the event, so was fun. Great to talk with Ian all things technical regarding his brake conversion. It was nice chatting with the people I talked to and some lovely cars on display. Well done Martyn for a well organised display. Her's a link to my photos. TLF Duxford day
  2. Have purchased tickets. Trevor (Chipp) & Owen - Lotus Elise 49 S2
  3. I would love to join you again this year, but the Esprit will be decommissioned this month to start the restoration process. Hopefully it will all be done for next years show, looking gleaming new with a new paint job and engine overhaul. Have fun!
  4. Some video from when I did the Classic Car magazine shoot, thanks to Bibs.
  5. I now have a Toyota Yaris wiper arm, so will have a first look to seeing how easily it is to fit to the Esprit, if it can. At first glance offering it up to my Esprit, the Yaris wiper blade is too long, so another 26" blade will need to be sourced. I currently have a 26" blade over the standard 24", this is the blade used in the Citroen/Peugeot wiper arm. The control arm can be modified easily to work on the Esprit, it's the main arm. This has to fit on the Esprit wiper motor spindle splines otherwise it's not going to work. It also has to clear the screen. The Yaris arm is slightly longer than the position of my current converted 107 wiper arm is, so it might need shortening. It is a sturdy strong wiper arm, I paid £30 for the arm in total to test it.
  6. I have also done this same conversion using the same arm. I've now got a Toyota Yaris wiper arm, so going to see if I can get that to fit with minimal modifications.
  7. Hi Glyn, I will take some measurements and post the details, also some detailed images of the conversion. The main arm doesn't need much alteration other than shortening it and trimming some off the bottom of the motor mount hole (107 arm pillar mount is too long). Most of the work is in the control arm and making a new base plate, as the control arm mount hole needs moving, otherwise the arm will go off the end of the screen on the drivers side. When it's all done you can fit a 26" original wiper arm for the 107, which is the new style spring steel blade. Also you get a better clearing screen, especially the half moon at the bottom of the screen. It works very well, but like all blades nowadays, once they get some age and go hard, the blade does judder if there is minimal water on the screen. It's still a lot better than the original, especially being bigger. I've now purchased a complete arm and blade from ebay, from a Toyota Yaris. I'm going to see how well they will fit as the arm looks like it shouldn't need cutting down to fit the Esprit screen. It was only £30 so worth the effort to see if it fits.
  8. Hi, thanks Martyn for organising this event, excellent work and a thoroughly enjoyable the day. Spent most of my time with the my car and talking with fellow owners. Had a nice drive home, spotted an Exige 350 Cup on the A14 and kept with him most of the time until Thetford, where it turned off to Thetford and I went on the by-pass. My photos of the day can be found here: TLF Duxford Classic Car Show
  9. As per last year, those travelling from Norwich or on the way from Norwich who wish to make a convoy to the event. Meeting point will be from the Thickthorn services on A11/A47 Junction. Departure time from Thickthorn will be 8 am-ish.
  10. I wasn't suggesting using that actual photograph, which was taken by me and I have loads more taken in the same location. Just that I have a lot of photographs of my car, and if it's good enough for a Lotus publication they can't be that bad.
  11. Hoping to get some nice new photographs this year at events. Here's one from a few years ago, 2012.
  12. Some more images of the Esprit from the film.[/img
  13. If you haven't noticed already, a Lotus Giugiaro Turbo Esprit and a Lotus Excel feature in the new film, albeit heavily modified. Again all good product placement for the brand, especially the older cars. How long before an Esprit is converted to look like one from the film? BL door handles survive into the future! [
  14. I used a water based dye that Steve Fulcher supplied to me. My seats were a sort of greyish colour to start with, but I never liked them,so dyed them black. Its good stuff, but being water based, doesn't bite into the plastic piping as well as a solvent based solution, but reasonable hard wearing. Seat refurbishment The stuff was so good that I also used it on my steering wheel. Steering wheel refurbishment
  15. You are welcome to any of my Esprit photos, having got Lotus approval for my photography. Norfolk backdrop Let me know and I can send you a few.
  16. People who quote what 'Lotus' stands for are usually uneducated about the brand, same goes with panel fit and anything else that brings the brand down, much like TVR who also get loads of stick. When the new TVR comes out, will that be tarnished with the same badge as previous TVR's? Lotus could do that, just make the S1 again with modern stuff, a few other brands have gone down this route, Jensen with the Interceptor.
  17. Agree that Lotus shouldn't go back to making kit cars, they have moved on from that. Personally I don't have a problem with replica kit cars, some are fine engineering, very well put together cars. Where the problem starts is who builds them, that's where they get let down. People start thinking it's going to be cheap when it ain't, what ever you budget should be doubled as it will always cost more than you thought. I've seen kit cars, the worst sort, usually an MR2 disguised as a Ferrari wearing the badge. These type kit cars are not great as all the proportions are wrong so doesn't look good from the start. I remember an Aston Martin V8 Vantage kit that converted a Ford Capri into the Aston, totally wrong! The Aston is a massive car compared to a Capri.
  18. With prices rising now for good examples of the Esprit S1 cars, what do people think of the Esprit S1 being reborn as a replica kit car? I'm not saying I'm for or against the idea, but having owned a couple of kit cars and built one of them and seen some fine examples of kit cars built properly, could a replica Esprit S1 built with modern running gear and engine be worthy of at least a replica status? Yes it's never gonna be an original, but none of the Cobra, Lambo and GT40 and Lotus Seven replica vehicles that have been built are never going to be, but I still wouldn't mind owning the odd one. High end, but this is basically an Aston replica car, available in fibreglass as well as aluminium Cobra replica GT40 Replica Note the Renault 25 gearbox Cobra kit car I built, but I had to have a Q plate, which was annoying Nick Fulcher did all the trimming A very old clip of my Cobra replica, lots of wind noise and the camera was on the way out, hence the green spots
  19. I think you owe me a fiver! Spoilers now been on the car over four year and way over 1000 miles!
  20. Owen - Esprit GT3 Hopefully I will make it this year, after my blow out last year just 10 minutes away from the event! :-(
  21. If you have the time, nip to a breakers yard, that's where I got mine from, £15 for a pair, came from a VW Polo. I just took the old ones and matched it, plus the ends screw off the originals on to the new ones.
  22. I've got a complete old one from my car sitting in the shed doing nothing, message me regarding it. I now have the SJ fibreglass V8 version with rubber front lip. My car is also lowered, yes it does it the odd speed bump and the road if you brake hard, but it's surprisingly strong. I removed the join in the middle and made it have a smooth one piece finish.
  23. Maybe being a Monday that's a problem? I vary rarely attend the EALC meetings each month as they are a Monday, with it being first day back at work, usually just get home and want to stay in. The CL meeting on the Thursday ain't too bad a day as you're starting to wind down for the weekend, knowing you only have Friday to go, so don't mind going out. This may be why I don't attend TLF meetings much, plus I never remember the date.
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