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  1. They can't look any bigger than the Honda 2000 that they come from. I would say that's a smaller car than the Esprit. I like them, the originals are Citroen, so it's all borrowed stuff, mine are just borrowed from a Honda!
  2. No, stopping at arches, not having them is what says it's not a pretend V8. People look and go, 'is that a V8 and wonder, but it doesn't have arches???' I've gone as far as I want to go with exterior look, nice changes, but not too much. It's getting a full respray next year so will look even better being one shade of yellow again.
  3. I assume it's in this 50th magazine, the photo competition was to do with the 50th celebrations. I entered on a whim, didn't do any Photoshop work to the image, straight out of the camera and it won along with the other two. They can use the photo how they see fit in publications, but the competition had to have some Norfolk connection, hence Blickling Hall, perhaps the most known of all the halls in Norfolk other than Holkham Hall.
  4. I'm not a purerist, I turn all my cars into how I like them, not always how they came out of the factory. In away when they come out of the factory most cars are not pure, people add optional extras and every car nowadays is different, no two are the same, a pure car would be nothing added, that's rare. The wheels were on the car when I bought it, so were the mirrors, which are from a Honda 2000, most people like them and say they suit the car, it also has V8 seats fitted from new. The splitter I fitted, I prefer the late v8 version to the plastic one originally fitted, mines an SJ version, so I closed the middle join as they are fibreglass, which I think makes it look so much better being one piece. I've also done the whole rear conversion now, round lights and centre exhaust, but that's what I like. I'm not trying to be a pretend V8, I just like that look of the car, at the time I bought mine I could have had a V8 cheaper than my four pot. When the time comes I will add your name to the list, yes I do have a list of people who have said exactly what you have said. I'm not quite ready yet to part with it, it's getting a major overhaul next year, paint work, interior, engine and radiators, so by the time I do sell it it will be A1+
  5. It was Simon's car featured, but the entry was a photographic friend Simon knew, so it may be him. I don't think he collected his prize, level 1 Driving Academy day, I did and it was awesome, pity it's finishing.
  6. Ordered x2 and paid, one for keeping mint and one for read and thumbing through. I look forward to my read and hopefully spotting my photograph in the book which was a winner in the Lotus photographic competition. I know Simon's car is featured, so would guess the others are that won.
  7. With My car Perhaps the best one with regards to James Bond Lotus connection, Caroline Munro
  8. I had no end of problems with my ABS system, but sorted it in the end. What new ABS switch have you fitted as they are no longer available? I have a two switch system fitted, but some people are now finding switched that can do both pressures switching. Also what accumulator did you get as some are different pressures, mine came from America and was the right part number, but i understand some other car makes do fit, but unsure of the pressure. I got mine al working, then disconnected the solenoid switches with the resistor by pass mod, so now I have a good solid pedal and no ABS, so much better. If you are checking the system, it's worth getting a gauge and fitting to check all pressures, something I did as the switches don't always go on and off when you think they should.
  9. As my car is getting on at 18 years old, the steering wheel has obviously had a hard life and worn the top coat through over all those year to the point it was becoming very horrible to hold, with a sticky feeling when driving. Having slightly sweaty palms during the summer month doesn't help, even after a good clean it would eventually go back to feeling horrible to touch. I found methylated spirits to clean it up the best, but not long lasting. I've looked at a few Momo steering wheels as a replacement, also looked at every wheel available nearly to buy on eBay, but decided my first move would be to refurbish the wheel and see how this goes before spending out on a new wheel. Plus I do like the GT3 wheel design so reluctant to part with it and the wheel is obsolete as well from Lotus. I purchased this kit Steering Wheel REPAIR KIT from eBay for £11.95 and applied the first coat this evening. So far the results are very pleasing and I will give it a second coat tomorrow. The kit is very similar to the dye I used on my seats, but I don't think this kit is water based as it does smell slightly of solvent. If it works or at least make the steering wheel last a little longer it won't be that bad for the price, Here are some photos of the first coat. I've even given the centre horn bolts a spray of paint to improve the look of them. The wheel was tight getting off, I had to use a three jaw puller to break the taper. I'm applying the dye using the sponge technique of dabbing it on. Before photos cleaned and ready for dye. Part the way through applying. After first coat applied.
  10. My original Powerflow system was £700 in total including the CAT. The extra work I had recently done was an additional £300, still all guaranteed for life I own the car. It's now been on the car 9 years.
  11. At the moment no, looks like I'm the owner for a little longer. Respray looks like it will happen around Christmas time if I can get my garden sorted to store the car once it comes back from the painters, as it won't be going on the road straight away. Stage two will be engine out and fuel tanks serviced, plus the engine head as well as a list of other items on the engine, not bad, just jobs I want to do.
  12. I've had my car nearly ten years, enjoyed every minute of owning it, even when there has been a big bill, I might have moaned, but driving it again brought the smile back. I've spent easily over £10k on maintaining it over that time, but now I'm wondering if the work needed now can I justify the cost or is it time for someone else to take over the work? I want to remove engine, do the petrol tanks and some engine work. There are some head valves that are weak, plus new clutch and anything else I find, also replace cambelt again. Paintwork I've had figures ranging from £2k cheapest to £5k dearest. If I spend this money it won't add that value to the car, although it will look fantastic and have a great engine, so I've been considering selling on, take less money and spend the extra on something else. down side is it will be starting again getting to know the new car and it's faults and flaws. What will I gain spending on another Esprit, other than experiencing another model version? And biggest question, will I regret it? I've looked at current Lotus line up and nothing floats my boat like the Esprit, Exige 3 maybe, but just out of my price range at the moment. I have looked at the new Europa, but again it's not a desired car, more a case of this is all I can pick currently that I sort of like. It was said to me once that it's OK owning a car for a long time, but is it making you miss out on owning other vehicles that can be just as fun and pleasurable? We are after all just guardians of the these vehicles until the next person. I've just got this gut feeling the money will be spent and I will be owning my car for a few more years.
  13. A lot of these posts are old, so don't know if the view of this company has changed, some of the resent posts seem more positive. My current Esprit ownership is at a crossroads, regarding whether I spend a load of money on it or not, or let a new owner do the jobs. The jobs are not critical, mostly I'm unhappy with paintwork and feel it looks tired, but loads of people have said there is nothing wrong with it. I've been looking at what's on the market and liked this one sold by UK Sportscars: Esprit Advert This car looks from the photos fine to me on the surface and having had a lot of work done. Not being a virgin owner now I know what to look for underneath. Still hearing negatives is putting me off dealing with the company.
  14. I've got a Powerflow exhaust and CAT fitted to my GT3, sound is not that bad a bark. I asked for it to be moderate, not too loud, but not too quiet. I've recently had it converted to twin centre outlet and it still sounds nice. The CAT is the smallest they make and steel internal.
  15. Thank you. I just have to give an idea of numbers to the organisers.
  16. Hi everyone, If you wish to join the convoy of cars attending the Yarmouth wheels festival as part of the EALC display, please meet at Dunston Hall car park (NR14 8PQ off A140 near Norwich in the top car park furthest away from the hall) by 8.15 am for prompt departure at 8.30 am. Members attending from other areas are welcome to travel direct to the venue but please ensure you arrive at the venue by 9.00 am. This time applies on both days. Apparently the EALC area is near to Classic Team Lotus if you arrive before I do. Phil and Scott, what day are you attending?
  17. I replaced all my door seals including the sunroof around a year ago, so know they are good. My exhaust is not stock and never likely to be as I have the V8 rear valance look twin centre outlet, so no GT3 system will fit. Also it's guaranteed for life so not going to spend anymore money on exhaust anytime soon. My wife does use gel ear plus in the car, I tend not to. I was just wondering if anybody had tried to address the level of noise other than personal wearing equipment. When I have my fuel tanks out I will check the seat belt openings. I think when my car comes off the road I will address the sound deadening in doors and rear bulkhead. I might try 'double glazing' the rear window by cutting a shaped perspex and just sticking it to the existing plastic, I'm sure anything will help. I do have nylon bushes in the suspension, so noise is going to travel more than rubber bushes. If i can reduce it by 5-10 decibels that would be fine. As said whether you are going fast or slow, the level is always he same.
  18. Hi, as my wife and have got older we are of the misfortune to suffer from tinnitus (to many night clubs and bands in our younger years), which doesn't help when owning a loud car like a Lotus Esprit. It's not so much the level of noise my car produces in the cabin area, but the length of time we are being subjected to it. I've measured my noise levels and generally I get around 70-80 decibels all the time, regardless of speed. Apparently this level is normal office chatter level. I'm considering when my car comes off the road soon on improving the rear bulkhead sound deadening, which is the easy bit. I'm just wondering what to do about the rear window, I've considered creating a double glazed rear glass to hopefully reduce sound through the rear cabin screen. Has anyone else improved the cabin noise level and what did you do?
  19. Anymore interested in attending this event? Long range weather is forecast as good.
  20. Hi all, Great Yarmouth tourist board is holding a wheels festival this 3rd and 4th of September, all along the sea front. Lotus Cars and Classic Team Lotus are the star feature of this event this year, last year they had the new land speed record Blood Hound full size replica displayed. Classic Team Lotus is having five racing cars displayed, with most of the Lotus display featured around the Britannia Pier Plaza, with CTL next to Joyland and the American diner. I will be attending the event with my local club EALC on both days, but knowing there is 75 spaces for Lotus cars and not enough in my local club to fill that number, EALC would like to invite other owners along to this event and support CTL and put on a great display of Lotus cars. My Lotus themed dragon is also making an appearance. If you would like to come, then we can do the usual and make a list, also stating which days you can attend. As yet I don't know what numbers are attending from my local club, but I don't expect more than 20 cars, most will attend just the Sunday. I also need names and car model to provide cars attending information to the organisers. Great Yarmouth Wheels Festival Last years event: Wheels Festival 2015 1. Owen - Esprit GT3 - Sat and Sun
  21. Hi All, I attended Heveningham Hall Sunday with my local Lotus club displaying our cars at this county fair. The club has done this event for several years now, but this year was a special treat as it was the 20th anniversary year of this event. So the owner of the hall Jon Hunt along with Bonhams Auction house put on an extra display of his car collection as well as a few additional models owned by others. I think the collection was in the region of £50-100 million on display, which I quite believe. It was £10 to go in and view the cars, but worth every penny, also my first time viewing a Bugatti Veyron in the flesh. You can see most of what's on display here: Jon Hunt Car Collection
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