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  1. Hi All, I attended Heveningham Hall Sunday with my local Lotus club displaying our cars at this county fair. The club has done this event for several years now, but this year was a special treat as it was the 20th anniversary year of this event. So the owner of the hall Jon Hunt along with Bonhams Auction house put on an extra display of his car collection as well as a few additional models owned by others. I think the collection was in the region of £50-100 million on display, which I quite believe. It was £10 to go in and view the cars, but worth every penny, also my first time viewi
  2. Most expensive secondhand Lotus? Lotus Carlton
  3. Turned mine off ages ago, won't be going back to on. Also never affected the MOT, but then the place I go they don't use the machine as my car is low, they just take it down the road and test it (I think they are doing a Ferris bueller!) This is the method I used to turn it off. ABS switch off
  4. Totally replaced my wiper arm as it had been repaired a few times. I used one from a Peugeot 107, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo as it has a control arm set up. It's not a straight swap over, it does need to be modified, the main arm needs making shorter, the control arm has the end cut off and I used a ball socket from Amazon that cost £3 each. Amazon ball joint I had to make the arm go from flat bar to round, but that was easily done with the welder and belt sander shaping the transition. I also needed to make a new base plate to move the control arm position to stop the sweep going off
  5. May be the white G car I've seen about.
  6. I like most felt it was just a rehash of the old format, nothing new, jet fighters, Reliant Robins, all been done before and done way better and funnier with Clarkson and Co. Also when CE is giving his verdict while driving the cars I got the feeling this is just a scripted piece by one of the many writers. With Clarkson and Co you knew it was from them, their thoughts and feelings. MLB was good and with time could really hone his role on the show. Star in a car was no better being a rally cross, should have left it as it was, perhaps got an even cheaper car, say Tata Nano or something.
  7. Spotted today on the A11 heading south near Attleborough around 11.45 am. Could have been the same white Esprit I spotted last week on the 17th May around 6-7 pm at Bracondale in Norwich, near the football ground. Anyone on here?
  8. I use an old duplex short timing chain brazed to a 1/2" drive socket that I made in 1983 when I first entered the motor trade. It destroys the filter, but I've always replaced them if taking off. The chain has never failed where others have.
  9. Tyres have been ordered, fitting Thursday, Exhaust being finished off on Friday, back to normal by weekend. Have got to get some new front discs though.
  10. Yes it was just a blown tyre, nothing else wrong. I got the feeling on the way home everyone would be looking at the Lotus on the truck thinking, typical Lotus always breaking down, when in fact it was just a tyre blown and nothing to do with the car mechanics. Sorry to disappoint, it is as been mentioned a GT3, I just like the late V8 look, although not going as far as to add arch extensions, this is it for external modifications. I might remove the rear spoiler as well.
  11. I'd just like to say that if I had made it, it looked a fantastic day, but today was not meant to be. Luckily breaking down just next to the services on the A11/A505 flyover was helpful. The wife and I got collected a few hours later, finally getting home around 2 pm, so a lovely days weather spent doing nothing but hanging around. I had a small taste what was on display as I was parked up waiting with all the Pistonheads attendees. Don't even know if I can make next year, as I plan to take car off the road to do major restoration. To get something positive from the day I did get my car r
  12. I was measuring from my house, door to door. We didn't leave Thickthorn until 8.20 am, although I got within ten minutes of the event, I was around for a while to know there was a big queue some time later as I was talking with the Pistonheads display group meeting at the McDonalds where I was waiting for my recovery truck!
  13. It's a little further at 67 miles, according to Google earth it's 1 hr 14 minutes. Doubt we will leave dead on eight anyway and meeting some on the way. Also if you're been before it does get hectic getting in, so much so that cars sometimes burst into flames! Yes that happened one year.
  14. There are a few of us who are meeting up and heading from Norwich to Duxford, anyone is welcome to join on route. Leaving Norwich about 8am at Thickthorn Services.
  15. If it's favourite car ever, then it has to be this. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage, or in Volante spec will do as well. I've been lucky enough to have driven one, amazing amount of power in two tons of British muscle car, and still beautiful looking all these years later. first on the lottery list win.
  16. I just cut 1/8" of an inch off the spacer tubes, solved the problem.
  17. Are these switches available with the right seal material? If remembering correctly, they need to have EPDM material so not to degrade with brake fluid. The Hydac switch says FPM seal, but unsure if this includes any internal seal/diaphragm. Seal information
  18. This is good news if it works OK. I've emailed him to ask for cost and delivery to the UK. My switch went some time ago and I have a two switch system at the moment, which does work, but the light goes on as it vibrates easily with so many connectors, so to stop the light showing I have just stuck some tape over it. I've also applied the bypassed with the resistors you can do on the ABS system, giving a better feel pedal. It would be nice to have it all working again.
  19. When knocking off work this evening around 4.45 pm in Thetford. I see a dark blue V8 Esprit, sounded nice as it passed the Fison Way junction on Mundford road heading out of Thetford. Then still on the way home travelling on the A11 and approaching Snetterton, an Evora 400 with trade plates on came flying past. Not quite the bark of the Esprit, but still looked impressive.
  20. I'm adding on their behalf. 12. Paul & Karen Lotus Elise Mk1
  21. Unless the weather is awful again or something is wrong with the car, I hope to make this one this year. Should have my new late V8 exhaust twin outlet and trim on by then. 11. Owen GT3 Esprit.
  22. I've refurbished my translator some years ago and correctly set it up. I also serviced the gear lever when I had it out to do my oil cooler pipe, so all is good with the mechanism, it's just inside the gearbox where there might be worn parts like the baulk rings. Those will get serviced when I have the engine/box out. Going up through the box from second to fifth is no problem, it's just the first to second, sometimes it just can't be found, have sometimes gone into fourth by mistake. I could make one of these gates to see if it improves finding the gear, would require no alteration to my
  23. I watched this video with interest. Do people think the H gate can improve gear change? My gear gates are not the best on my Esprit, although it is set up correctly, perhaps down to some worn parts, especially when trying to find second from first, missed that on occasions. Having seen this now I'm wondering if an H gate could improve the change, at least you know where it's suppose to go when going through the box. Has anyone else done a similar conversion? I think I might start to work this out, make a template.
  24. Snap! It's not too bad a job to do to cover the fin. I did mine as it was easier than painting it black, plus I've done all the other trims with carbon look. Hopefully it will be removed this year and the new V8 stainless trim fitted with twin centre exhaust.
  25. The Lotus Esprit makes this list. 10 cars will be worth a fortune in the future
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