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  1. Hi, it was the first time for me going to the Autosport show, plus I was lucky enough to get tickets. I thought the show was good, mixture of everything, trade stalls and exhibitors. It's definitely a young persons show compared to the classic car show I attended in November, especially with all the young ladies in branded spandex suits, none of those ladies at the classic car show. I think the number of halls was easier to get around than the classic show, you really do need two days to see everything at that show. Also I think the food facilities have greatly improved since the venue firs
  2. CTL will have a one unique goody on the stand, my IndyGoGo500 dragon is on their stand! So if you want to see IndyGoGo in the flesh here's your chance. Something a bit different for people to see, I will be attending the show on the Friday.
  3. A link to my Flickr account and more photos from the day. I will post the video soon I shot with my action camera. Classic Car Magazine Shoot I think he's doing about 110 mph in this photo and was still accelerating.
  4. My translator has been refurbed for ages, it just not a great gear change. I've checked everything is correct and done the translator measuring, it could just be a slightly worn baulk rings, it's perhaps due for a service. They got one thing wrong, I think I said I used it two or three times a week, not everyday like the article says. Generally a good write up, beat the Ferrari's arse and in the top four of cars to pick out of the bunch.
  5. The article I took part in is finally out in the shops. I've had a quick read, snippets of the article and reads well regarding the Esprit. now the article is out I will post some photos from the day and give a few more details on how it went in another post.
  6. Mines lowered, here it is sitting next to an S4s. Go to the full size image and you will see following the bumper line it is lower. DSCF2004 by Owen Wright, on Flickr
  7. I did this sketch, not very good. I should really work on it and make it better. It took elements from the original Esprit and the new Evora as I was assuming it would use some of the mechanics from the Evora.
  8. Something that got me thinking about TFA and the original trilogy, why did Luke bother? The original trilogy Luke spends the whole of the three films with the sole goal to defeat and destroy the Empire and make the universe a better place. What was the point if a new fraction has taken it's place, seems like art mimicking real life. As in real life, at least Luke would know where he stands with the Empire unlike the new lot.
  9. It is a squeeze as it's full of electronics!
  10. Yes built the whole thing from scratch with the odd item purchased, but even they needed reworking, for example I purchased the feet, but it took a month to get them looking good as the resin work wasn't great. All the body, legs and dome was made from scratch, all hand cut. You can get all the plans from the Yahoo R2 Builders Club group for free. Mine is built to my spec construction, but the overall dimensions are correct. You can check out my Flickr account for lots of photos of the build. Making of R2D2 The build took about two years to complete, with another year of ironing out
  11. Well I watched it on opening night after finishing the troop, got home about 3 am. I liked the film, I wouldn't say I was in awe of the film, it was good and it will perhaps grow on me over time after watching it a few more times. I did like the references to the original trilogy and at times I was engrossed in the moment of a particular scene, also Daisy Ridley who played Rey was very good. I think what was a disappointment for me and it happens a lot in any action films nowadays is the complexity of the scenes, especially the action scenes. They happen so quickly and with so much added
  12. Well I'm already, batteries charged and new sound files added. Hopefully it's going to be a fun packed evening, R2 is always popular, especially with the ladies surprisingly, maybe it's because he doesn't look as threatening as some guy in a costume who's face you can't see. Here's hoping I will get to see the film tonight. This was the last visit to the Odeon.
  13. Financially it's perhaps not a flop, I just hope the story is not one. I think we can expect something way better than the prequels just by what they have shown in trailers, but no one knows the full story yet. I did an appearance yesterday in the Castle Mall Norwich, at times it was mob frenzy to have photos with the costume group.
  14. As a massive Star Wars fan I will be going to see the new film like the rest of the entire population of the planet! I just wondered who's going and if you are hitting the 12.01 am shows or leaving it to a later date. I will be at the first evening showing with my R2 in Norwich at the Odeon Riverside. I don't know if I will get to see the film or if I will want to (mind willing, but body not so!) as it will be hard work entertaining all evening, so I might end up nodding off in the film if I go and watch! I'm also entertaining again on the Saturday with R2 and the rest of the Star Wars
  15. I've found out that the article my Esprit GT3 is appearing in, the Classic Car Magazine article will be out at the end of December. Jensen interceptors are adorning the cover this month. as soon as it's out I will publish my pictures from the day and upload the video to YT.
  16. What size are the original V8 exhaust end trims, 3 or 4 inch? I've purchased my rear centre outlet exhaust valance and have spoken to my exhaust man about converting my system. I've picked two three inch trims with angle rolled edge faces.
  17. The transport value might be higher today, but give it a few years it will be on a lot for £1000 or less, while my Esprit will hopefully be the same value as it is today or gone higher. Value is a funny business regarding classic cars. Looking on the HowManyLeft site there are just 76 licensed GT3 Esprit's and 23 SORN. Compare that with the Sierra Cosworth (was looking for RS500 data, but can't get that information), but the data for a regular Sierra Cosworth is 894 licensed and 1643 SORN, making it not a as rare as an Esprit GT3, but can still command a higher price. Cheapest Sierra
  18. The people carrier wasn't there when I parked, empty space, but typical I attract something with massive doors that could possibly clout me! I did leave before it left the car park. Also totally missed the Ferrari's, wish I had seen those, but it was a long day and by the end with two cameras hanging around my neck all day I was wanting to have a rest! I did get that with the hour wait in the traffic queue!
  19. It was my GT3 in S3 car park.
  20. Hi, had a great day yesterday at the first day of the Classic Car Show. It was the first time I've been and I will definitely be going next year, two days hopefully as one is not enough to see it all properly. My day was an early start, up at 5 am setting off at 6.30 from Norwich, picking my mate up at Thetford and arriving about 9.30 am, so made good time as the roads were busy. Went in my Esprit as the car hasn't been on a long run for a while, drove lovely there and back. Return journey had an extra hour added with road traffic hold up trying to get onto the M6, it was a long wait for
  21. I'm going Friday with another Lotus owner, also going in the Esprit, nice run for it from Norwich to Birmingham.
  22. Hi, I would love to post some photo's, been wanting to for ages, but was told to refrain from any internet publishing until after the article has been published. I thought it was going to be the December issue which is out now, but it was the Elise 20 years front cover, so hoping it will be out next month. We were all told it runs about a month behind, but it's been two now, so must be out soon. I was going to do a write up of the day and photos once the article was out. I also have some in car video of the day to post to YT.
  23. It was the sponsors who purchased Indy in the end, so nice to know they have in fact spent over £10000 on Indy, the £4200 they had to pay to sponsor it in the first place. Also, it will stay in Norwich as it's going in Mayday OES office supplies premises, so just around the corner from your works Scott, perhaps you could pop over and see it. I was hoping for £10000, but £6000 is not too bad as the average price was around £4506. Take out the three dragons that hit £20000+ and the average goes down to around £3848 so pleased I was well above that, and it beat the EDP voted winner dragonfly whic
  24. Hi all, well it's finally here the day of the dragon auction. If you are interested in bidding on IndyGoGo500, please visit the auction site link There is more news about the auction in the local paper. Thanks for your support regarding the voting and let's hope Indy gets a good price this evening. . Owen.
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