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  1. Hi, I've been a few times in mine to Tescos, I usually park miles from anything else, and yes Katie is right there is always something next to you when you come back! It's as if I'm their bloody comfort blanket, they are the 'can't have the table in the middle of the room, only a next to a wall' people! I also park in family spaces and don't care, if anyone said anything I would tell them why as I walk off! I only go somewhere that I know the car will be alright if left. Even in our other car I only look for the single spaces or ones that have pillar between me and the other car. I've watched Mums putting their kids in the rear baby chair and the car door has continually knocked the vehicle next to them! I've even had it done to my car as I've sat in it, when I looked at them they looked at me as if to say 'What?' Mostly it's ignorant people who have no respect for their property let alone other peoples, and in their eyes we are someone with a flash car. I like that insurance ad at the moment that sort of does a take on this theory, This guy parks miles away from anything so it doesn't get damaged then an engine fall from the sky and destroys his car! Owen.
  2. Hi, Not against the idea of a rolling venue, just the time travelling that bothers me. If you picked Southend in Essex, we would only be there about an hour then have to come home. This is a week day remember and having worked all day, driven all night I don't want to nod off on the way home! Plus I would need to knock off earlier and I don't think my employers will be keen every month with this arrangement. I'm more for a central location, fairer for all then regarding travelling and time scale, don't mind different locations around the central area. what about if we have bio monthly meets with the different methods? One month we have the central location when most should be able to make it as travelling time is reduced, then next month the county meet? This way if you attend all the central and one closer to home you will make 7 of the 12 meets a year, obviously this can be higher if you decide to travel further to the local meetings. Until we know all the locations for these meets, we don't know how far we need to travel. Perhaps we should appoint representatives for the counties? Even if we go rolling locations we will still need to find a better location in Norfolk. Another consideration is some of us are on limited mileage insurance, so need to keep an eye on that. I know the meetings distance wouldn't be that high, but added to all the rest done during the year it might mean increasing the limit. Owen.
  3. Hi, First car owned was a HB Viva, but it never got on the road. First car I insured in my name and on the road was a Triumph Dolomite 1850HL. Bought it very cheap and had to do it up and get it repainted. It was a nice car until two years later when I put it into a bridge after hitting black ice, the car was a right off! I did some years later buy a Dolomite Srint which was a quick car for the time. My favourite car before the Esprit was a Rover SDi 3500 SE. Did a lot of work on this car as well. It did get repainted in actual Lotus ICI paint, Lotus black! I made the whole car look like a Vitesse and fitted a TV and video in the car, we used to have loads of fun on road trips. Owen
  4. Hi, I had loads of problems getting the software to work on my laptop and the lead to work, I even bought a keyspan adaptor and it still wouldn't work. Talking to my IT guy at work it seems sometimes some newer Laptops just won't recorgnise the adaptors with the serial connector. I knew it wasn't the serial lead at fault and the Keyspan adaptor worked on modern stuff, so I knew it had to be the laptop. It's like trying to play a 78rpm record on a new record deck, my new laptop is not made for old technology. I got round the problem by asking my firm if they had some old laptop they didn't want, luckily they had one with a serial connector and windows 98. Works fine now with this Laptop and didn't cost me any extra, give it to me for nothing. I just keep the laptop with the Freescan software just on it, nothing else. Excellent kit once you get it working properly, I don't worry so much now when the yellow check engine light comes on because I can check to find the problem if it doesn't clear. Get an old serial port laptop just to use with the car, you can get one next to nothing and it doesn't need to be powerful computer. Owen.
  5. Hi, I've been having a look around using Google Earth to see where we could have the AEG meet. One suggestion I would like to make, which I think I will look into is Tibbenham Airfield. I looked at this place when I was looking for locations to film, it might be worth giving a place like this a try. It's just down the road from Wreningham, has a Club house, ample parking, selective clientel and could be useful later on if we needed to hold larger meets, Open-day events. I'm off next week from work so could take a look, find out some details. Also has lots of room to take good photo shots of the cars. Here's the link to their site, not the best of websites, but gives you an idea. Tibbenham Airfield Owen.
  6. Hi, Simon, we could always go and have our meet next to the Saxo boys on the Riverside Woolies car park!!!!! I think about 10 Esprits turning up would cause some jaw dropping from the acne gang! I'm sure one of them will want a race!! Owen
  7. Hi, This is only the first meet and we might be getting ahead of ourselves, hopefully the interest is going to increase and attendants will rise. I don't mind travelling further to the Norfolk/Suffolk and Cambridge border, time is really the deciding factor I would think? Although spending time in the car travelling isn't something I don't dread, what good is it if by the time you arrive it's nearly time to go home? This is why I think somewhere central in the region is perhaps fairer to all. Perhaps the central location could be the basis for every meet and the rolling meets are something considered during the summer months (if we get a summer that is! ) When we have more light available in the evening. Also if any distance is involved I know I would need to start sorting with my employers to knock off earlier to get to a venue in resonable time, and sometimes they can be finical about things like that, alright if it's a doctors appointment, but a blast in my Lotus isn't perhaps seen in the same light! Owen.
  8. Hi I've had a look at a map of the region and from my conclusions I think Bury St.Edmunds seems to be fairly central to all the counties. Bury isn't that bad a town, visited it many times, all we need to do now is find a good pub, perhaps on the outskirts? Not too bad a run from Norwich as well so wouldn't take long to get there. If we all have to travel some distance a later start time might be better, even just getting home, not eating until I arrive at the pub and getting out again would be pushing it for me for a 7pm start time. How can we advertise this more, if people don't read this thread they won't know? Owen.
  9. Hi I'm of the same opinion, I don't mind who comes to the meetings, the core of the group is Lotus car ownership at the end of the day, don't even mind Elises and Exiges. Still it would be nice to get some of these shy Esprits that lurk around the counties to come. Only coming out if the roads are dry, the weather doesn't look like it's going to rain and it doesn't put more than is allowed mileage is one trip on the clock! The cars are for driving, not just to look at! I've only owned mine for a few months now, but I have found you do need to use them, otherwise they do get stiff sitting for even a few days, especially my gearbox! Owen.
  10. Hi, More pictures as promised. From reading the thread I think we can safely say the evening was a success. Now to spread the word and get more people involved, Anglia is a big region so this shouldn't be a problem. We perhaps can alter where we have meetings to allow people to reach the venues easier, perhaps not fair that everyone has to travel to norwich everytime, plus it gives us a chance to have a small convoy! Don't mind where as long as it doesn't involve the A140! I know there is a group around the Cambridge area, perhaps a half way house somewhere might be a good idea, suggestions on a postcard! I've finished the logo and I'm working on T-shirt designs. Would be nice to wear something for the 23 next month advertising the group. I know there are a few more Esprits in the Norwich area as I've seen them, we will have to coaks them out! My mates sister works as a presenter on Radio Norwich, I will see if she can give the group a plug. finished Logo. Sorry Nifty, nothing personal, just had to do one with just the Esprits! I will PM evey one who attended T-shirt designs for approval when they are ready. Owen.
  11. Hi, Finally happened! First AEG meeting held at the Bird In Hand at Wreningham. I think everyone can say it was a successful first night and hopefully more to follow. And yes, we are all in the image, photoshop magic! I'll post some more images tomorrow. Owen.
  12. Hi, Watch for pot holes in the car park, some big ones dotted about. If the weather is fine I'm up for talking and looking at everyones cars, might bring my video camera. Hope to see you all tomorrow then. Owen.
  13. Hi, You'll need the log on it's own, and I haven't done one yet. I would perhaps wait until next month to get them printed. My design is only a suggestion for discussion at the meeting, I don't want to jump the gun and assume everyone agrees with it. If people like it I need to work on it a little more to finally perfect the finished look, but I am busy at the moment completing some for the NMEG competition. T-shirts a good suggestion otherwise. Owen,
  14. Hi, My mug shot is in my profile so you will recognise me, and there be bright yellow car in the parking lot!. Owen.
  15. Hi, That is what I do for a living. I was a Motor Engineer for 17 years, covered most aspects of the trade in that time, then got fed up with that. Retrained and got a job in multimedia, which is basically graphics, video, photography and web work. I've been doing this now for seven years, but ain't fed up with it yet! I will stress though I had a flare for graphics before retraining, the main reason it was an easy transition into a new career. Owen.
  16. I have, not going to miss the chance to win a nice watch like that. Also I feel it's all good publicity for my material if I were to have mine picked. I do similar work for the local Star Wars group, posters, trading cards, backdrops, stuff like that. Owen.
  17. Hi, It's 2am, been busy making logo right. Here it is. I will bring prints with me Tuesday for discussion. Owen.
  18. Hi, Before buying my car I had looked for 3 years every week to see what was about and how much asking prices were. For the model I was originally looking at which was roughly a 1990 SE turbo, average prices for a good one started at 10k going up to 13-14k private sale models, if you wanted a trader you could add another 1k minimum. For the models I finally decided to go for which was going to be an S4, S4S or GT3 prices started at around 12k going up to 20k depending on age and history. I paid 16k for my GT3, but looking back now, if I knew how many problems I would have had to sort straight away then I would have paid only 15k. I would hate to think what I would have parted with if I didn't do my servicing myself, thousands especially the exhaust last week! Because I had looked at some Esprits in person and requested loads of images from sellers I knew overall the car I finally bought was generally good for a 10 year old car and it did come with a folder full of it's history. Most of the jobs that I have done are things that you wouldn't spot in the few hours you inspect the car, may have picked up the odd one if I had it AA inspected, but still a load would have been missed. Knowing what I know now, these are a car that when buying you need someone with you who has owned one as they are not your run of the mill everyday car. Although I know every aspect of a car, you still miss things and I could have done with someone more knowledgeable regarding Esprits. But who ever buys my car even now will have a car that is getting the maintenance it rightly deserves. Owen
  19. Hi, Today at my works to pass the boredom I had a men behaving badly moment and put this question to some of my work colleagues. If my Esprit was a woman who would she be? In my eyes an Esprit is a woman, nothing looking that sexy could ever be a man. I had some amusing answers from colleagues like Danny la Rue to some resonable suggestions. The best description to come back from a mate and I think sums up the car was as follows. It's more like a hollywood actress who has slightly passed her time to let the younger girls into the limelight, yet is still damn sexy even after all these years. I liken this to such stars as: Kim Basinger, Kim Cattrall, and Demi Moore. So who do you liken your car to? (just for fun!) Owen
  20. Hi, ok, I'll go with Anglian Esprit Group, sounds ok to me. Regarding the logo design, we are perhaps infringing a ton of copyright laws. I'm sure it will be a registered trade mark the Lotus badge design, even in black and gold. Kimbers, if people like the design and welcome it as the regional logo, perhaps if you run it by your Dad, get an official approval that the design is alright to use (once I've made the letter changes). I know we are only a supporters group, but you know what lawyers are like! Someone somewhere is bound to complain. Owen.
  21. Hi, Wonder now whether to go for AEG? The letters would form better in the logo. ANGLIA ESPRIT GROUP. ? Owen.
  22. Hi, Quickly, well about 3 hours of work! I've knocked this logo up, only an idea at present, but I thought I would do a 3d one and share it with you. Tell me what you think? I've taken on board people's feed back and gone with this new group title. Nothing set in stone though! I do love the JPS coloured renders These renders are quick ones, I didn't really have time to play about with the light settings, sorry! Owen.
  23. Hi, So if this Norfolk meet takes off and we become a regular meet, how many cars/people are required to get our own thread at the top of the Events page? Do we have to take some secret ritual test? lol Regarding name, I don't mind going with 'Anglia' to cover all the other areas around Norfolk. ARLEG, ALEG or we could have AEG, but we may get wrong with that one! I'll knock something else up logo wise. Owen.
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