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  1. Hi, The previous pipe was rubber, the new one is rubber, it has enought flex. It will be alright, unlike the ridged plastic pipe which needs the loop to flex. Perhaps the one fitted to my engine wasn't original, it was the loop that caused the cracking, then the cracks finally leaked. I couldn't see the point of a long looped rubber pipe, so I cut the old one until I had a suitable 90 degree bend and used that for my pattern. Owen.
  2. Hi, No I haven't a TVR the last time I looked, although I would settle for one! A friend at work had one and it spent more time in the garage than on the road! He blew up the engine in the end, put a con rod through the block! Sold it before reparing it, so lost a lot of money. This is my new fuel line. the old one was very similar except it was black rubber and had a big loop in the line, a bit like your plastic ones. I had to get it made with the old ends and it cost me
  3. Hi, I've only had my car two months, it had a new MOT, so bearings should have been spotted if they were worn. I may have to strip the fronts, but I don't think it's wheel bearings. I've had wheel bearing go on a car before and they are more of a drone that increases and decreases with speed, and it's there all the time. this noise isn't there all the time, a lot of the time, but not all the time. Owen
  4. Hi, This is definitely something to do with braking or affected by braking, I've driven the car down the road and left foot braked rapidly on and off and the sound just keeps going on and off with my braking. Steering, I've been down the road swerving side to side rapidly, nothing changes the noise. It does it everytime I go out now, not all the time and not always at one speed or RPM, also at different pitches the noise will be. This is a tough one! Owen.
  5. Hi, formatc, I've listened to you noise and it sounds very similar to the noise I'm getting. I'm having exactly the same problem as you that I can't pin point what could be causing it. I also have a GT3, I've posted in here asking the same question under droning noise thread. Mine doesn't do it all the time, but is very regular now doing it and can be very loud sometimes when it does do it. It has something to do with the brakes as it stops when I apply them. Some have suggested the accumulator, but I don't think it is this, I hear this when I first start the car but then no more. It bugs me even more as I was a motor technician for 17 years, so I should be able to sort it, but it's proving to be a difficult one. Like you I'm having a problem locating the noise source, find this and I can cure it, I don't know if it's front or rear, it just fills the cabin space. I thought wheel bearings, but it doesn't sound like them. Wondered if it could have been power steering, low on fluid, but I've check this and it's alright, also no juddering from steering. I don't think it's pads as the guy had just fitted new ones before buying the car and it never made any noises when I first had the car. The hand brake is neveron for more than a couple of days at a time, and I can push the car when it's released so the shoes are coming off. I had a mechanic friend have a listen and he thinks vaccum, some valve making a noise, when the brakes are applied this takes the vaccum away from the affending noise maker, I just don't know. I really wat to sort this one, it's the worse noise in the car and with it being so loud people must wonder whats up with it when you drive past them. Owen. I will post as soon as I've found the problem!
  6. At least he made a tit of himself yesterday without anybodies help! Only been in the job 5 days! so was he asleep next to the PM for the last 10 years on the front bench? He'll more than likely blame everything on the last PM like they do on the last party in! I'm with Kimbers, stick the Queen in charge. Dig up some of the old rulers, Elizebeth 1st, Henry 8th or Victoria will do, all powerful rulers. Extract the dna and then clone them, Britian will soon be on it's feet in no time. Brick up the tunnel, tell the EU to bugger off, national service and no more hand outs, if you want something in life you work for it! I don't see the EU telling the US to drop pounds, feet and inches which they still use! About time we started saying NO to others. Owen.
  7. Hi, It's just getting stupid, everything is, not just the car. They want to make the car a social outcast. You get taxed on everything you buy, even though your money's been taxed earning it. Unfair council taxes, with a crap service even though it goes up!! Wish my wages went up at the rate of council tax! Speed cameras on sections of roads that aren't black spots, now Essex Police are re-installing hidden camera, how long before every force follows? Black boxes in cars, within 10 years maybe? It's gonna happen, then you'll be fined for a millisecond over the limit! Perhaps won't even know until you get the paperwork through the post! It's Demolition Man, someone call in Stallone to sort it out! This planet is millions of years old, do they honestly think our 2% of pollution is the major cause of whats happening. Its the planet doing what it does, changing constantly, we're just free loaders feeding off it at the end of the day! Owen. Perhaps we shouild go back to a man walking in front of the car with a flag!
  8. Hi, I'm a Club Lotus member, I'll be there, even if it's not discounted. If it's anything like 2004 Team Lotus event, count me in! Thinking about those lovely Black and Gold F1 cars going round the test track still brings a tear to my eye, where have the years gone! At least I've got a Lotus to arrive in now! Owen.
  9. Hi, My droning noise is still going on, won't go away. I got another mechanic friend to look at it today and we think it has something to do with the vaccum side of the car. When you drive the car and are cruising, this is when the car makes the most noise, but as soon as you hit the brakes the noise stops, this is why we think its vaccum as the brakes take away the vaccum from what evers making the noise. When you accelerate the noise isn't there. It's not the servo pump in the front as I hear this cut in and out and it seems to be running alright. I just need to find something that could cause a droning noise in the vaccum system, a valve or something. I'm perhaps going to take the boot floor out again and check the canister and all the pipes in the vaccum system. Other than this, I don't know what it could be? It's the most annoying noise in the car! Owen
  10. Hi, Regarding my oil leak, i don't appear to have one! (touches some wood!). I think it was just a fluke that I had hit some oil on the road and it appeared to come from the oil cooler. I've been out in the car tonight and it drives lovely, just got to sort the annoying drone and some rattle in the top area behind my head! I think its possibly some pipe work running along the shell of the car that keeps banging everytime I go over bumps. I will just rap everything in foam to hopefully stop it! Owen.
  11. Hi, Hoping to do my first filming tomorrow for my three car DVD, the Elise, Exige and my Esprit, but the weather looks like it's going to put pay to any filming Hopefully we will get a summer sometime this year! Owen.
  12. OwenGT3

    Yellow Gt3

    Hi, Spotted the same Lotus Esprit GT3 that I saw this morning, tonight around 9.30pm heading in to the Bowthorpe Industrial Estate, Norwich. I was with two friends, one who owns a Lotus Elise, we were in the Clock Tower car park. We had just been in there discussing our video shoot for this coming weekend of the three Lotuses. Just hope the weather holds out, but it's not looking good. :crybaby: Owen.
  13. OwenGT3

    Yellow Gt3

    Hi, Spotted the same Lotus Esprit GT3 that I saw this morning, tonight around 9.30pm heading in to the Bowthorpe Industrial Estate, Norwich. I was with two friends, one who owns a Lotus Elise, we were in the Clock Tower car park. We had just been in there discussing our video shoot for this coming weekend of the three Lotuses. Just hope the weather holds out, but it's not looking good. :crybaby: Owen.
  14. Thanks GKP for the info, I will have a look tonight when I get home. The car ran alright this morning on the way to work, no spray up the side of the car and no fresh drops of oil can be seen around and under the wheel arch area. Oil pressure remained ok. Owen.
  15. OwenGT3

    Yellow Gt3

    Hi, I was in the slow moving queue of traffic waiting to exit off on the Longwater show ground junction this morning about 8am, when I suddenly notice a slow moving car from the corner of my right eye. Turn to see and there riding along side me is another yellow GT3! The car was a nice one, fitted with a late V8 rear spoiler and had twin rear tail pipes. Also the standard GT3 graphic along the top of the sills, bottom of the doors. We acknowledged each other then he was able to drive off, I on the other hand was still sitting in the slow moving traffic! Anyone know who it was? Owen
  16. Hi This is my problem, there is no drips of oil on the floor like in your photo. I had a good look around the wheel arch while the car was running and I could see no oil leaking from anywhere. Even at a few pounds idle pressure, oil would leak out. I've checked the car this morning and no drips on the floor. I'm going to go out in it today, if it's going to do it it will this morning, then I would be convinced, but on the trip out last night I came back and oil was not to be seen, only the original spray round the arch. This is a strange one? Owen.
  17. Hi, I noticed this evening on my return from a trip out testing the gear linkage, which works fine now, that I had all oil sprayed around the n/s front wheel arch. Now I know the oil cooler is this side of the car, but it doesn't look like it's leaking, I wonder whether I've just been unlucky and driven through some oil. The car runs alright and doesn't pump oil out while ticking over. Also I checked the level and it's where it should be since last checking it over the weekend. The n/s sill, lower door and some of the reat bumper was covered in the specs of oil. The front n/s arch was covered all the way round. I took the car for another drive to see if I could get it to do it again after cleaning it all off, but there were only minor specs from what was left, no new spray of oil. I don't think this is an oil leak, just unlucky to hit some oil on that side of the car the cooler is on, you never know what people put on the roads. Just going up the road would be enough for the oil to spray out of any hole in the cooler or pipes with 4 bar pressure, and the cooler is well protected so I couldn't see how it would get damaged. Anyone heard of problems and symptoms like this? Owen.
  18. Hi, My mate over on the SELOC site told me about this event: Snetterton Track Evening I'm going along, but not tracking. I'm going to get some good video shots hopefully, might lend my mate my proper camera mount as he is tracking his car. My mate said it's free to go and view. Hope to see a few Esprits and not all Elises and Exiges. Owen.
  19. Hi, Got my car running today with a new fuel line fitted. I went to the place Andy Clements suggested, Allhose & Hydraulics on the Norwich Airport industrial estate. They had to use my old fittings that I had taken off the old fuel pipe as they didn't have any imperial fittings. Cost me
  20. Thanks Andy, that looks like the sort of place I'm looking for. Hopefully should be able to supply the pipe as well. I'm going to reduce the pipe in length as it was 25 inches long and doesn't really need to be that long. Tried it shorter and can get away with 6 inches cut out roughly. It was the length that has caused the problem really, the tension on the rubber being curled like it was caused cracking on the stretched edge. Thanks again! Owen.
  21. Hi, Might be why my Esprit has had the mirrors replaced. The seller did say they use to shake a lot, so he fitted some Honda Accord ones. Have to say they do look smart on the car, and no shake problems. Owen.
  22. Hi Everyone, I've done a load more maintenance on my Esprit GT3 this weekend and found some items that would become future problems. I noticed that with so many pipes in the engine bay for cooling and oil systems, space is a bit tight. I found my oil pipes from the filter that go to the front oil cooler and back rubbing pressed hard against the chassis. This must be common as a protection rubber edge was covering the metal they rested on, but it still isn't good for the pipes to be resting like this. I moved them away from the chassis simply by using a tie strap, but allowing it to still move. You could already see a small indentation in the pipe from movement. Also noticed one of the water cooling pipes doing the same, but against the engine. This again was solved by using tie straps to keep the pipe away from chaffing objects like the engine or chassis. Any of these pipes could wear through at anytime causing a major problem with the engine, I'm surprised the car was designed with so little care for pipe routing and what they rest against. Don't know if anyone else has experienced this happening, but its worth checking them, could save a lot of money in the future. Another pipe I found to have a problem was the vaccum pipe from the pump that controls the heater controls. Having removed the boot floor to fix my gear linkage I discovered the vaccum pipe had been squashed between the boot floor panel and the side baulkheads. I've repaired and replaced the pipe and made a small channel to allow this not to happen in future. This has now improved my demisting vents 100%, which couldn't have been working since owning the car, I could actually hear the vents changing direction. The previous owner must have had loads of problems in the damp weather, I've reconnected the pipe onto the dash pod duct which was off and now improved the vaccum pump, so I should have a decent ventilation system now. The air flowing out of the vents onto the screen was amazing, never been so strong! Now to just fix this fuel pipe problem! Owen.
  23. Hi, Just wondered if anyone has had the same problem as me and been able to find someone to fix it? My fuel line on my '97 Esprit GT3 from the fuel filter to the engine intake manifold has perished due to age and heat. It finally split on me Saturday, luckily I wasn't driving it so fuel didn't pump all over the engine. I could see it was bad on closer inspection of the car. This part is no longer available to buy from Lotus as I've tried to order one from SJ Sportscars. I've taken it off and have dismantled the pipe, which has crimped high pressure ends. I had to cut them off with an angle grinder, basically I've found the fittings are quite old imperial types, so getting something to do the same job is proving difficult to find. I can now use the ends again, just replacing the 'o' ring seals and finding someone who can crimp the new pipe once I find some fuel line. Also I've found out that the 8mm bore is not a usual size for fuel lines, race people opting for a larger bore. Trust Lotus to make a perishable part unavailabe! I thought manufacturers were required to make parts availiable for at least 10 years after production? They must have stopped early then! Owen
  24. Hi, I use to work on the Lotus Carltons/Omega's. I worked for a small firm in the village of Barnham Broom, not far from Lotus. We had the contract to paint all the panels that went on the Carltons/Omega's, bumpers, spoilers, door panels, wheelarches, bonnet grills, everything added. We did every car, the panels were made by Dove, a company in Dereham, Norfolk. They were shipped over to us, painted, then sent to Lotus. We also use to paint all the bumpers for the last Elans, but that contract got pulled when Lotus fell on hard times for a period. They use to send us loads of odd jobs to paint, you may have gathered our primary roll as a firm was paintwork! Although my job was restoration, restored an Aston DB5, DB4 and Ferrari 512BB while I was there. I worked on some of the last Lotus F1 cars, repaired them and prepped for painting. Also we had this odd car come over to be painted, some guy paid Lotus a million to design and build him a one off car, so they did, ugly looking thing though! We had to repair paintwork on one of the Lotus demo cars once. It was the green Lotus Esprit SE, it was being shipped to France for Stirling Moss to test drive the car and the front had to have all the stone chips done, so we got it as a qiuck rush job. I managed to aquire a set of Lotus Carlton bonnet grills while I was there, was going to fit them in my Rover SDi V8, but never did, ended up selling them on EBay. We did hear stories that they once had a Lotus Carton/Omega over 200mph, with four people in it! They got the people in and then taped the doors up so no air gaps, removed the mirrors, wipers and basically made the car as stream line as possible and I think it was done on a banked test circuit as well. I quite believe it! Owen.
  25. I'd like to know why they couldn't fit a removeable panel on the underside of the dashboard on the drivers side, so you could actually see under the dash without breaking you back in several places. Also that one single bolt that holds the dash pod cover on, but is directly behind the dashpod air duct tube, the reason my screen wasn't clearing when I first got the car because it's such a bastard to fit, so it was left pointing into the foot well! I've worked on thousands of cars in my career as a automotive technician, and I've yet to find a car that doesn't have something designed by an idiot! The French are the worst, followed by the Italians then the British. The Japanese design things well, but even they do stupid things, like wiring harness that are on the engine, but don't have one connection block, so you have to disconnect every electrical item on the engine before removing it. Vauxhall are one of the worse British designer of cars, perhaps why Esprits have so many flaws! 4mm screws that hold the corners of the front bumpers on original Vectras and they were torq heads. Try undoing them after 6 months of mud corrosion! I better stop, I'll be here all night! Generally cars are designed by people who will never work on them, if they did they may think a little more about what they are doing. Owen
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