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  1. Hi, Well I got my new parts today from SJ sportscars, so fitted the new gear selector cable ends this evening. The boots that fitted over them were fun to fit, but once you found out how then the job wasn't all that bad. The ball that popped off was fixed first which went reasonably easy, but the second one wasn't. Had to attack it with some heat to loosen the rose joint, but that showed it who was boss and started to turn, while holding the main rod with mole grips. refitted everything with new lock nuts and some copper slip grease so hopefully it will be easier to take to bits next time. This isn't the first time this item on the car has been repaired. I doubt it was the last owner, looked like it had been done for a while, but repaired by a complete cowboy I don't know what owner, or who done these jobs on this car, but they didn't give a S*** how they repaired the car, and if the customer is no wiser if it was a garage, it's ashame people get ripped off in this way. Considering the rose joints cost just
  2. Hi, Got the car already with a quick wash over to go to the SELOC meeting. Got about half a mile down the road when my gear lever went all sloppy! D'oh! :crybaby: Managed to get home ok, but selecting gear was a bit pick and mix, 1st and 5th were the difficult ones. When I got home removed the boot panel and discovered the cable end cup on the 1st and 5th gear selection cable had popped off. So at least I've discovered the problem and know it's not too major, just ruined an outing and stops me using it for a few days. Going to order parts tomorrow to sort problem. Also ordering a new fuel pipe from the filter, and a new fuel filter. The pipe is cracking all over, so it won't be long before the splits go right through and fuel leaks everywhere! Still, generally the cars running ok, just this droning noise from the car thats driving me nuts! Nevermind, it will get sorted! Heres some pics of before and after of my new front indicator lenses. Had to drill out old fixings, but fitted new ones using plastic inserts for screws, so no rusting hopefully! Also a nice pic of my car reflection while in a car park. B) first pic is old lens, second new. Owen.
  3. OwenGT3

    Norfolk Meets

    Hi, SELOC meeting is tomorrow evening (Wednesday), starting about 7pm, so if you don't mind mingling with the Elise and Exige then please attend, it's held at Wreningham at the Bird in Hand pub. I'm going along for the first time to meet my mate with his Elise, so a few 'proper supercars' along will show them what a real Lotus looks like! Owen.
  4. Hi, I have a GT3 and its developed a droning noise since last Sunday. The problem is I can't seem to pin point the location. It's not there all the time, starts after a while driving the car, thought it might be the radiator fans as the car did get warm Sunday, but have dismissed this idea. It does stop when i apply the brakes, so I thought it might be front wheel bearings, sometimes applying brakes corrects the hub so stopping the noise, but again dismissed this idea as the bearing would be noisy when first driving. I've tried the steering from side to side when driving to see if this makes a difference, also checked the fluid level which was at the correct level. It sounds like a rotating drone, but the sound doesn't appear to be coming form the engine, I just don't know???? :crybaby: I don't mind noises if I know whats causing them, it's the ones that I don't know about that worry me! Any ideas regarding a possible noise maker contact me. Regards, Owen
  5. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the replies. Doesn't look like I will have a no shortage of contenders for the filming. As for a different style to usual DVD's, I don't really know. I have some car DVD's and one is the Team Lotus one, made by the EV group. I'll try my best to come up with something interesting and different to them. I do have a presenter who is seen on film and does the interviewing. I'm just going to get as many shots as I can and see what I come up with. I already have a good archive of clips, what's great is I have a pro car mount, which is very useful for great shots. Once this first film is complete I can then sort the Esprit only shoot out. About half a dozen cars is roughly what I'm looking for, too many and you will be filming into the night to get everything done! :sleep: Thanks, Owen.
  6. OwenGT3

    Norfolk Meets

    Hi Everyone, I'm up for a meet! Just need a good pub where you can park your car, no good if they don't have a car park. I'm going to the SELOC meet next week to meet some of the owners from that forum. Brome, Diss isn't out the way for me, what about another night for the Esprit owners? Or mix it with the seven gang? Nifty, was that the new Cambridge meet some of the SELOC owners from Norwich went to? That was Tuesday evening. Owen
  7. Hi Everyone, I make full length DVD films as a hobby, sort of semi pro as it's part of my skill set being a multimedia designer. Hope to go pro someday! I'm in the process of making a DVD, it's not just someone waving a camcorder about. This first project is on Lotus cars, my car and a couple over from SELOC are attending with an Elise and Exige. Filming is taking place at the end of the month. If this one goes well, I will more than likely be planning another, so I'm thinking of just an Esprit theme for the next one. Just putting feelers out to see who would be interested in taking part? Filming would take place in Norfolk, some public road stuff and some off road and usually take place on a weekend. Sorry no fees or expenses can be paid, this is more to do with taking part for your part, but anyone involved does get a copy of the finished DVD and credited in the film. Part of the filming will involve being interviewed and it usually would require the whole weekend to be filmed. It all looks lovely and easy on film, but it does take a lot of planning to pull it off with the minimum of fuss. Don't know exactly when this shoot will be planned for, but hopefully before summer ends, I want to find out the response to such a project. PM me if you are seriously interested in taking part and what spec lotus Esprit you have, this helps me plan the shoot. Thanks, Owen.
  8. [Also posted this info in Stevens Technical, pod vibrations.] Hi, I've been busy today fixing this annoying problem of the headlight pods vibrating. The fix really needs two new arms, but as I haven't got any at the moment I did the best I could. Luckily I'm a hoarder, so I have hundreds of spare parts and selected fixing items to remedy problems such as this. The first thing I did was to remove the whole arm from the lights and motor. Also I had to remove one of the lights, because Lotus in their wisdom decided to fit a captive plate with nuts on, but didn't actually attach it to the light pod, so when I came to refit I had to locate the captive nut plate. This wasn't too major, just remove a light. With the arm off I was able to work on the bench to repair the arm. I had a good look and the ball centres were worn, so to temporally sort this until I get new ones I removed the ball heads then placed them in the vice one at a time, end to end and gently nipped them. By doing this it nipped the balls in the cups so they now didn
  9. Hi, I've been busy today fixing this annoying problem of the headlight pods vibrating. The fix really needs two new arms, but as I haven't got any at the moment I did the best I could. Luckily I'm a hoarder, so I have hundreds of spare parts and selected fixing items to remedy problems such as this. The first thing I did was to remove the whole arm from the lights and motor. Also I had to remove one of the lights, because Lotus in their wisdom decided to fit a captive plate with nuts on, but didn't actually attach it to the light pod, so when I came to refit I had to locate the captive nut plate. This wasn't too major, just remove a light. With the arm off I was able to work on the bench to repair the arm. I had a good look and the ball centres were worn, so to temporally sort this until I get new ones I removed the ball heads then placed them in the vice one at a time, end to end and gently nipped them. By doing this it nipped the balls in the cups so they now didn
  10. OwenGT3

    Excel Spotted

    Hi, Spotted this lovely Lotus Excel in Sainburys Queens Road car park, Norwich, thought it deserved a mention as they are a nice car. If I wanted to own a classic 4 seater sports car this would be on the list of possible models to buy. I didn't take a close look, but from the distance I was viewing it looked a very good example of one. This pictures were taken with my phone, but I was zooming thats why the image is not so clear. These cars must be getting as rare as Esprits now? You don't see many on the road, and the ones you do see seem to have had a harder life than perhaps an Esprit. Nice car! Owen
  11. OwenGT3

    Norfolk Meets

    Hi, I live in Lakenham in Norwich, south side of the city, 5 minutes from Trowse by-pass and the A140, 15 minutes from Lotus Cars. I don't mind travelling some distance, but the nearest Club Lotus meet is a 50 mile plus round trip for me, and after a usually crap day at work you sometimes don't feel like that sort of trip, I would have to go straight after work. I was looking for something a bit closer, 30 min journey time to the destination. I'm going to go to the SELOC one next in Norwich, but most are Elise and Exige owners, which ok are nice Lotuses, but I'm old school, has to have a Chapman connection built in! Some have replied to this thread and seem to be up for meeting, so perhaps a meet should be organised? I use to meet to discuss a project with some guys in the pub on the A11 at Attleborough, forgot what it's called, but you can't miss it, the big one next to the roundabout, what is it called? Thats a good place to go to, reasonable car park and pleasant inside. Any thoughts? Owen.
  12. Hi, I spot a silver Esprit this evening! It could be the same guy some of you have spot in and around Norwich. I was in the Mustard Pot just driving up to the lights from Trowse to bracondale, waiting to turn down into Carrow road. We did acknowledge each other and checked each others cars as we passed. It was silver with dark anthrocite rims. I was on my way to collect my mate, then we went and took loads of photos of my car. He has a digital slr and I've got a Fuji 9600, we wanted to have a go at taking some arty shots! Anyway, did loads of shots, then had to get him home before the football pored out of the stadium as he lives near there. Owen.
  13. OwenGT3

    Norfolk Meets

    I have joined Club Lotus, mainly because the insurance wanted me to. The information on their website says they have a meeting every month, it's just the otherside of Fakenham and starts about 7.30pm. I was hoping there was something closer to Norwich. Owen
  14. OwenGT3

    Norfolk Meets

    Hi Everyone, Have mentioned this briefly in one of my listings (Newbies, Esprit comes home to Norfolk), but I was wondering if there is a regular meeting of Esprit owners held in the Norfolk area, somewhere in and around Norwich? I know there is one held every month by the SELOC site as my mate helps organise the local meets in this region, but I wondered if there was one just for us esprit nuts? Any info on any meets in the local or surrounding area would be great. Owen
  15. Hi, Hope I've fixed the boot water leak today. Think it was coming in under the tailgate drain tube fixings, so I drilled the rivets out and cleaned the old sealant off and refitted them. The pain was that the tops are glued to the tubes underneath, so I couldn't take them out unless I want to seriously rip them to bits. I cleaned them and applied silicone to them before reseating. I've screwed them this time and added some more screws. I think I will buy some new ones sometime, but hopefully the problem has been cured for now. Cleaned it early this morning and have been driving arround in it today. Took it round a few friends to show, my nephew had his photograph in it, think he's gonna tell his mates it's his new car! Hes only 17, imagine the insurance! Owen.
  16. Hi, Here's some more pics that might interest you. First are ones taken at the 50th Team Lotus celebrations, just one of the many cars parked around in the pits. The next is one of the item I made for my pen friend who worked at Lotus. She liked it so much that she got it photographed and got Colin to sign it. The person name I use to write to was Cindy Curl, I must have wrote to her for about 4-5 years, she worked in the marketing section of the company. If anyone know of this person please PM me any information, she was very young back in 1979, only 21, so she late 40's now. Owen
  17. Hi Everyone, I took my car for a spin last night as it had been sitting for a few days, but it is right what they say about these car. Because it hadn't been used the handbrake light has developed a staying on problem, yeah it's not much, hopefully just a squirt of WD will sort it. It was alright on my journey home and is now going off when the handbrake is released, but it does show these cars need using otherwise problems develop from long periods of no use. Also my anti-lock light came on last night for some of the journey, but has now gone off. Again I'm putting this down to not being used. I know my diagnostic lead works with a laptop now, tried it with one from work that has a serial port, it read straight away as soon as the ignition went on. Should be good weather tomorrow, so going to the coast to take some video and pics of the car. Owen.
  18. Hi Dave, On these 'nearly' closed cooling systems the cap on the actual expansion tank allows fluid back in, it's a two way valve cap. When the coolant cools in sucks water back into the system from the overflow expansion tank, so it should in theory not need topping up so much as it's collecting escaped water. Also these tanks stop the sight of seeing puddles of water under your car, and making you wonder if you have a leak from the cooling system. Owen
  19. Hi Dave, Haven't not had a full look at the set up of the cooling system, but with my motoring background I would say your caps are on right, and the tank in the engine bay is the expansion tank. I've just purchased a 97 GT3 (Esprit comes home to Norfolk thread) and I have noticed the tank you refer to, down on the lefthand boot corner. I haven't traced the pipe back, but I think it's just an overflow tank, Jap cars tend to have these a lot, but on them they look like another washer bottle. Instead of the water going to atmosphere it is collected in another bottle, thats why the cap isn't a pressure one. It may have something to do with emissions, not letting antifreeze into the atmosphere, so its just allowed to collect in a bottle. It's the same with most systems now in the car engine, nothing is allowed out and has to be recirculated within the engine. As long as the engine bay expansion tank one is at the right level it should be alright, but not having bled the system I don't know if these cars are prone to air locks. The expansion tank is at the highest point so it should free the air when bleeding the system. Hope this helps. Owen.
  20. Hi Caroline, Welcome to the forum. I'm like yourself, new here, joined only last week, had to wait 30 years to get my Esprit so hang in there, you will get your car one day My mate has Exiges small brother, an Elise. He's over on, dare I say it, SELOC site! You are a rare breed if you like working on cars and using power tools, I worked in the motor trade for seventeen years and only worked with two women on the shop floor in all that time. Welcome again! Owen
  21. Yeah I know it's on wrong, but I haven't worked on that bit of the engine, it was like it when I got the car. I will change it when it needs some work, but I'm not going to break the seal just now. Owen
  22. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the welcomes to the forum. I'm not new to forums, I use to post a lot on one of the threads on the forum, the big Stat Wars one. Yes I'm a bit of a Star Wars nut as well, and when I have an interest I usually do it passionately! I don't post as much now, but I do still read the thread, also I admin a Star Wars forum I set up, here's a pic for that reason, I did costume appearances! That's me in the Darth Vader costume! And yes that is a Knight Rider replica car, even did the voice! I've sort of hung up my Vadering boots as it is hard work wearing the costume for several hours at a time doing charity events. But I am now building an full size radio controlled R2 D2 astromech, don't have to wear that! I think it's the age I'm at, anything to do with my childhood years! Blame the seventies! Thanks for the info about the lead, I will more than likely get the LEW lead adaptor. What I would like to know is if there is a local Esprit meeting point in the Norwich or surrounding area? Would be great to meet up with local Esprit owners. Here's some more shots of the car that I took the day after giving it the major T-cut treatment! Also this may be of interest to some, nothing to do with Lotus or Esprits, but its mechanical! This is sort of what I do sometimes for a living, create items in 3D software. This is a bike I designed for a project I was working on based on American Chopper, OCC. It's a Vader bike! Also as I mentioned in an earlier post I make professional videos, so I hope to be making one on the Esprit soon! Regards, Owen.
  23. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the compliments regarding my car. I've also joined over on the SELOC forum, but I think most of them are Elise, Exige owners, but its good to chat to fellow Lotus owners, but this forum is perhaps going to suit me more. One question I would like to ask members is, I got the freescan lead with my car, but having a new laptop it's not serial, so I've got to buy an adaptor to USB. I purchased one from Maplins electronic store but it doesn't work, apparently the data rate is too low. I've talked to Dermot O'Hare who has helped and suggested I buy the one from the LEW site. I may have to, but I do think it's a tad pricey for a converter, so I'm looking on the web. Does anyone know where to get a converter suitable? Anyway, I haven't been anywhere this Bank Holiday in the car, what with the weather being so crap! I have fixed the temperature gauge reading by fitting a new sender unit, also I've fitted a new TPS sensor, and this is why I need to check the car systems. It does run alright, but just want to make sure for certain. Here's pics of me back when it all started, my passion for an Esprit. This is me at Lotus on a Saturday morning in July 1979 getting a ride around the test track in the James Bond Esprit. my Dad filmed it as well with his 8mm cine camera (YES! before video was invented!). Oh, and the last one you may recognise this chap, designed cars I think! This was taken on the first Lotus open day, back in 1978 I think. Colin Chapman was walking around in the crowds and no one noticed him, but my Dad said this man looked like Chapman, then I said it was him. A few minutes later the loud speaker guy said he was 'mingling', then suddenly there where hundreds trying to get near him and his autograph. I was lucky, signed the back of a photograph we had of him. Owen
  24. Hi Everyone, Just joined the Lotus Esprit Forum now I have a reason. I've owned my Esprit GT3 since last Bank Holiday Monday, and I've loved driving it since owning it. Bought it from a guy who has looked after it resonably well, but since owning it I've fixed a lot of the annoying little problems. This is my first Lotus and I've brought it back home to Norfolk from the Midlands. Although this is my first Lotus I am not unfamiliar to Lotus cars generally. I am a multimedia designer now, but before this career I use to be an automotive engineer for 17 years, and have worked on many prestige cars - Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Lotus included in this list. Going back to when I first fell for the lines of the Esprit, some 30 years ago (41 now!) I have always wanted one, my only other dream car is an Aston Martin, but they are out of my price range, perhaps some day! I've also worked on the Lotus formula one cars when they were around as a team. Could have worked at Lotus Engineering, but didn't want to do the shifts and I've visited the factory many times. Met the man himself Colin Chapman and have his autograph a couple of times, one addressed to me personally. Had a ride in the James Bond Lotus Esprit in 1979 around the Lotus test track, which when you are 14 is a day never to be forgotten! Auto-torque is my website that is still in the stage of construction, but hopefully should be up and running before the end of the summer. It's a website for enthusiasts of any motor car, but the main reason for the site is to sell my own motoring DVD's through it. I will keep you posted! Owen.
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