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  1. The seals are all genuine seals, purchased from Stratton Motors. The sunroof one has a special lip in the compression part, so buying non-genuine you may not get as good a seal.
  2. My cabin is quiet as anything now, since fixing the baulk head clunking sound I have now purchased and fitted new door seals and a new sunroof seal. I went out in the car last night, not one knocking sound from the roof and doors are silent. It's surprising how flat the old seals had become over the years, you really have to slam the doors now to get them to shut. The fix ain't cheap, genuine door seals were £59 each and sunroof £15 per metre, needing 3 metres of seal, but I think it has vastly improved the bangs and rattles in the cabin area. You can still hear other rattles, but the
  3. I have no idea! The speakers where all in the car when I got it. The only new speakers I fitted where Alpine V8 speakers that I got in one of the part sales. Those tweeters actually don't work, I was getting such rubbish crackly sound from the system I removed some speakers and rewired the rest. The tweeters in the door panels don't work either. At some point I would like to fit a new ICE system, but that's low on priority jobs to do.
  4. Here's a link to when I removed mine to do my oil cooler pipe.
  5. I fixed my firewall/baulkhead banging today. I did what was suggested, removed about 3/16th off the end of the steel tubes, also fitted new bolts and nuts as the other had got cross threaded. The banging and clunking sound has gone now, so when I finally take the engine out I will do the other side as it will be easier to do with no engine in place. I've also added some felt to the sunroof hinges to stop that rattling and I will finally purchase the bracket to hold the water cooling pipe, replacing the cable ties. The carpet tore a little, but I will repair that when I am doing the engine
  6. Steve Fulcher did my seats, with me helping do some parts of the job. I did do all the painting of the recolouring to grey to black, never liked the grey colour in a black interior car.
  7. My bracket has been broken ever since I've owned the car, I used some cable ties, but this not my noise, it's coming from behind my head. I have felt the carpet, there seems to be a bracket about this height, so will investigate.
  8. This is me vac forming with the machine at work testing a die I have designed. As you can see the bed is not large enough for a full roof, but I think a two half roof is possible. Also I've started doing clear material and large flat surfaces, so learning the problems you get with a large surface area that needs to be perfect finish as well. Ideally the design would be that mould can be used as both left and right sides, just turned through 180 degrees. I will try and find some time and model my idea in Studio Max.
  9. Since I've been involved with vac forming at my works, it would be easy to make a perspex sunroof. The only thing required is a solid fibreglass sunroof to form the shape from. Some material would need to be removed from the edges to produce the correct size, then it's basically a heater and a vacuum cleaner to produce the sunroof. It's a pity, but the vacuum forming machine at my works is not big enough to produce a roof in one piece, but it could make a two halves roof if you don't mind a join in the middle, some shaped design could be put in the roof to cover a join. To get around the s
  10. I wonder how much for the glass sunroof? Would like to fit one on my car.
  11. Yep other side of city hall. I assume some drunken idiots on the way home thought it would be 'good for a laugh'.
  12. My dragon is in it's home now for the next ten weeks roughly, Chapelfield Mall in Norwich, so if you want to see it pop along. It has barriers to limit people touching it, but as usually some parents and kids don't seems to understand what a barrier is for nowadays, as I've stood from a distance and watched people interacting with it, they just stepped over the rope barrier. Even seen one kid blow down the end of the exhausts, why I do not know as they are blanked off, perhaps hoping to get a tune from them! Some on the trail have already been damaged after just one week, serious damag
  13. My first car was a Dolomite 1850HL. I tuned it up with rally spec springs, rubber suspension bushes and a Janspeed exhaust system. It was originally a bit of a dog, but I did it up, had it resprayed, back in the days of cellulose, nice and cheap paint. Fitted Sprint parts to it, Sprint wheels and spoiler, also added extra spot lights. It's life ended when being inexperienced on icy roads lost it on black ice and put it into a bridge and write it off. I was all right, but devastated I had crashed my car. I stripped it, sold the parts and eventually asked some gypsies if they wanted the shel
  14. I've had this happen to me a couple of times now that has required some evasive maneuvering to avoid an accident, it's when you come along side an artic lorry in an Esprit. Lorry traction units now are so tall and unless they have a mirror to see what's at the side of them, even worse if it's a left hooker in the UK, they just don't see your Esprit because it is so low in height. Just last night I pulled along side two artic lorry's and as I entered the merge section of the lane the lorry that was behind me just kept closing the gap to the lorry in front of me, gradually forcing me in
  15. I think this is what I'm now getting in my car, loud clunking and knocking from behind the drivers seat, it's gradually got worse. I also have a very bumpy road to get to the main road from my house so over the years it's shaken itself loose.
  16. New V8 rear light conversion finished today. This is the SJ panel conversion.
  17. My car is in bits, doing the rear V8 round light conversion, got to finish it before weekend as I have a show! It's nearly done, I just want to have wiring and fit up on Saturday.
  18. I totally replaced mine and fitted a modified Peugeot 106 wiper arm, same as the Citroen C1. I now have a spring style wiper blade which is 26", 2" more than the standard blade, clearing the bottom of the screen a lot more.
  19. Some pictures of my GT3 and my friends S4s at my IndyGoGo500 dragon reveal. This is in front of the Forum, Norwich.
  20. Hi All, Well I had my dragon reveal today and the whole event was a massive success for all parties involved. The crowds loved IndyGoGo500 and all the cars on display were received well. There was talk it might become a regular thing, I know for sure it's made people more aware of the brand and that classic Lotus racing cars are still active. There was the odd comment that some people thought the Jim Clark car was in fact a replica! Parents even asked if it was OK for their kids to sit in it! I think not! Some pictures of the day. If you want to see the dragon in the flesh, it will be
  21. It's my big IndyGoGo500 dragon reveal day this Sunday 7th June. If you can pop along it will be nice to see you and I think you will be pleasantly surprised how the dragon turned out. Reveal is at 11.30 am
  22. There is a thread on here in events regarding the unveiling event on the 7th June.
  23. My dragon is all finished, would like to reveal fully now, but will have to wait until 7th June for the official unveil. A sneak peak!
  24. I thought I would just share with you my recent jobs on my Esprit GT3. First week of May I got my seats re-trimmed by Steve Fulcher. I wanted to get my seats sorted as I had never thought they looked good in the car, a black interior with grey V8 spec seats. At first I purchased a pair of Sparco R100 seats from Demon Tweeks, lovely seats, but like a lot of these style seats, just too big to fit in the car. The seat fitted in the 520 mm gap of the floor, tunnel and sill, but I found the back was too high so I couldn't open the sunroof as the seat was in the way. Also the seats only fitted i
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