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  1. Maybe being a Monday that's a problem? I vary rarely attend the EALC meetings each month as they are a Monday, with it being first day back at work, usually just get home and want to stay in. The CL meeting on the Thursday ain't too bad a day as you're starting to wind down for the weekend, knowing you only have Friday to go, so don't mind going out. This may be why I don't attend TLF meetings much, plus I never remember the date.
  2. I've had a look, but can't find any photo's from Holt in my EALC folder, and I usually take photos of every event I've attended. I looked up in my photos and can only see 2014 and 2015. If EALC did go it was before then, 2013 maybe? I can't find any photo's from that event or remember going as EALC. If we did go as EALC it was only the once, becuase they haven't been recently. This was 2014, rained all the time, didn't stay the whole day. Extra cars tagged on the end 2015 event The complete line up with additional cars tagged on the ends
  3. EALC have never done the Holt show, someone may have given that name, but most event that have take place at Holt I or Garry Smith have organised and gone under the name Anglian Lotus Group, which is the Facebook page I've got for events in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge. The Holt event was just a turn up and park event, you organised your own ticket, so that's why you would have been asked to park near the other Lotus cars, just to put on a better display of the brand. The same practice was done last year at Helmingham Hall. EALC didn't go, some of it's members went and parked in the pri
  4. Hopefully I haven't given too wrong an impression of EALC. The club is a good club, I've been in it for most of my Esprit ownership which is ten year in April, and they do a lot of great events, and I'm now on the committee for the second year. Like all clubs there are a core few that attend a lot of the events organised, and as said a lot more turn up at the food events who you never see any other time. EALC wouldn't turn you away at any meeting, and like meeting other Lotus owners. Maybe if you went every month they would ask you to join at some point. ;-) As Scott I think has said, you
  5. CL meets are more like you have said, just turning up and having a good chat with fellow Lotus fans. EALC wouldn't really entertain non members turning up at their meetings, it does a lot of events and gets a good turn out of cars, but as you have said Scott, it for the paid members. If you are going to pop along to any, CL would be the one and it's at the pub you want to go to, BIH. Pat was the CL organiser, but he did stand down, but may be doing it again as no one wanted to take the reigns.
  6. I have to say I haven't been out in my car much lately, not even once a week to work like I used to. I'm back in that sell, don't sell quandary, I think since getting made redundant in late 2015 my minds been on other topics, mostly trying to find the right job to settle in, so enthusiasm to do other stuff when I get home is low. I've used my car a few times, but it's mostly just sat under the temporary gazebo cover. I've lost my Esprit mojo, also it's my tenth year ownership soon, just wondering if it's time for a change.
  7. Hi Scott, when did you get asked to pay £20? Hope it wasn't at Yarmouth last year, as you were invited and didn't need to pay any money. I've read the comments regarding the EALC, but being on the groups committee, I'm afraid to say that I don't see it working at the moment as it like banging your head against a brick wall. Myself and a few others welcome other clubs to mix with the EALC, but a few are reluctant to mix who are on the committee, old school you see and takes time getting people to adapt to new ways. As a local club we do try and organise a lot of events throughout the ye
  8. It'll buff out! It is Chrome Orange!
  9. Prices must be doing well, look how much you can ask for a smashed one.
  10. I've got my gate to stop hitting the sunroof and improved the shut lines. I checked the hinges on the gate and made some adjustments up and down, but not back and forth. The shut line gaps are pretty even all the way around so didn't move it that way, I just made adjustments to up and down position. I did purchase some new hinges, but haven't fitted them yet, also one is obsolete, so I got two right hand version and might modify one or could 3D print a replacement one. I finally got it lowered and improved the shut line by trimming some off the locking handles on the roof. The rubber sea
  11. I was there with another young lad who had won a competition, I think he was on his own, so as far as I can remember has no kept memory of the event, other than what he can remember from back then. I was invited by the pen friend I used to write to on a regular basis who worked in marketing at Lotus at the time. She used to send me loads of Lotus stuff, brochures, posters, patches, t-shirts, lapel pins, anything they did, stuff would just turn up at my parents house in the post, she then got me the ride in the JB car. I used to get a Christmas card every year from Lotus. I went with my Dad, yo
  12. Here's a couple of mine. The first one is me age 14 having a ride in the James Bond Esprit around the Lotus test track in 1979. This clip was filmed by my Dad with his silent 8 mm cine camera, I did several laps as a passenger reaching 120 mph, it was very noisy. Here's another one I made about a year or so ago. It's got music as the sound wasn't very good, so couldn't be used.
  13. The new seal that was fitted came from Lotus, ordered by someone who knows my car well, so wouldn't have ordered the wrong one as the glass roof seals are taller. I still think it's the front hinges, it's only being clipped by the gate by a hairs breadth.
  14. The tailgate has never been off and I don't have a problem with the gate hitting the roof when open. It hasn't always happened, only recently, this is why I think it's the front hinges, I think something is inside not allowing the roof to go fully in so it's sitting too far back. I will buy new hinges and pivot plates if available and see if that cures the problem. I do find getting the hinge plates in the slots difficult, not as easy as it used to be. I'll shoot a small video so you can see, it's not marking the roof, just clipping it, but don't want this happening once it's painted again.
  15. I think it's the same collection, Bond in Motion. It started at Beaulieu Motor Museum and has gone on tour. You'll notice in my photos there is no one about, everyone had gone home by then so my wife and I had the place to ourselves virtually. Bond in Motion
  16. For a while now my tailgate hits the sunroof when it opens, I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this happening? I put a new seal on a few years back to try and stop the squeaking roof noise, but it didn't help, that was cured by silicone spray every so often on the seal. The seal was tight as it was new, but it din't make the roof hit the gate. I'm wondering if it's my front hinge slots, the roof is not going in far enough so it's further back allowing it to hit the gate. I don't know if these are still available, but will buy some new ones if they are. I'm also wondering if th
  17. I was disappointed when I visited the Bond Collection at Beaulieu Motor Museum a few years back. The day my wife and I went to see the Bond collection it was off limits as a film company was making a Bond documentary with Roger Moore in attendance. The collection finally opened at around 4 pm, so had about 2 hours till closing time to view it all. Was just gutted Roger couldn't come out and do some signings considering the exhibition was off limits because of the filming, would have been nice and made the day so much better.
  19. No, wasn't mine, had OZ Futura wheels fitted.
  20. Spotted a lovely Norfolk Mustard Esprit on Sunday around 11.45am, could have been an S4s or V8, didn't have time to study it. It was in Dereham on the Matishall road A47 flyover turning to go onto the Dereham by-pass heading west. I wasn't in mine, but we did wave, well my wife did! Haven't seen it before so don't know who the owner is.
  21. Later cars have the two outside as dip beam, these go off and the two middle ones come on for main beam. You can add a relay into the existing loom to convert this so all four come on with main beam, which I have done, it just costs a new relay. to get to the bulbs you have to strip the lights down, remove the trim, remove the bezel and release the reflector to get to the bulb.
  22. I got my magazines today, feeling proud to have my car featured in the magazine and what was said about mine and the other entries of the photo competition. Thumbing through the magazine, I think there is another photo in the mag that I've worked on. The photo of Colin with his plane and the gold Esprit looks like the photo I published to my Flickr account and has been used widely on many internet websites. Although not my photograph, I generally know it's my cleaned up version of this famous photo as some lines are missing which are on the original photo. Chalk lines are missing from the
  23. No she didn't bring the gun, that was my little touch, but she was happy to pose with the gun as she was on the baddie team in the bond film.
  24. Between me and the wife we've had: x2 Smart Car, Mk1 and now currently own Mk2 version x2 Ford Ka, Mk1 and Mk2 version x2 Ford Granada, both Mk2's 2.8GL and a 2.8i Ghia X x2 Triumph Dolomite, an 1850HL and a Sprint x3 Mini, all different, V reg Mini 1000, Mini Minus, first ever one produced and currently a 'BMW' Mini Cooper S I did write down my car history recently, I've owned 22 cars since 1982, although I've driven thousands of different cars helped by working in the motor trade, ranging from £200 to £250,000
  25. Must say I've never had an issue with Steve, always had the parts and helpful with the odd question I've asked him. Once when I did order something he thought he had and didn't in the end, he phoned and sorted the refund straight away. Another time he sent the wrong part, I packed it up, returned it which he paid and got the replacement the next day, all sorted in a week from first ordering. If Robert at Stratton Motors doesn't have it, Steve is always my next port of call, or in some instances first port. Yes usually around August September he does shut down and go on holiday, but if yo
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