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  1. As most are aware, there is big celebrations happening in Duns in May to mark the 50th celebration of Jim Clark and Team Lotus winning achievements of 1965. Indianapolis 500, Formula One Championship and the Tasman Series held in Australia and New Zealand.


    Perhaps not as grand and so many VIP's, but with the help of Classic Team Lotus, East Anglia Lotus Club is hosting an event in Norwich on Sunday 7th June to mark this special 50th year of Jim and Team Lotus, in Lotus home city of Norwich.


    The event is being held at the superb library building, the Forum in Norwich's city centre, with around 15 Lotus cars on display and one of Jim Clark's racing cars. The event is also helping reveal one of the GoGo Dragons! that has been painted up as a Jim Clark car, the famous Lotus 38, winner of the Indianapolis 500. Not only that, the event is all free as it's in a public area.


    The dragon which is part of the interactive art sculpture happening in Norwich this year, these are a popular thing now hosted in cities and towns during the summer months. The event will also help raise money for Break, the charity that organises the sculpture events in Norwich. If you like the Jim Clark dragon you can even bid on it when it goes to auction in early October.


    The event starts at 10 am and goes on until 4 pm. As it's in the city centre there is plenty of parking and places to eat. So if you can't make it to Duns and Norwich isn't too far, please come along and say hello.



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  2. If Scotland is a bit far, then there is always the event being put on in Norwich on 7th June, again to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jim Clark's wins in 1965. East Anglia Lotus Club are providing most of the road cars, with an addition 1965 Jim Clark F1 car provided by Classic Team Lotus.


    Also my homage to Jim Clark and Team Lotus GoGo Dragon will be unveiled on this day, so should be a good event.



  3. It's been suggested on my FB thread that this guy should replace JC. You're left your fog lights on, there's no fog!  :lol: It would be funny.




    I can't see why the programme can't go on with Hammond and May as the main anchors and they do like 'Have I got News For You', have a guest presenter every week.

  4. My dragon is coming on, all the fibreglass work is complete and now I'm on to making the exhaust. Haven't done any welding for a while so was pleased to be making the exhaust and a change from filler work. Also today Scott finished my goggle surrounds which are excellent and have now gone off to be anodised, thanks to CTL. Paint work should start next week, a little behind my target date, but not by much.






  5. Nice one Owen - Thats a shame about Roger though - He was photographed in my local rag a few weeks ago as he'd called in to a local pub for a Pie'n'Pint - Not in an area or boozer you would every associate with a Hollywood star but they all said he was great? Maybe he's mellowed with age.............. 


    It would have been the icing on the cake if he had signed my Bond car brochure I had purchased at the museum, really made the day for my wife and I.

  6. Great one Owen!  :smoke:  Yep still lovely - How did you get that shot?!


    She attended a collectors fair the Star Wars club I'm in laid on, she was one of the guests. I asked if she would pose with the car and was more than happy to oblige, unlike Mr Bond.


    My wife and I attended Beaulieu Motor Museum, Roger Moore was filming in the Bond Collection most of the day, but he didn't even make an appearance and sign some autographs for the inconvenience as no one could enter the collection until they had finished. My wife and I finally got in to see the collection at 4 pm, it wasn't even that busy that day, so he wouldn't have been bombarded with people.

  7. Hi, just a brief update as to how my interactive art sculpture is coming on, here are some pics of my progress. I've nearly finished all the fibreglass and filler work, which I'm glad of, not a fan of the dust and smell of resin! I've just got to dremel the feet tyre pattern a little more then it will all be done with just the helmet gap filling in once it goes on for good.


    I'm pleased with the how the helmet has turned out and it's going to look great once it's all painted up dark blue like Jim's helmet. Another week and the last job will be to make the exhausts, which I have all the pipe work for.






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