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  1. I did hear Paul Hollywood announce he going to be recording a motoring show as a presenter, is that something different or for TG?


    On the same announcement on Radio 2 that Zoe Ball was all false, Chris Evans basically said Jool's Holland was going to be presenting a classic car section on the program as he's into old Bentley's and stuff like that, he sort of offered him a role in the interview.


    What about Ben Collins, that would be so ironic.

  2. Hi all, just to let you know I came second in the local paper favourite dragon vote with 17%, 5% behind the winner who ended up at 22%. I would like to thank all those who voted, thanks for your support.


    The next part is the important part, getting as much money as possible for IndyGoGo500.


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  3. I have managed to vote nearly continuesly using 'in private'

    Has anyone done a post on Seloc yet.



    Hi Trevor, no I haven't posted on Seloc, don't visit much nowadays, also Pistoheads, haven't been on for ages.


    I'm not doing too bad now, at 13%, but you need a lot of votes to move 1% now, so please if you can vote a lot of times it will be much appreciated. There is no prize or any reward ffom this voting, it's just to find out which is the most popular dragon. It would be nice if mine or even the Nelson one won, at least they have a Norwich and Norfolk connection unlike many of the other designs.


    Please keep voting, thanks again.



  4. Hi, good news IndyGoGo500 has made it through to the final round to find the most popular GoGo dragon! 2015.


    This round every vote counts even more as this is the top gun of dragons and as Colin Chapman said 'If you're not winning, you're not trying!'


    So I'm trying my best to get Indy the top prize of the most popular GoGo Dragon! and asking you to vote like there's no tomorrow! 


    As discovered, you can vote on PC in different internet browsers if you use more than one, also tablet and your phone voting.


    Here is the link to the new voting page:


    As before thanks for your vote in advance, it's much appreciated.

    Scouts themed dragon has shot ahead, 29% at time of posting, I suppose with a zillion scouts voting!



    Taken today

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  5. Would be great to get a few more votes, looks like I'm going to drop out of the running today on the last day if I don't get some more votes.

    Please support your Lotus inspired dragon of one of the greatest, if not the greatest racing driver ever, Jim Clark. It would be a shame to loose having been in the running all week until the last day.  :no 

    Thanks in advance for yor vote.

    Owen, artist of Indygogo500.

  6. Not many days left to vote for Lotus inspired dragon. Would be great to have a final push to get a few more votes and close the gap on Dragonfly. Coming second Indy will still go through to the final as it's the top two dragons in each weekly selection.


    Indy is on 21% with Dragonfly at 27%, you can vote in all your internet brower's and on phone, tablets, all counts.



    Thanks you for your vote and support. :)   




  7. erm......

    there is a wrinkle in their system and I wonder if others have discovered it to......

    it appears you can have one vote....per browser......

    Ive voted in IE, Chrome and Firefox at the minute.......


    so get voting in every browser you


    Also if you clear your cache, you can vote again. I don't know how it's recording votes as when done at my works it should only see one IP address from all the computers in the building, the main one in at the firewall, so I'm told.


    Still need more votes, Indy is 4% behind the leader.

  8. As part of the Norwich, Break GoGo Dragon trail people have been getting the chance to vote for their favourite dragon in the local paper. My dragon is finally up for voting next week in a group of twelve and to go through to the next heat I've got to win this first twelve vote. I'm up against some stiff competition as most of the last twelve are regarded as the top gun of the dragons.


    So next week I will be posting the link and would really appreciate your vote to make the Lotus dragon the top contender.  :thumbsup:





  9. My window switch lights have always been on as long as I've had the car. My battery has also been prone to draining quickly, especially in the winter. I have checked the battery and never found a drain big enough to cause a quick flattening battery, although I do personally believe the drain is the alarm system, I have a Scorpion one fitted.


    I have stripped the drivers light switch recently as it was being dicky and playing up. The led is a very small one in the switch, I had to clean the switch contacts to make it work properly again. Even after fiddling around with it the lights are still on, you can no longer get the switches from Lotus as I enquired, discontinued item, maybe on eBay. I swapped the drivers one after repairing it with the passenger switch.


    My battery did recently die on me and would no longer hold the charge, so I swapped it with another good one I had. The car goes longer than a week now and has so far started every time. I do have a portable trickle charger to keep the battery topped up in the winter months.

  10. I had similar problem with my GT3, changed everything nearly then was suggested by Vulcan Grey to change fuel pump and remove pulse valve. I did this and the car drove like a different vehicle, was a rocket. Spent £800 on new parts and all it needed was a £40 fuel pump!

    Not too worried about other expense, at least I know all those parts are good now! There was a thread on here discussing the problem I had. Not too bad a problem to fix as well.

  11. Here is my refurbishment. I went to a local bearing company that also done rose joints. I fitted stainless steel ones on my car and they are still working fine. I usually just give them a light oil over them and that's enough to keep them going. They weren't cheap, around £20 each, but well worth going stainless. Bearings were no cost at all.






    A lot better than the old ones, which one owner decided to repair with a roofing bolt!


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  12. My cabin is quiet as anything now, since fixing the baulk head clunking sound I have now purchased and fitted new door seals and a new sunroof seal. 


    I went out in the car last night, not one knocking sound from the roof and doors are silent. It's surprising how flat the old seals had become over the years, you really have to slam the doors now to get them to shut. The fix ain't cheap, genuine door seals were £59 each and sunroof £15 per metre, needing 3 metres of seal, but I think it has vastly improved the bangs and rattles in the cabin area.


    You can still hear other rattles, but they will be dealt with!  :D

  13. Owen - slightly unrelated question...

    Are those tweeters in the headliner behind your headrest? Are they original GT3 fitment or did you retrofit them? Just thinking about new sound system for my 90 car and thought this might be a cool idea.

    I have no idea! The speakers where all in the car when I got it. The only new speakers I fitted where Alpine V8 speakers that I got in one of the part sales. Those tweeters actually don't work, I was getting such rubbish crackly sound from the system I removed some speakers and rewired the rest. The tweeters in the door panels don't work either. At some point I would like to fit a new ICE system, but that's low on priority jobs to do.

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