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    1992 esprit se HW
  1. Hi all What Raymond mean is that we love our esprit too much to take it to track. We are more into crusin' than speed...
  2. Turn out it is quite easy to fix , you don't even have to remove any door panel . You can see the step on lotusespritworld or andy whitaker website to get a better idea. Even you can fix it yourself without half an hour with only a screwdriver. Mark's friend just brought a 2000 boxster (manual) so more people to go to sunday drive.
  3. I was reading last month EVO mag and they got a picture of the old jaguar XJ220 supercar, it use the same type of side mirrors as the Esprit (citreon)
  4. Hi ALan we are very sorry for the very late reply . ALl of us either out of town last week or been busy at work , we forgot to check the forum. From your mail , you will be leaving china or Hk tomorrow , so if you still in Hk , please call me or Eric and maybe we can get together tonight before you head back to the state tomorrow. So here my # 94633876 and Eric # 9287-4154. Look forward to your call or e-mail . Once again we are sorry for the late repsonse. Or you can e-mail me [email protected] Dennis
  5. that's really a pain in the ass when soemthing like this happen. I don't getting a used part for the side mirror from UK a big problem if you don't have the spare parts for it. So better close both side side mirrors when you park your car from now on.
  6. thanks alot Paul, really appricate the help. See you this weekend.
  7. Hi Paul Thanks for the quick reply and also thank you Raymond for letting me know . Actually lotus doesn't make this part so I don't have the exact part no.It is an aftermarket part that is use to plug the chargecooloer pump hole after you replace the chargecooler pump with an electric pump. I only have a part no. from WC engineering (US) item # 96710-17071 , not sure this will help or not . Anyway thanks for your help , will buy you a beer whether you have the part or not when you come to Hk .
  8. Hi Paul I am a friend of Raymond and Eric which we will meet up this weekend . I was wondering if it is not too late and not too trouble that if you can help get me the "Chargecooloer pump plug & bracket " for my 92 SE. Look forward to your reply and look forward to seeing you this weekend. Dennis
  9. hahaha... I guess all esprit owner are weird. sure looks like it will be ok to go for a drive to lok king tomorrow morning. You guys want to go early like 8 something or 9 something? if you want to see some nice cars , then we have to go there early like 7:00 or 8:00am. We can also drive to couple other places to do some sightseeing too .Leave a message or call me or I will call you later to fix on a time. I think but the time you got this message, you probably talked with Raymond on the phone. So see what you or him had plan and talk later Look forward to see you , your brother an
  10. sorry about tonight that we cannot meet up gavman, I couldn't make it at 7 pm but I thought I could catch up with your guys around 9:30 but Eric SMS said you have to head back early and had to take a rain check on the drink tonight. Well rain ot shine, we definitely should meet up before you go back to UK, you guys will be free this weekend ? Maybe we can get together and we all can have dinner together. Please let us know which day is good for you and this time will for sure get or try to get everyone out at the same time. Noted about your mobile. See you guys later. P.S please sa
  11. wed night for a drink , sound good . Where do you want to go? HK side lau kwun fong or kowloon tsui sha shui? Let me know by noon and I will try to get Eric and Mark to come out for a drink and chat. I jealous of Raymond's yellow V8 too . Everytime we all go for a drive, people will look at his car and miss my silver color SE.
  12. sorry for the late reply. No kidding about this weather . The rain always come during the weekend , I betcha will be sunny during the week when we are working. This coming thursday is a public holiday in Hk , so maybe we can all get together on wed night for dinner and drink ...etc and don't have to worry of getting up early next day. So let us know if you can fit us in your schedule and me and Eric will try to get the other Esprit onwers to come out that night , by then hopefully it will be no more rain. My company specialize in manufacturing all type of zippers, Eric's an interior d
  13. Wellcome to or back to Hk you guys. I am a friend of Eric and also an esprit owner. Eric is working on something so he called me to get in touch with you . Hope you will check forum soon. Really not good weather we are having this weekend , so not sure we can all go driving tomorrow morning but for sure we should all meet up for dinner or something later the week. You can reach me on my cell # 94633876 or Eric 's cell #9287-4154. So you and your brother do decide to go to Lok king tomorrow , please call us . If you want, we can all come to sai kung and have dinner or soemthing. Ho
  14. Glad to help out . Good to know was nothing serious
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