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  1. @lotus-62 Love that hillclimb too! Drove the St Tropez three years there. The driving picture of the St Tropez is from "The Loser Hillclimb". Give me a note when you go next. Better buy a finished St Tropez. It may be cheaper and a lot faster finally.
  2. That was a great experience with the St Tropez in the alps. Its half an hour drive from my home to reach the first pass Add ons as the Elise 111R and later the Exige 410 did help to overcome the separation pain.
  3. Don´t see the point here. The roof is foldable and fits in the rear luggage space. Just fetch it out when rainclouds appear.
  4. I always loved the look because it is so 80s! Yep, that was mine for 9 years. Its the car in Jeremy Waltons book. A friend of mine had seen it in Donington 2007 for sale and sent me some pictures. Took a flight the next weekend and bought it. Dealer fixed a couple of small items and two weeks later we drove it in two days to south Bavaria. It is an awesome experience to drive an Esprit open in summertime. The chassis is very stiff and there were reinforcements inside, e.g. in the sills and the A pillars, no flex flex flex I can assure you. In the pictures above the white Turbo
  5. It is the first St Tropez made by PBB. Last time seen it advertised for sale around 2007 in a very sorry state. Looks like a decent made frame off restoration to me from the pictures. Also interior looks well made. Softtop will need a refresh. Conversion to LHD executed now. Sills would be helpful for the overall appearance. Curious for how much it will sell.
  6. Fuel consumption economy is better in the 410, needs 10% less fuel than my former Exige S in comparison. Maybe an excuse for an upgrade in the future
  7. Finally found the rattle culprit, it was idler pulley 17. The outer bearing race was spinning inside the idler. Bearing itself is still fine and spinning freely by hand motion. Looks like somebody made a to big hole inside the pulley.
  8. Started the car and had around 5 loud mettalic "Klacks" in the first 10 seconds. Then rattle as usual. Would say Klacks came from the downwards belt area. Maybe drive belt tensioner had a hard time from something blocking / loosening / blocking etc. and knocked. Definetly something on the way out soon. @Kristof: Actuator rod from the supercharger pressure relief valve is not moving on idle, no influence. Results from stethoscope check: The compressor on multiple places is without any intermittent rattle, constant bearing noise. Screws #21 from pulleys 18 and 19 pinpointed fro
  9. Thanks for the hint Kristof. The experienced mechanic checked it a while ago with a big screw driver and said he cannot locate it. I have a stethoscope around from my Esprit times, will give it a try myself. Main problem is awful accesability, and it is quite scary / dangerous near to the running belt.
  10. The Stratton car is missing the Race Pack, no manual exhaust flap opening, I would miss it. Otherwise grear colour, same as mine. As I started the search for a V6 I also preffered the clean look of the roadster. At a certain point it flipped and now I would miss it. The roadster now looks empty to me on the back.
  11. The lock plate in the boot needs to be adjusted on yours, had the same problem on my 2015 V6 and after the dealer sorted it since 3 years no more problems
  12. Try to find the culprit for a rattle. Started at roughly 18000 miles only once in a while, now clearly prominent with 19000 miles when engine cold, disappears during heating up, comes back intermittent when fully warmed up. We checked the pulleys by hand, only one showed very slight play, original Toyota part item 8 in 41.03 parts diagram, exchanged, no difference. Exchanged pulleys 18 and 19 after talking to Lotus mechanic for possible problem pulleys, no difference. Drive Belt tensioner is working without problems. When rattle is ongoing, ten
  13. Rolf

    St Tropez

    Good luck with your search. It is good to see some interest arising about these rare beauties. Would be great to get a picture for the website at the end. On the website I can only show St Tropez convertibles seen in pictures or reported by readers. Evidence seen by me: 7 built. Neither Mr. PBB nor Mark Irwin were so kind to shed more light on numbers built. PM me If you think I can help.
  14. Rolf

    St Tropez

    Which car have you seen 20 years ago, one of the known ones? Color? Details?
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