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    St Tropez

    Good luck with your search. It is good to see some interest arising about these rare beauties. Would be great to get a picture for the website at the end. On the website I can only show St Tropez convertibles seen in pictures or reported by readers. Evidence seen by me: 7 built. Neither Mr. PBB nor Mark Irwin were so kind to shed more light on numbers built. PM me If you think I can help.
  2. Rolf

    St Tropez

    Which car have you seen 20 years ago, one of the known ones? Color? Details?
  3. Hurry up guys, after brexit shopping in europe will cost tax. Until now only some reg fees. The nice magnetic blue 2004 RHD 111R with only 22000 Miles in my garage is not for sale so.
  4. Had a rabbit confrontation in that area. Is it possible to exchange the radiator, air ducts plastic and carbon air duct and the metall front side grill without removing the clamshell? Idea is to remove the splitter, wheelarch liner and wheel, This should give enough access to that area.
  5. Every mod looks great, especially the GP wheels, congrats! One thing I don´t like on the 410s are the side plates of the rear wing. Imho looks cheap and the screws shining bright silver doesn´t help. I´ve put a sticker on them. Would be nicer in Carbon...
  6. Had a look at Chassis 936 No. 16 in 2006, 39.000 miles on the clock, located in Germany at that time, so you can list it as exported. Cam covers with Lotus Essex are realy seldom Could have bought it, but decided not as there was a cam belt and C-service due, leaking wheel, brake servo bust and so on. Ended up finally with the St Tropez Esprit, ready to drive and lots of fun with open driving.
  7. We have been at Hethel driving both cars on track and it appeared significantly that the Evora had a much better / louder / more present / deeper sounding exhaust note than the Exige. Clearified with Lotus that the Evora was on a standard exhaust, not titanium. Explanation was that they are "tuned" differently. Hard to understand with both drivetrains being 410 versions. Parts list shows identical parts in the exhaust downstream as far I could figure out on DeRoure. Anybody an idea where that difference may come from?
  8. This two St Tropez pictures are not showing the same car. KJK567 is on BBS, the right one with the Turbo front spoiler was registered as GHB 550V one time and 9788 EL also.
  9. Short drive before office, summer this year is great Great color, is it fire red?
  10. Yep, that´s it. Great colour in the sun. Unobtrusive when cloudy, a very dark blue than. Only blue V6 I could find while searching for a used one at that time. Laser blue would have been my favorite choice at that time, but meanwhile the darker blue is preferred.
  11. Thanks to Ophelia we had great weather on our mid October Dolomites tour
  12. Thanks Paul for keeping the eyes open and spread the info on here about the St Tropez moulds clear out at Lotusbits. Thanks to Matt for collecting them. The owners will be glad to know about possible spares. Three G-Esprit convertible versions are out there. A one-off from Kollinger in Germany (white with red interior, later resprayed in black), the car from mad wolf, think it is also a one-off and the St Tropez version which got a good handful realized. Pictures and some details can be seen on the website dedicated to them (link see below). Drivability was never a problem with the convertible. The Esprit backbone chassis still does the main carrying work while the glassfibre body only supports some stiffening. In the St Tropez were enough bracing / tubing to compensate the lost roof section. Roof off driving is such a pleasure in this car in summertime when the coupe guys without aircon or detachable roof are sweating in the overheated cabin ;-) Agree not to chop an undamaged Esprit. This would be absolute nonsense. But one which had an engine fire and saved in time not burnt down to the ground could be protected from scraping with this conversion. Not sure if it is economically doable today. Will make a nice roadster, e.g. a second G-Esprit in the garage for the sunny days. Finally, pictures are not always nice to the St Tropez design. Tried to get the better ones on the website. This car looks awesome in the flesh with roof off on a sunny day and you can´t wait until you jump on the driver’s seatJ. It runs a fast straight line on the Autobahn and is easily capable even for timed hill climbs in the Alps. Not many on earth are able to undergo this exhilarating experience. While reading through this for typos I think I sound a bit biased…
  13. Typical German Autobahn petrol Station in these days, snow sticks in black/orange/black are German design, plates of the car behind says "KN", abbreviation stands for Konstanz, close to Lake Bodensee. Esprit is Federal spec as mentioned before, not seen until yet: The door side mirror was moved rearwards for the US cars.
  14. Rolf

    St Tropez

    As the former owner of the blue Turbo StTropez I still love the shape of them. Always gave me a good feeling entering the garage. Think I am on the "love them" side It is good to see this long time dissappeared car bouncing to the surface again. Rare birds these St Tropez convertibles. Only a good handful built. Has to be fun to own the only yellow one existing. As soon as you start the Rover V8 implemented engine with that fantastic gourgling sound it adds for sure to the unique appearance.
  15. Not real, but a bit of a not very scientific approach I can share. Made a test with compressed air attached to the pressure line from the manifold to the wastegate a while ago. Rised the pressure level with a simple hand gun slowly, had a pressure gauge attached, but with my very basic setup without a buffer only erratic readings were possible. As the pressure reaches something around 7 psi , the valve started to flutter during continuous pressure supply on the same level. I did not rise the pressure level as I was not sure how much abuse the diaphragm can take, so no idea if the fluttering would have changed to a fully open mode.
  16. Always welcome, John! You are a great source of knowledge and always sharing decades of Esprit-knowledge, so I am happy to return the favour. Just have read your write-up about the wastegate pressure test, an entertaining story as every time. Interesting formula you found for the pressure / shim calculation. Is the 44mm measurement you have taken the installed compressed length of the spring inside the cup without boost? The spring installed in mine is the conical type out of the smaller picture. Looked pretty original to me. You have also the conical spring? Let me know if you need some Inspiration for a shim below the spring. Maybe when you make a pressure test with the repaired wastegate, you find that the spring has lost some of its strength and you are not reaching 8 psi. St Tropez is hiding from wintertime and only awaiting a starter solenoid freshup for the season start on Easter hopefully with sunshine and salt free roads.
  17. Hi John, searched the archives and maybe it is this what you are looking for and two pictures attached from disaasembled wastegates. I confirm that the type plate shown in this thread is the same on my 1983 wastegate. Regards, Rolf
  18. Totally agree on that one, tried it one time and failed. Two studs were stronger...
  19. Hi John, Good approach with the testing equipment. I am curious about the values you get now and after shimming with it and how much that deviates to the boost gauge in the fascia. The external wastegate on my 83 is already shimmed, tried to reach the 9,5 psi cause an hc engine is installed. Did not really work out as expected. Now at 8 psi on the fascia boost gauge, before close to 7 psi. But more uuumph now as the early partly opening from the tired spring has gone. Seems that the spring is a bit stronger for the 9,5 psi version or I should have gone further. Shim for the weakened spring and the same for the rise of the boost could be the solution. Maybe only the boost gauge is not correct and I better follow your approach with a measuring setup like you are preparing. Regards, Rolf
  20. Had the same happening. Found it also not downwards in the undertray, but more upwards. If I remember correctly it was laying near the alternator bracket. Car was nearly undriveable without it on the motorway at speeds above 60mph when boost needs to built up. Fuel starving is the problem I think. This banjos work for keeping the same fuel level in the carbs when under boost pressure. Good luck with the search!
  21. Have a look on the push rod adjustment of the accelerator pump. If it has to much slack, fuel squirting starts to late on the low revs. There is some measure in the Hammil book what the gap of the plunger to the push rod shall be, just check with a feeler gauge. Readjusted mine as they had a too big gap, now pulling fine on lower revs. It is the same as with not taking out the air balance screws, lot of talking not to mess around with it, but if you don´t check yourself you never know if the O-rings are still allright.
  22. Driven in the sunshine: Route de Grande Alpes, Mont Ventoux, Gorges de Verdon, Cote d'Azur

  23. My Esprit came from that dealer. What can I say? Make a test drive, afterwards take a decent look around the car, peek in the records, then make up a decision. With this old cars there will be always the one or the other problem and some answers may not be satisfying while maybe wild guessing. The Esprit made the 700 miles drive home without problems. Some smaller issues were discussed with the dealer and I got good support with a couple of parts for free. I even got a nice article in the Club Lotus news where he wrote a funny article about an overcautious German buyer who checked the car in and out for 2 hours. Just take your time for investigation A good address for a chat about Esprit pricing is for sure Scott Walker. Great guy, we bought an Elise S1 from him, everything perfect, if he would be still in direct car sales my top recommendation. He had several Esprit in his premises at that time and they were priced top money but for top cars you will never complain.
  24. Lotus season starts in April, coooooming clooooser

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