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  1. Hi all - great to see so many people at stoneleigh yesterday - had a fab run there and back, but drove the ol' girl this morning, and the rev counter went right off the scale a couple of times (no, I didn't have my foot to the floor!) / battery light started to glow - I assume cold night/ battery needs replacing, but cannot find any reference to the correct battery? I have looked online... The alternator was replaced a couple of months ago, so I hope it's not that, and the battery was also replaced at the same time, but its a cheap japanese make I have never heard of, and the lotus dealer who fitted it, has definately been a bit of a cheap skate, i think... any ideas? Please.
  2. just a suggestion, I had an S3 that used to do this, and it turned out to be a voltage regulator - worth checking as it cooks the battery eventually... hope that helps? :clover:
  3. Yep, agree with GKP on this - I had an SE with exactly the same probelm, the tanks were sat on foam rubber, presumably to reduce movement, and therefore absorbed dampness from anywhere, not just rain - I did manage to get the tank removed & welded - by a very, very brave bloke... but the engine stayed exactly where it should have! - high chances are your weep is from the same place - it's a fairly common problem.
  4. You SO need to try a top box, window cleaners' ladder and don't forget to tie a brightly coloured rag to the overhang - that makes it legal -honest, it does....
  5. - the "dished" ones were for ROW/Federal spec cars - sorry to interupt...
  6. You could try this - it works to a degree on genuine suede, but relies on it being pulled fairly taut... grab a stanley knife blade, and with it angled at 90 degs to the fabric, scrape in one direction and "shave" off the top knobbly bits - have the hoover handy... thats all I can think of at the mo.... might take time, but at least you can avoid the stiching...
  7. Hi - Yellow is good! - do the cat bypass first, you will love the noise! - I would be tempted to forget the ram air mod, just because it may affect future saleablity, but do, do the dump valve - buy a silent one would be my advice, much more class! - there's a site you can get stuff like this from for the esprit called PUK engineering.. have a nose at his site - hope that helps....
  8. Hi - the EM lights are a bit easily spooked, and if it's nothing serious, it should clear within several starts ( about 10? ) - Dealers and some independents too, have a bit of kit called a tech1, which can be plugged into the management and it will produce a fault code and tell you which cruddy sensor has been gunged up etc - there may be aftermarket CD versions for a pc or laptop, but i am not sure. Do you use the car regularly? as reduced power from the battery whilst not obvious to you or I can aparently send the light barmy too.... Check all the obvious things, oil, water, fans cutting in etc and if it doesn't clear within the several restarts then pop it to someone with the Tech1, I guess...
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