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  1. SCCDA082XWHC15515 Silver 1998 V8-GT Jay Singh, Hertfordshire, UK
  2. jaysingh

    Red G- Car

    Seems like the red G cars are out and about. This one stood head and shoulders above all the other cars in a crowded retail park in Watford.
  3. Stuart Yes I went for the digital adjuster that allows you to change the drift setting and switch the unit off. I installed it in the gap under the a/c & temp controls. The whole installation didn't require any drilling as the wires were routed through existing holes. Fred I thought my spinning incident at Hethel had been forgotten! Yes it was me and I think I did have the traction on, however, I approached that corner way too fast and it can't control the laws of physics!
  4. Hi Stuart Dont have any pictures unfortunately but the garage link is: They are based in Lincolnshire and have done at least 2 V8's. The installation took about 2 days and cost approx
  5. My V8 had an A service a few weeks ago, which finally gave me a chance to sort out the teething problem on my traction control system. Just to give everyone a bit of background, four or five forum members got together last year and purchased Racelogic TC units at a discount. The idea came from Rob Baker (who I believe has since sold his car), following reviews of the system fitted to other non-Esprit cars. One of the members with a Stevens Esprit returned the unit because it didn
  6. Was it you? Third Esprit I've seen in Central London in 15 years!
  7. Good I'd be interested in an alternative front end as well. I think the front is ever so slightly too pointy and something similar to the sport 300 front would go well on the V8. Don't get me wrong...the standard spoiler looks great but I believe it can be made slightly more aggressive.
  8. I had the Bilstein/Eibach upgrade on my V8 about 2 months ago. The ride height looked slightly higher than the old setup (which was knackerd) and I thought I give the car a few months to bed in. I've just measured the distance between the top of the tyre and bottom of the wheel arch (with no passengers), its 6.5 cm at the front and back. Is this a bit high?
  9. Just had a look at the website. Great choice of rim....I think the rm4 would suit the Esprit as they are similar to Oz novas but the spokes are slightly more 'pointy'. If you install them please post a pic on LEF, might consider them myself.
  10. Sorry to hear the news, you've got a great machine there Rob. What's the reason, given you've spent so much on it, you'd think it's going to be pretty trouble free for many a year. Hope you get your next Esprit soon.
  11. Picked up my car yesterday with the new Lotus dampers/springs and polybushes/balljoints/anti-roll bars. Dealer said it was quite a big job (30hrs) given every single nut and bolt was rusted solid. The ride height looks slightly higher but that could be because the old springs/dampers were absolutely knackered. The drive home was surprisingly comfortable!! Could be that I got used to an unresponsive suspension and the new one does what it should. Need to drive it for longer to get a proper feel. What are other peoples experience?
  12. I was in my V8 and acknowledged a 350 sport in the opposite direction.
  13. Good investigative work Rob. Just PM you, I'll be sending mine back to get the fix.
  14. Superb Event! What a friendly, fun and knowledgeable community the Esprit bunch are! The organisation was fantastic given all that was arranged and how many people attended including several from overseas. To bring together so many Esprits, owners and enthusiasts is a sure achievement. Thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable event, especially the entertaining partnership of Bibs & Kimbers, Laura, Lotus staff and the CHIEF himself. Jay
  15. jaysingh

    Black SE

    Simply stunning black SE with maybe OZ nova alloys. Think it was an H reg. Never seen an SE on the roads...and so close to my house!!
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