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  1. Thanks for the update Mark, good to know everything is moving forward. I think we're all anxious to get these sexy beasts in hand.
  2. Please add me to the list Bloodnok - 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro - Manifold only. Shipping to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 1) @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold (UK) 2) @jcslocum (1984 G-Car without cat, just pipe full system to include muffler ) 3) @pmlee (Stevens SE, just manifold) 4) I'm adding @x180r19 to the list (Stevens SE, just manifold), since he is busy traveling right now 5) I'm adding @lewtus for a (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to Colorado in the USA) 6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? 7) @greentengu G-car, just the manifold kit 8) @Bloodnok 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro - Manifold only. Shipping to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  3. I'm also very interested! As far as originality goes for me, it's easy enough to hang onto the old manifold if required in the future. It would make a heck of a paperweight!
  4. I think that it's a big problem that someone ( ) had to point Jalopnik towards your post in this thread to get the real news. It was impossible to find anything official from Lotus. Arnie Johnson should have been immediately made an official press release when the first articles started popping up saying the Evora was being dropped from the USA. Why is it so hard for them to do even the smallest bit of PR? Hell a twitter post from the Group Lotus account could have cleared this all up. I don't understand how a company can just let rumours like this one run rampant, it's mind boggling.
  5. Mine is name of my favourite character on The Goon Show played by Peter Sellers, Major Dennis Bloodnok, late of the third Disgusting Fusiliers OBE, MT, MT and MT.
  6. This was the last thing I saw on the Birkin yahoo group about them.
  7. It's much different in the US for Lotus. I've spoken to plenty people that know who Ferrari is, but have no clue who Lotus is. I overheard someone wondering why a Ferrari was at a British car show when looking at my Esprit. As Stefan says, Lotus doesn't do any advertising. Companies like Ferrari don't have to because everyone knows who they are. Lotus doesn't have that kind of name recognition, certainly not here anyway. I completely agree that the financial issues the Lotus F1 Team are having is not good for Group Lotus. However I think most casual observers won't hear about that. It's rare enough to see the race results on a news channel. I'm quite surprised the team is having such a hard time getting good sponsorship money. They've been doing great the past couple years. Hopefully the rumours that they've got someone to take a stake in the team are true.
  8. Bloodnok

    Abu Dhabi GP

    Grosjean had another good race. No problems and brought home some important points. Kimi's accident on turn one lap one should not have happened to driver as accomplished as he is, not sure what he was doing, maybe he wanted to leave as soon as possible.
  9. I hope it stays. I think one thing Lotus really lacks is name recognition. Most car enthusiasts know who Lotus is, but most people will just stare blankly at you when you say you have Lotus. Even if they have no association with the original Team Lotus and the cars it still keeps the name out there.
  10. My new toy. It's 2003 Birkin S3. Absolutely love driving it. Though I've only had it for a month and already had it towed home twice.
  11. I think the number of kids makes a bigger difference then the job. The people in my office with children at school take a lot more sick days then I do. One thing that's helped in our office is that we can now work from home if we're sick, but feel ok to work. We do software development so it's pretty easy to do so. This prevents others from catching cold, and keeps work going. Having multiple people sick in our office would be quite a hit since there's only 7 of us. Of course there's a lot of jobs that people just hate and will take sick days just to not go in.
  12. The air con has gone out in the office building today, good thing it's a brisk 103F outside otherwise it would be boiling in here.
  13. Here's a picture of some oldies from my tour of the Classic Team Lotus shop a couple weeks ago. Lotus 25 on the left.
  14. Never worried about any of the critters out there. There are some animals to keep an eye out for like rattlesnakes and scorpions but I've never encountered any while camping. There's also a wasp called the red velvet ant which can have a very painful bite which I did see around the campsite, looks like a big fuzzy ant.
  15. I love going to Moab, such an amazing place. Sadly Lions Back is now closed, I believe the people that owned the land you drove to access it stopped letting people drive through. And to keep on topic, here's a picture from my camp over the weekend, it was fantastic.
  16. A little off roading from yesterday evening in Moab, Utah.
  17. Wanted to drive the Esprit into work today. Got up nice and early to beat the traffic and it wouldn't start, just turns over but refused to wake up. Shame because it's going to be a nice day.
  18. Got this in the mail today, very happy!
  19. Am I the only that sees those sales prices and thinks that's where they should be starting at? Guess I'm just not rich enough to enjoy the Lotus lifestyle.
  20. Agreed Buddsy, I've always liked all the Turbo bits. And boy does the car look good with that Essex livery.
  21. Short piece from Richard on the Essex
  22. Can't wait, I've just finished rewatching Season 2. There's so much going on I needed a refresher.
  23. Bloodnok


    Full War Declaration from Best Korea's offical website:
  24. They'll just stick some wellies over his blades to slow him down.
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