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  1. Very cool, I'd love to see that in person.
  2. If anyone can afford a $1550 backgammon set to go with their $140 key chain, it'll be the people in Monaco.
  3. I'm sure he doesn't care at all sadly, he's just a bought in salesman.
  4. There's no special context about the tweet, it's mentioned at the bottom of this article: They're basing their history on the team itself, not the name. And as easily as names change in F1 I'm not surprised. I do think they should stick with trying to write their own history with the name Lotus F1 and not try and ride the coat tails of Benetton and Renault. I just wish Lotus was behind the car in some way other then just decals on the side of the cars. With other teams like Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren you have that connection between the team and the manufacturer. You step into your Ferrari after watching an F1 race and feel like you're part of it, you have that connection to the team. There's that thought that some of that technology developed in the race car is in your car, and even if it isn't, you're still Michael Schumacher and can drive better then everyone around you. Until Lotus gets that connection I think you'll always have people saying it's not the real Lotus F1 team.
  5. I loved the shot of the whole car being moved up and down by pushing on the front end.
  6. Got one of my headlights to stop throwing a tantrum every time it was told to go to bed. It was nice gift left by a previous owners work. I don't know what it is but fixing even small things like that makes the day a little better.
  7. Good grief. A couple quick shots of the car driving on the highway is hardly advertising. He's got a pretty plush job picking a paint colour and showing a couple seconds of the car in a video. You're not going to find many people that are going to watch a crap video by a mediocre musician, and then be persuaded to go into a Lotus showroom because there were a few quick shots of the car. Nothing in that video made me go "wow", that special something that makes you fizz as James May would say, that's what gets people putting posters on their walls. There are a lot of people, especially here in the US, that don't know who Lotus is. If this is how they get to know it, I'd rather they didn't. Lotus has a rich racing heritage and has made some of the best handling cars ever. That's what they should know.
  8. Probably forgot the handbrake and rolled out of that spot behind it. Luckily there's an Evora waiting to catch it
  9. It's definitely one of those thoughts that can get your mind spinning. Another thought is if the universe is expanding into something, couldn't there also be other universes that are expanding, and what happens if those two universes collide.
  10. Got my two post lift installed and working! Very happy. The MR2 was a sacrificial lamb for the first lift. I want to make some adapters to use with Lotus so I don't crush the jack points (mine are still in good nick) before I try it. Not crawling around with floor jacks is going to be great.
  11. That's probably a good description of most of the articles on jalopnik
  12. It looked great, I've always been a Ferrari fan. That v12 was lovely too. That wide back really made the Esprit seem small in comparison.
  13. Just a couple next to a nice 1990 Ferrari Testarossa. Made my day when he moved next to me because he wanted to take a picture next to the Lotus.
  14. Agreed. Drivers are already trying to fit their cars into spaces too small at Le Mans, this thing could get you quite tunnel visioned focusing on that narrow front end. They still haven't stuck mirrors on it yet so they might have this in mind too.
  15. Here's some in car footage. It's such a different design. Can't wait to see how it does in the race. I look at that front end and just expect it to fly off the track at the first turn.
  16. That front end looks nice and aggressive, I like it. I'd love to hear that V12 in person.
  17. I would think if someone is drunk enough that they can't drive, and still chooses to do so, they're not going to whip out the breathalyser before they head off. However I could see people that have had a drink or two while out for dinner using one to make sure they're legal before heading home. I'd rather spend a few dollars on one then risk massive fines and losing my license from a drunk driving charge because I had a glass of wine.
  18. Well you never know when you might need some spare fuel line....
  19. A couple of mine. No snow in the valley has been great, no salt on the roads
  20. The only thing I like about flying is that rush at takeoff and then the landing. But everything else I hate, lots of queuing and sitting around. It's even better when you finally get to your destination and your luggage decides to go somewhere else. I've found noise cancelling headphones are a must, that constant roar is just wearing on a long flight.
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