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  1. Very funny Caterham, that's clearly a platypus, where's the picture of the car?
  2. I just measured mine and 43.8 inches looks right.
  3. Bloodnok

    Would you?

    I think in this case wanting to drive the car should have been stated up front. Asking that after saying it was just a photoshoot would put me off. I would have a hard time letting someone I don't know drive mine. My dad is the only one I'd say yes to without hesitation.
  4. I thought the same when I first saw it, you could put it next to the Lotus concepts and it would fit right in.
  5. I've been playing Skyrim way too much, I'm a level 40 something Nord. I roll with heavy armour (Daedric), a shield and axe at the moment. At a point now where I can go into a cave and wipe everyone out without much hassle. Mages are toughest for me, especially if they can slow me down by freezing. It's been my goal to keep Lydia alive the whole time, even if she gets in the way all the time. I had a dog for about 2 min, then got attacked by wolves and accidentally hit him. Trying to avoid doing a lot of the main quest, I don't want the game to end on me after finishing it like Fallout 3 did.
  6. Thanks! Pretty sure the black bumpers are a US thing. The US went through that nice era of mucking up many cars with them. I don't mind them on the Esprit though. The car has been running well. I changed out the coolant, and gearbox oil. Next is brake and clutch fluid. Haven't had a chance to drive it too much as the heater isn't working, which makes winter driving quite chilly. Not sure if the heating system is clogged up (very possible based on the coolant that came out) or something else like a vacuum line. Took it to work the other day and spent half the morning showing it to people. It really stands out in a parking lot of dreary cars. I finally got a chance to take it up one of the canyons too and boy does it handle like it's on rails, lots of fun. Doesn't feel as big and heavy as my 370z did.
  7. I was disappointed. I think the biggest problem is was just a bunch of set pieces. Part of what has made previous specials great has been the journey through the country. This one felt like it could have been done anywhere. The garden party was a complete waste of time. That said, I was still entertained, but it could have been so much better. I hated to see those cars being ruined too, although it was very expected. I wouldn't mind that Mini in the garage.
  8. Bloodnok

    1986 Lotus Esprit

  9. I live in Utah and I'm at about 4500 ft. I just recently got an '86 HCI and haven't had any issues starting the car since I got it.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes! Amazing scenery around here, mountains all around me. Moved here about 4 years ago and love it. Landscape here is different in every direction you go. Unfortunately no real records, and with some of the issues the car had when I got it I'm skeptical about what the previous owner said was done. But with winter fast approaching should have time to take care of those things.
  11. Hi everyone. My name is Andrew and I'm from Utah. After years of wanting an Esprit I finally got one. It's a 1986 HCI with about 39000 miles on the clock. Already done a little work to it. Needed a new cap and rotor, so I replaced those and put some new plugs and wires in. Also had to get a cat fabbed up for the exhaust to pass emissions. Next is changing out the coolant which looks like it should have been changed years ago. And of course, some pictures:
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