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  1. selling my Esprit S2 already!! ??

    Get the S1 no contest. Keep the S2 if you can. But then don't ask me I have 8 S1s and an S2.2.
  2. Esprit S2 PROJECT ON EBAY.

    They are a great car to restore. I have 15 original s2 engines I might have yours. Let me know the original engine number to see if I have it. They are a fantastic car to drive when they're done Good luck with the resto Matt
  3. Esprit S2 40th Birthday Meet 2018?

    Sounds like a great idea Pete Count me in
  4. Fuel pump keeps ticking

    Hi Pete if your careful you should not need a kit . normally you just remove the valve covers and give then a good clean out. Give me ring if you get stuck Matt
  5. Yes the one in the Book was type 79A this is Type 79B both development cars. Its my car and I have run out of space but cant make my mind up whether to keep it or sell it. I think its a great thing for me to own but I need more room ! Its has many features that are unique.
  6. Fuel pump keeps ticking

    Hi Pete it could but a bit of crap in the pump valves. I would pop the pump off and clean the valves out and give it a good service while it's on the bench. Matt
  7. The Esprit Registry

    I have a few. 1976 Esprit S1 123G gelcoat red and tartan all original on the road, 1976 Esprit S1 166G gelcoat Orange and tartan half restored all original , 1976 Esprit S1 170G gelcoat Orange and tartan all original needs restoring x lotus company car and engineering car, 1976 Esprit S1 228G gelcoat yellow and tartan all original needs restoring, 1978 Esprit S1 326G now white and black leather 2.2 engine restored and on the road, 1978 Esprit S1 329G white with black leather restored and on the road, 1978 Esprit S1 336G now Oxford blue being restored , 1981 Esprit S2.2 0991 now Pacific blue restored on the road , 1978-1983 Development Esprit 370J all original needs restoring
  8. Before you mess about with the linkage just unscrew the reverse light switch 4 turns and then test it. I'm sure it will be just that. SJ sold a too long threaded one for years and if one of them is fitted that's your culprit. Spacing the out with 2 washers and some rtv with sort it. Matt
  9. Anyone looking for an S2.2?

    Here in the UK between 30K and 35k but a S2.2 (to stay on topic) is about 40k to 45k For totally restored, concourse, perfect cars.
  10. Anyone looking for an S2.2?

    Hi that's kind of you to tell us about the car. 30k for a good s2.2 is about right. He's best putting the car on pistonheads. I've turned down 42k for my s2.2 as i could not replace for anything I like better. If you would be good enough to post up some pictures of the car that would be great. Matt
  11. Interesting Esprit on ebay

    Thanks Pete and Dan you are correct The car is a Prototype confirmed by Mike Kimberly and Brian Angus. The car is as it left the factory and has matching numbers. It has never been repainted. The sills duct air into the engine bay as a turbo. The Vin Plate calls the car a Type 79B . The cam covers are development covers different to production ones they are cast differently to the later HC units. I had seen such covers on a prototype Sunbeam engine. The car has many unique features I will post up more details some other time I also am collecting the 4th wheel and seats on Sunday. The car will not be for sale, I'm very much looking forward to restoring it. The car is on a excellent galvanized chassis and all the running gear is like new, its only done very low mileage and has been dry stored for many years. Matt
  12. Is this a 1977 Esprit S1?

    It's an s2 but looks worth doing up. I have a spare set of original wheels if that helps
  13. I repair them if your stuck. Matt
  14. Hi sorry missed your posts. I have had many more parts made. Twenty more heater arms. I will post up some pictures soon. Matt
  15. Who used to own this S1?

    I think the car is priced about right if you take into consideration the cost of a proper restoration. However there are so many things on the car that are not right, I think they should be corrected before asking over 100k