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  1. My god save it ! I'm sure it will just need a quick wash and maybe some boot polish on that rear bumper ...... go offer the owner
  2. Hi I'm no stranger to large restoration jobs, you should have seen my elan when I got it ! Well spotted Hilly with the wheels, I think they just haven't been cleaned in a while Well the engine is in the boot of my car and I'm taking it to my local engine man today as Number 1 has had moisture in it and so has a few dark patches on one side of the bore. Going to see if it can be honed out. It's got a 2.2 engine from an 84 Elite in it and has only done 37k the pistons are std and so are the bearings, I'm hoping I'm not looking at 4 new pistons and liners. can you re-bore liners on these engines ? The sunroof annoys me as does the silly wing indicators. I want to have the car as close as possible to when it left the factory. Anything else on the car you can see that's not original ? I have the rear hatch glass and new trim for it with the car and the o/s filler cap, the car seems to be complete but alot of it in boxes. I'm worried about the chassis it's also had a rover V8 in it at one time, there is a V cut out where room has been made. I'm looking at 3k for a new chassis ? where do they rot out first ? The car was never advertised it's a friends old car who lives in my village Any advice / help would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  3. Thanks for your posts I've been breathing a sigh of relef with every read. The cars a real basket case, and a true barn find ! It's been sitting in the barn since 1992 surrounded by bales of hay and a canoe ! Well I'm sure it will bankrupt me but I just can't let this car be broken up. This is it Am I mad to attempt this ? Matt
  4. Hi I'm 6 foot 2" tall and have just got an S1 restoration project but.... will I fit in ? I fit in easy inside my Elan but my friends tells me I will only fit in an S3 and S4 Esprit I've spent ages looking for a good restoration project S1, I've wanted one since I was 16 and now having brought one and to be told this, is a rather large blow ! Any tall chaps with S1's out there ? Can I re-position the seat/pedals/something ! A rather worried Matt
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