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  1. Sorry Giorgio that's the one piece of tinted I don't have spare Matt
  2. I don't post very often but here is an Esprit one A Europa one
  3. I made my own The day Jake got his car he had just washed it. Jake has stripped his car out and removed all the bolts that hold the body to the chassis he wants to lift the body off over Christmas so he can see his chassis, but I cant see me having time to help him. He is going to do a restoration post, so he says, but whether he will ever get round to it I don't know, he never did when we restored his Excel. Giorgio my car paint code is A68 Matt
  4. Hi Rob no my 13 year old son Jake brought the Black esprit and we are restoring it together we have just finished rebuilding the engine. Back to my car. I have been a little lazy with posting my progress . Well While the body was at the painters I finished the chassis components, suspension and the brakes. I rebuilt the engine and the gearbox Sarah (Wife) has trimmed all the panels that had gone all grim looking. I'm planning to recolonize the existing leather as its pretty good I just hate the leathers colour which is oatmeal, I'm planning to change it to cream with a black binnical and carpets. I fitted the engine in the chassis a couple of months ago I'm really looking forward to hearing it run The chassis ready for the body shell to pop on Body in black primer to check for shape inperfections It was a long time in painting as I wanted to wait for the fibre glass work I had done to settle and cure properly This is how it looked in the bright lights of the spray booth I was really happy with the job they did, I'm a bit of a perfectionist but I could not find fault with it. Out the booth with indoor lights When I collected the body shell I brought the chassis and popped the body on as there was a 2 post lift next door I was able to borrow for 1/2 hour it was really handy. I'm borrowing Jakes Esprit wheels as I have not decided on tires yet for my wheels yet The car back at home, its just great when you suddenly have a body on a chassis, its like you get your car back not just a heap of parts (Yes I know my garage needs tidy ...) Fire extinguisher is now getting fitted, my fuel tanks are in, I'm starting to put it back together, I would like it finished by Easter but with restoring Esprits for customers its hard to find the time to work on my cars. I always wanted a S2.2 Esprit and have really enjoyed every step of the way so far with my car. At the moment I'm trying to fit my jeep Cherokee aluminum radiator its full width it looks a great buy £65 ! Will try to keep this topic more up-to-date Matt
  5. The 1st think I did Bibs is search this forum But cant find a A06 Bermuda Blue pictures on any other car, to double check. Matt
  6. I cant find pictures of any car painted in A06 Bermuda Blue any one ever seen one ? Matt
  7. Oxford Blue is not a metallic colour I think the car pictured is metallic.
  8. Hi I'm looking to have my car paint the same colour as the one pictured below Please could some one post up what Blue the car is Thanks Matt
  9. Just a smear of copper slip in and out Remember to fit the nylatron washer and a little bearing grease on the input shaft bearing Matt
  10. Hi A friend and I made some tanks for my Esprit, then for a friend, then his friend, so decided ....I'm making a run of Esprit tanks, while I have all the patterns made and jigs to hand. I am geared up to make s1(early and late) and s2 tanks but could make any tanks if I had an original. The cost for a pair (Both sides) is £400 (less than half the price I see them normally sell for) They would take a few days to make They are pressure tested motorsport quality look beautiful, happy to post them out. Please message me if you would like a pair Matt
  11. They do crack without a flexi put in. If you think with the manifold pipes being of different lengths, so expanding to different lengths when hot, yet the silencer is mounted rigid to the gearbox so some things got to give some where and some time, a flexi solves this problem. When you get your manifold repaired I would take the mid pipe to them as well and have a stainless flexi put in the mid pipe.. I've had no problems since I did mine in. I also seal the joints with silicone not putty as it has more give and is easier to take apart if needed. Matt
  12. I'm a bit worried for you, it looks like its got 1,000s of pin holes ? Don't be talked into just priming it with U-Pol Reface ! I think the bead blasting may have scraped the gel coat Could you please post up a close up picture of the most pitted area Matt
  13. Yes looks a good chassis for its age, I would maybe just replace the top chassis tube on the exhaust side. Whats the chassis engine mount like on the exhaust side ? Matt
  14. Why is there a picture of an early S1 In a S2.2 restoration I hear you ask ! Well my plan to have the car finished by Easter has gone by the way of the fairies, I agreed to finished the restoration of a early S1 Esprit for a friend and this has took a lot of my time already and I think it will take me up to May to have the car finished if I don't find more major work. Any way back to my cars progress.... A bit of a worry was the cars VDO clock It was dead, so I took it to bits, I'm an electronics geek and as I'm getting on a bit, most of the components are of my era, so with a bit of soldering and some components we had on the shelf at work I repaired my clock phew... I rebuilt the heater as it was a job I could do indoors on the many cold winter nights of late, I brazed the brass heater matrix tanks back to like new and put it back with remade seals (sorry I dont have a finished picture I put it all back together before I had remembered ...) I seem to have got quite used to working on things in the house and they when my wife suggested I bring in my newly painted chassis and work on it by the open fire, I realized I had married a good woman. Yes to those eagle eyed, they are Elan seats underneath it, My wife is timing them for my S3 I have made up and fitted the bake pipes, fuel lines and clutch pipe, I'm going to fit the sound deadening material on the back bone this weekend and do the rear hubs if I have time The engine is half done below the thrust mod just been done The head is next to be fitted,I had it aqua blasted new guides fitted and skimmed, I had to fit inserts to some of the Exhaust stud threads, so just the core plugs to be fitted and an oil restrictor (I always fit one in the main oil way in the head) I would love to show you pictures of the body shell finished but it isnt, However its getting there all the fiber glass work is done just some more sanding and it should be in primer soon. I have lent a friend my air compressor so I can't blast and paint any more parts to go on my chassis, so I may have to take parts somewhere, I just always worry about parts being lost Its hard putting your own cars restoration on the back burner and work on a friends car but I am enjoying working on such a nice S1 again ! Will try and keep you updated more .... Matt
  15. Well I'm now more convinced the finish was black and so have painted my chassis black ..Thanks I wonder how many S2.2 Esprit's have survived. I know of 10 UK cars that have been burned out, broken up or crashed, so with so few being made there cant be many left ?
  16. I have fitted both front and rear screens they really are nothing to worry about, the two main bits are the glass height from the aperture and the trim angles. I space the screen off the aperture with small black rubber bits until the height is correct all round, so the trim underside has no gap to the glass and yet is flush with the body edges next I clean and prime the screen and aperture, cut the adhesive nozzle to the same spec as the manual, glue in the spacers Ive cut to size, then do the bead of adhesive, pop the screen in and make sure its sitting on the spacers and the glass is spaced correctly from the edge,. clean any excess adhesive where the trim goes, The next day I fit the trim with a few small dabs of adhesive just enough to hold the trim in permanent, but so they will come off with force You may have to adjust the angles of the trim corners first ! I'm filling the screen in a S1 in a few weeks time Paul if you want to pop up and watch ? Matt
  17. Sorry to dig up and old thread, I'm just not sure its answers are correct,(sorry), I know all Esprit S3s and later cars had bare galvanized metal chassis However: My Esprit S2.2 chassis was painted satin black over the galvanized metal, also it had never had its body removed. five other S2.2 cars I have seen are the same as mine when the body's where removed even the finish is identical. I'm beginning to believe that all S2.2 chassis where painted black when they left the factory. On my chassis even inside the chassis front box section was black and would be impossible to spray inside, so I'm also thinking it was dipped in some kind of satin paint straight after being galvanized. I would like to keep my cars chassis finish original and I am planning to strip and repaint the satin black Has anybody got any more evidence to support this Matt
  18. Hi kim I'm happy to take anyone for a drive in my white s1 Esprit but the tax runs out at the end of the month so would have to be this weekend and Im in Northamptonshire My wife's working all weekend so any time is fine. he can have a ride in a Europa, Excel and a Elan+2 as well if that helps. If that's any good please pm me. Matt
  19. Every Lotus 9 series engine that left the factory had Bar's Leak in it, Lotus Claimed to "Lubricated the Water Pump" ! I would use Bar's Leak over rad weld. Matt
  20. Hi Geert I'm sorry to hear you still have problems I would suspect maybe a cold water leak (did you check your liner height ? did you welseal the block before fitting the Head gasket ?) or corrosion on liner seats (did you pull the liners and check them) I think as Buddsy says you should post up a picture to show how bad it is, is it also on the dip stick ?( I also drip some oil on a hot frying pan if it sizzles slightly its got enough water in it to be a problem) it could Just a bit of condensation. As you clearly have the skills, you could : Pull the engine( I know its a Pain) Remove the sump and bearing carrier, check crank end float and bearings then pull the crank Remove the carriers, head and then pistons check ring gaps and measure the liner heights from the top of the block (should be 3-5 thou) Pull liners look very carefully for corrosion where the liner sits (as they suffer from bi-metal corrosion) I would have the block aqua blasted as liner defects will be more visible Buts that's me and I do love building engines ! I feel buying another engine could be a waist of time as it could soon develop the same problems your old engine has. You have done a good half job on your engine, then put it back in but never found the problems and checked the 900 series engine failings. I never do a half job as they will always come back and bite you... Matt Ps If you need to borrow a liner puller, liner height gauge, liner seating tool and burrows gauge just message me
  21. I had the seat belts on my S1 restored and cant seem to find the contact details I used I remember it was just a nice lady in a little old building restoring them and she did them while I waited.It was located near Reading. Anyone know the contact details from my description Or can recommend a company that I could use to get my latest Esprit seat belts restored, basically the webbing is in poor condition Matt
  22. I agreed John, Having oil pressure on a 9 series engine on cranking is a bit hit and miss some engines seem to manage it better than others, I always do as you do and use a electric screwdriver on the aux housing pulley without the timing belt on 1 st start up If your just start the engine and keep the revs low till the oil pressure has got all round you should be OK (im assuming you used a good engine assemble lube) ?
  23. I would value that at around 8-9k ? I wonder what the chassis is like... Matt
  24. Yeah back off the clutch thrust bearing adjuster to eliminate any interference, dial gauge on the front pulley, someone with a small lever pulling the flywheel towards the gearbox then in turn some one with a large screwdriver pulling the pulley away from the engine and watching for error on the dial gauge. repeat as necessary...... Have seen them so bad you can see the flywheel moving in and out as they tick over ! Normally by that stage both block and crank are scrap Matt
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