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  1. Ah OK your progress is very fast well done I still would watch to see if the flywheel moves in and out on tick over through the timing hole in the top of the bell housing, if you can see it I would measure it ! if you need and help measuring it in the car just message me Matt
  2. The black Esprit is a S2 not a S2.2 but it is still there, its pretty past it, I had its good original front bumper off it for on my car (I could take the parts of it, was part of my deal) there is no interior at all,chassis very rusty, many parts are missing, you would have to be very brave (and rich) to take it on.
  3. Went to buy some Lotus parts from a chap (as ya do), and seen a load of Lotus cars parked up all in a very poor state, After tip toeing round all the dog muck and rusty car parts I decided to have a good look at the Esprit S2.2 he had, Seconds later I seem to have made him and offer and we shook hands, Not sure why I brought it maybe I just felt sorry for the car and maybe I have just crossed to the wrong side of 40, I'm not sure, but its at home, I've had it a few weeks now and I getting to really like it ! The leather interior is without any rips so I was going to re-dye it the light creamy colour, this is something I have never done before so would welcome and advice. I have decided to strip it all to bits and have it repainted dark metallic blue and keep it. Well you cant have to many Lotus cars can you ? The car seemed really original and with only a after market steering wheel to spoil that. With each part that comes of needing work it looks like I will be doing a total restoration I have had it up in the air and the chassis looks all good with no break in the galvanized coating even near the Exhaust manifold.... Phew The engine is now all in bits because of the 15 thou crank end float it had... good old early 2.2 engines, I will do the 2.2 thrust mod as per the manual and rebuild it with new bearings, rings valves ect. The car has only 46k on the clock I have all the old MOTs and it seems correct. I have my paint man removing all the old paint,I have been doing all the fiberglass repairs, I don't like its original colour, However I like to keep my cars as original as possible and even use the same size/shape and type screws as original, however to me if the original purchaser ordered the car in a colour I don't like I will happily rectify their mistake ! With each part that comes off I seem to say "yay that's so much better than the one that came of my S1" lets hope that continues Will keep you posted how it all pans out Matt
  4. I think people are starting to see Esprit's as being an investment now, especially S1's I also think S2s are going up, I have seen tatty S2's selling for 10-12k (where S1's prices have been a few years ago) The S2.2's are more sort after, with less rust problems a better engine and so few being made,The S3 NA's seem to be staying the same,and I'm not sure why, where as turbos seem to be rising slowly. Esprit owners cover a very wide spectrum of people and ages, and with later cars not being that old and the production run being so long lived, putting them all in similar price bracket is impossible Esprit's look so much more dramatic than any for the new stuff being churned out of car factories now Personally I don't care and prices I just love owning and driving the cars Matt
  5. Hi Geert I would defiantly check this mod has been carried out and measure your crank end float, I have rebuild a lot of early 2.2 engines because of this problem. The damage it does to the block and crank is comprehensive, and takes less than 30k to do the damage. Also on some engines the mod has been carried out as part of the recall and then the engine gets rebuilt without a notched bearing being fitted ! then the damage occurs again. The S1 and S2 manual covers the 2.2 engine but does not mention the mod, only the S3 manual includes the information needed. Post back here your findings This is what your looking for I would Also check the outer thrust flange (flywheel end) for cracks if you have had more that 15 thou end float. You have made such a great job on the top end of your engine, It would be a shame to see it all go to waste Matt
  6. Hi did you check the end float on the crank and do the 2.2 thrust lubrication mod as per the manual ? Matt
  7. Hi I have repaired about 5 of them for friends, If your stuck you can post them to me ? If you open them up change the spring and clean the contacts and lubricate them, I think you will get another 30 years from them... Matt
  8. My S1 had two regular horns (snail type) mounted each side of the radiator on L brackets, hope that helps Matt
  9. Hi Pete I also use Iridium plugs NGK BPR6ETX. (The Equivalent to NGK BPR6ES as you use) Iridium plugs are more hard wearing and don't foul up like conventional plugs, but they do cost more. Matt
  10. The Elan+2, Europa and Esprit are on the road. The Excel is jakes my 11 year old sons, The two little Elans are a work in progress, The little sprint I have rebuilt the chassis engine and gearbox and is at the body work stage most of the other work on it is done. The S3 Elan I'm just doing odds and ends on and trying not to get stuck into it until I have finished the 1st Elan. I never intended to buy two but they both came up at the same time and I'm a sucker for a poor little basket case Lotus.... Matt
  11. Well I finished the garage and have been to busy messing around in it to post anything up. Oops I seem to be under budget which went down well with the wife, the total cost was £9,850 The building inspector has passed it, I now have just the block pavers to put down and a bit of tidying up and fit a log burner (jobs I will put off for as long as I can...) To be honest im just itching to get working on my Elans, I found building work a little boring .......and all just a means to an end. I hope this post may help anyone who is thinking of doing something similar It is wonderful having so much space last ! Matt
  12. Slow its all gone slow I started to get a bad back when moving arround and laying, blocks and bricks so I got my bricklayer lad up to help me, then there was a delay with the roof trusses. The pictures below show my progress The back wall All brick and block work finished, beams in place and roof plate filled 1st truss in place All main trusses in Rafter trusses fitted Hip boards on and hip rafter being fitted I would like to have most of the roof finished over Christmas Keep your fingers crossed for good weather for me Merry Christmas Matt
  13. I total agree with you Bibs You put on a bloody great show last year, it was a stunning stand, well manned with really enthusiastic knowledgeable people. A hell of alot of people are going to miss you this year Its made me angry where they wanted to put you. Our only consolation .....Next year its going to be legend---ary Matt
  14. Yay a man who understands roofs Thanks Dave for the infomation, My tiles are Marleys and mendip interlocking, but they are granular so the minumum pitch they specify is 25 deg I am not keen on the roof pitch changing option (2) I made a small model a while back and decided against it. I dont understand your option 1 but I am intrigued ! if you would be able to do a quick sketch I would be very grateful Matt Ps Gordan I wish as far along as you ! will you be finished by christmas?
  15. Pete you found the tricky part of the build, the roof was a real thinker, Even builders I chatted to did not know how I was going to roof it with it being such a odd shape and the roof height having to be so low and using the same tile as my house. Below are the dimensions and what I came up with. I came up with a 25 deg hiped roof with a flat center section. (Above) The center section I was going to board with sterling board then lay up fiberglass on top and on the last lay up to match the tile finish, add sand and a dye. I think the roof is going to cost just over £2,000 I can't think of another way of doing it, please let me know if you can Matt
  16. I did get a bricklayer lad up to help me get started, he was great he gave me a lesson and worked for just £100 a day. With the winter arriving here in the UK I'm thinking of getting him up again to speed things up, he can lay double what I can in a day. Trevor- Builders quoted me £30,000 -£35,000 Would be nice to get it done by Christmas Matt
  17. In case your thinking of building your own garage. I thought I would post up the low down on building mine and the costs so far. Well I have 5 old Lotus cars and a double garage, so I would love a second three car garage. My budget was £7,500 .... not a lot for a building project of this size. I put in for planning permission in Match 2013. To keep the costs down I drew up all the plans myself so only paid the councils fee of £385 It was passed in June 2013. It had to match my house (bricks roof style and tiles), be lower than 3.5 meters and 1 meter away from the house opposite Below is a mock up I sent in with the plans to show how it should look when done Next I cleared the ground where it was going,took up all the block pavers, hired a mini digger and got to work The council made me dig down 1.8 meters because they where worried about tree roots even through there are no trees anywhere near me ! I then poured tonnes of concrete in then bricked and blocked up to the height the floor would be. Cost so far is £3,000 Next I had to have 16 tons of hard core then a layer of sand then a radon membrane then 15cm of celertex then a DPC membrane then some steel re-enforcing then the 15cm concrete floor I had spent £5,000 and had only got foundations and a floor ! so no building at all. Below is the walls starting to come up The picture above it how it looks at the moment I have now spent £7,000 So to get walls and roof I think I'm going to need another £3,000 I have not paid a builder, I have got at least three quotes on all my meterials to keep my costs down. However I have built it to the standard you would build a house to, as who wants to be cold in the garage ? I do spend a lot of time working on my cars and planed on having a log burner in there a beer fridge and a 50" TV My wife will not be happy with me if I spend more that £10,000 and have to use our savings, so keep your fingers crossed for me that I can keep it on budget. Its been very hard work so far, every weekend and alot of evenings I think I could have finished restoring both my Elans if I had spent the same amount of time in the garage rather than building one..... Wish I had never started ? hum.. Matt
  18. I drive my 40 year old Europa every day, its been great so far, I can even get the weekly shop at waitrose in it. Pictured outside my work Its down side, I do keep spinning it on roundabouts, I need to learn how to drive it slow, I just dont seem to be able to, its like I change when in get in the drivers seat. It's great fun Matt
  19. Hi Daz I'm going in my S1 Esprit, I go every year Will be nice to see your mint Turbo Esprit Matt
  20. I set my fuel pressure to 2.5-3 psi thats about right for our cars, I would set the floats to 14 -15mm from top cover gasket, the fuel level in our carbs is critical ! Sorry to hear about the tank leak, I think on fuel tanks its oftern easyer to make a new tank, but then I do love wielding ! Thanks for keeping us updated John, its great to know someone is taking the time and money making a great car into a great car once again, well done. Matt PS We want Pictures !
  21. Hi John Im glad the Engine was as good as we thought Sounds like your doing a great job of getting the old girl up and running Keep up the good work And keeps us posted Best Wishes Matt
  22. Sounds great cant See you there
  23. Its 15 mins from my house, Would love to go 1. Trevor Skedge 2. Mike Collins 3. Greg Wishart 4. Bibs 5. Softlips 6. Dave Edmondson 7. Alexander 8. Matthias Radestock 9. Sooty 10. Trev LTS 11. Sumsion 12. Giantrat 13. Bernard Scouse 14. Tim Burton 15. Alex Le Surf 16. Matt Watts
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