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  1. I brought my 11 year old son Jake a Lotus Excel for christmas. He had spent so long helping me with my cars in the garage over the last 5 years, going to every Lotus show and has been on about how great it would be to own an Excel. I thought I would post up his reaction (total surprise) on Chrismas morning when he got his fist Lotus ! Matt
  2. Hi He is only 11 but has spent years with me working on Lotus cars as my little helper, he is now dead set on an Excel. He only has £250 I said I would match it to get him a car. I have a few 912 Engines and can do most stuff on old lotuses myself. I know hes not going to get a good car for the money just something that we can work on together and that he can feel its his. I was hoping to maybe put a bit more towards it now as its nearly Xmas and it could be a good christmas gift to. If anyone can help me find a car for Jake I would be very greatful Best Wishes Matt
  3. My son Jake (hes 11 and Lotus mad) wants to restore a Lotus Excel Hes spent ages in the garage helping me with my restorations so I cant really say no to helping him, the problem is hes only got arround £500 (which he has saved up over 2 years) Is that going to be enough to get a car worth restoring ? I dont know Excel prices very much. Does anyone know of any low budget Excels projects for sale ? Best Wishes Matt [email protected] 07816666056
  4. I had a great weekend, thanks to Bibs and Laura for organising the stand, it looked fantastic. It was great having my car on the stand, I was so proud. Thanks for a great weekend. If there is anything I can do ever to help TLF please Just ask Matt PS Jake voted your the Best Stand @ the NEC
  5. Great work Simon It's nice to hear of someone else using their S1 Well done
  6. I would just remove the pipes to the pump (pump end) and have a bucket ready so you can drain all the fuel out, Next I would keep straining the fuel out (through a jay cloth) and then keep tipping it back in, so your flushing out the tanks, Next I would remove the pump (bolts behind passanger seat) and just pop out the valves in the SU pump, give them a clean and then put the whole lot back together and try running the car again. Post up your finding. I would imagine it will all run fine but in the long term you really need new tanks
  7. 1&2. Bibs & Laura 3/ Trevsked 4. sparky 5&6. Bazza & Emma (Probably in the Elise as it needs a run) 7. Esprit22 8. Nigeninja & tasteless interloper who doesn't even count. 9. Herr Paul C 10. Ian May - I'll be up there by 8.30am. Got to be gone by 11.30am 11. GasmanGT3 12. Simon350S + 1 and a picnic if the weathers nice 13. Mike - MPx 14. Mark B and son Henry in the Esprit Turbo. 15. Mattwatts and jake will give the S1 a run, Let hope its sunny this year !
  8. I've had dealings with Pete hes a real nice guy but he a bit slow doing any work. The Expert of our engines is Phil Davidson, He was the compertitions manager for rootes and developed with Lotus the 2.2 Engine for the talbot sunbeam He now Just does Lotus 9 series engine work, if you need yours doing he would be the best bet Hes not over priced and has all the parts on the shelf, maybe give him a try if things dont happen with pete, his number is 07890675727 I dont work for him BTW He has just given me excellent free advice in the past. He is based in Daventry Best Wishes Matt
  9. Did you remove the door beem ? (I would not have) if so is it refitted correctly ? you also could try moving the striker plate out a touch. Doors can be fiddley ! Best of Luck Matt
  10. undo top and bottom pin bolts,remove door check strap, pull out loom from door, remove door Then knock out pin with drift You may end up making new pins, i did as mine where corroded I remade mine from stainless also fitted new bushes Good Luck Matt
  11. Hi Mark I dont seem to have any that really show what you would need Your welcome to pop round and have a look and measure. I also have a set of linkages spare you can look at compare to yours. Best Wishes Matt
  12. Mine fits with no issues So yours should to ? I even have a whole linkage from a s2.2 I got not nowing mine would work fine and it was the same as my S1 linkage, maybe yours being a early car may need a small tweek ? Best wishes Matt
  13. Nick is a warm, kind and frendly guy, putting every one he meets with at total ease, he is a very skilled trimmer and watching him work has always left me in awe. I will miss nick very much. My thoughts, best wishes and prayers go out to you and to all your family Matt
  14. Hi Chris No your not being thick ! They are hard to fit, I bent the terminals a bit and loosened my pedal box to fit mine Good Luck Matt
  15. Hi Richard Yes it could just be out of adjustment. Set it up as per the book, the main reason for changing the red pipe is the fire hazard !. Brake fluid is more flamable than Petrol and the clutch slave clinder is just up wind from the exhaust. My friends S2 went up last year he was lucky to get out alive. I'm from Northampton and can pop and have a look if you need a hand Matt
  16. Let me know how you get on, would love to see some pictures !
  17. Hi Yes aluminum pipes are a good solution like on an Esprit, the engine will have to come out as you say, I would then copy the original ones. There are two wielded into the chassis, heater pipes on my twincam is yours the same and are you going to attempt to change them? Matt
  18. I changed the pipes on my Twin cam europa but got all stainless steel pipes from banks europa Is your body off your chassis ? Are the two small pipes that are fixed to the chassis any good? Matt
  19. I Have been quite busy on the Europa over the last few months and have been working fast as I have been so excited to drive the car. The head arrived back from the machine shop with a repaired water way and new valve seats so I set about seating them, then shimming the valves, I fitted the head then set the valve timing as per the QED 420 cams spec. After piping up the engine a bit more, fitting the Exhaust and a few odd jobs on the chassis, I was ready to fit the body So I popped the body on one Saturday morning then started connecting up all the brakes, electrics, steering, clutch, etc It was such a great feeling when the two half's came together, I seemed to have a car at last that I could sit in and enjoy (make brum brum noises with my son) The new engine spec and QED Camshafts would need more fuel so I changed the original carburetter jets to the to sizes QED recommended for my 155-160 BHP state of tune The engine started well and all seems OK so far The car passed the MOT about two weeks ago and it was nice to get my free tax disk I have started driving the car on short trips and messing with the suspension setup, my front springs were far to hard on the front with the banks spring setup, so have fitted softer rate springs I got the rate just lovely 1st time (thanks to the advice from Steve at SJ sports cars), the car is starting to drive really nice now, I just wish I did not need to run the damn engine in ....yawn ! The car will be on the LDC Stand at the NEC Classic car show as a "Restoration in progress" if anyone want to see it in the flesh I have still got a lot of work to do mainly little odd jobs I enjoy. I'm not sure what to do with the paint work I hate it as it is, but just cant make my mind up what I should do, I'm probably going to do hill climbs in it mainly anyway. Vinyl wrap ? Paint it Black like in 11 Harrow house ? Any advice ? Matt
  20. Please can you scratch me from the list as I'm now going to Snetterton Matt
  21. Give Nick a call he will help you out Matt
  22. I would sell my car to Chris Evens but it would have to be for BIG money, mines just going so well, they are such a joy to drive when fully sorted ! I turned down £20k for mine at Donnington Lotus show 2 years ago when it was on the Lotus stand and I don't regret it at all. Matt
  23. I've done 140 mph in mine I'm with pete I use the tires he recommended they give good grip and keep the car well balanced Hope this helps Matt
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