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  1. Thanks Pete and Dan you are correct The car is a Prototype confirmed by Mike Kimberly and Brian Angus. The car is as it left the factory and has matching numbers. It has never been repainted. The sills duct air into the engine bay as a turbo. The Vin Plate calls the car a Type 79B . The cam covers are development covers different to production ones they are cast differently to the later HC units. I had seen such covers on a prototype Sunbeam engine. The car has many unique features I will post up more details some other time I also am collecting the 4th wheel and seats on Sunday. The car will not be for sale, I'm very much looking forward to restoring it. The car is on a excellent galvanized chassis and all the running gear is like new, its only done very low mileage and has been dry stored for many years. Matt
  2. It's an s2 but looks worth doing up. I have a spare set of original wheels if that helps
  3. Hi sorry missed your posts. I have had many more parts made. Twenty more heater arms. I will post up some pictures soon. Matt
  4. I think the car is priced about right if you take into consideration the cost of a proper restoration. However there are so many things on the car that are not right, I think they should be corrected before asking over 100k
  5. Hi Sorry Ive not got back to you I'm getting ready for a race weekend and time is tight. Please give me a week, I will have much more time then. Best wishes Matt 07816666056 [email protected]
  6. Welcome to the forum I think you have a very nice S2 in the making there. I think I have the whole instrument cluster, door mirrors from your car and the rear calipers I brought them five years ago from the guy who sold the car to SJ sports cars Please message me if you would like them Good luck with the restoration Matt PS George is right "get on that missing engine cover."
  7. I sold an S2 Esprit yesterday for £12K all in bits, its not a fluke I could have sold it five times over. Yes Bauke you have not sold your S2 but its a "left hooker" to us brits that matters. Your opinion " its never worth 12,750 " seems very incorrect to me. You can always prove me wrong by buying a better one cheaper .... I was also offered it 3 years ago with a JPS from SJS for 8k but had run out of space and was to busy for them. Times change mate, people buy these car with there passion and not for profit as you may. I've been offered £45k for my S2.2 but have turned it down as I just love owning the car. Matt
  8. Yes looks a nice little project and with s2s prices on the rise I think it's going to be a good buy for someone.
  9. I agree Geert your repair with the 8.8 bolt is perfect. I would replace all the bolts without 8.8 on the heads on your suspension. Matt
  10. It's a original speedline spare wheel from a S2 Esprit so 4 stud.
  11. Just done a deal collecting moulds at 9 am tomorrow. SAVED ?
  12. Got one for you cos give me a call. Matt
  13. Hi I have a s2 space saver I would sell for £200 Matt
  14. Pnm don't have one but call Mick at Boss Motors Snetterton he has. Matt
  15. Hi Ross Steve fulcher is making 20 crash pads I'm making 15 steering wheels. I'm also making 15 early S1 ash trays have just got 10 spare wheel hold downs made. Matt
  16. HI Ross Nice car and the 1978 cars are the best really I'm making a batch of 15 steering wheels as original but not as bendy ! , message me if your interested Matt
  17. Looks fantastic work Andy, well done. Take me for a spin when its done ........... please Matt
  18. No Antonio that brace is on all late S2 and S2.2 cars from late 1979 onward. Well I had not done any more work on the car until two weeks ago when I decided I would try to finish the car for the Classic car show at the NEC, as I was asked to display one of my cars at the show, that would give me just under a month (there is nothing like a deadline to get you focused ehh ?) So I spent a weekend getting it all running and every thing working, Jake took a short vid of it linked below Youtube link here I took the car out for a short up and down the street to see how it went, it seemed fine, I was very please as the car had not driven for 20 years. When I stood before the car in a terrible state in the yard where I brought it 2 years ago I longed for the day I would get it moving again and looking like something I would be proud of. I have since reconolised all the interior leather and fitted most of it, I fitted all the glass yesterday Binnical now satin black to stop reflections The bonnet is now on and the firewall panel is fitted, I still have a very long to do list and under two weeks but I should get it done. Matt
  19. If I had your car (love the colour) I would trim it in a quality black leather with a satin sheen not glossy. I would choose a leather with hardly any grain to it (like Lotus used). I would maintain the original stitching style and in black and pattern and keep with the original aluminum trims on the doors dash and center section. I would have a mid grey headlining to stop it feeling to dark inside. This is how I did my S1 10 years ago, it still looks great now. Matt
  20. Great choice of colour Daren Roman Bronze Yuck ! Keep up the good work Matt
  21. I have Just had them remade in original material and grain but also 2mm thicker so they wont crack up easily. I have also had all the Vac formed plastic parts on an Esprit remade including new front bumpers. Will put them up in the parts bit when I have some time Matt
  22. There is no sign of any bang, I sold my Elan +2 and Europa TC two weeks ago, I could have sold them 10 times over, there is plenty of interested in Lotus cars. I also have a full restoration order book for the next 5 years and I'm not cheap. Cars do sometimes take a while to sell, that's just a fact and nothing to get panicked about. They will sell. In a few years we will look back and comment on how inexpensive they were.............. Matt
  23. Hi Paul your pins where a pair of the 1st 3 and had the slight lip, no others are like that. Antonios bushes slipped easily up and down, on and off each pin before he fitted them. I think the problems Antonio has had is that he buried up the outer faces of the bush when fitting, I would use a reamer, a drill bit or even a file to open them up again so the pin just drops smoothly onto the bushes at both ends, Its just takes a bit of time, but the long term benefit is worth well it. Matt
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