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  1. HI Do you have a sec to help me with my Rover V8 ?




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    2. V8-ESPRITS3


      Hi Matt,

      Sorry for the late reply, been doing 12 hour shifts at work, getting 4 kids to school and back, I never get 5 mins to myself until I am shattered and ready for bed when everyone is asleep!

      If you still have them then yes I still would like them, shame I missed out on the inlet manifold and other parts if they got sold.

      I don`t know what its worth? I can offer £250 if it includes postage. Money is tight at the moment the wifes cars off the road and just had to buy a new washing machine!

      TBH the bellhousing is the main item of interest as it would help my install by moving the engine back so I can fit a proper water pump so if that offer is not enough then maybe we could do a deal for the bellhousing and clutch only.


    3. Matt-watts


      Hi Rob

      I sold the engine and carb

      I have left the inlet manifold, gearbox selector shaft, bell housing, clutch, exhaust and manifold, and engine mounts

      I think they are worth £500 on ebay but happy to hear an offer Rob

      PS Do you have any parts you could swap I need Early esprit interior and the clock between the sunvisors


    4. V8-ESPRITS3


      Hi Matt,

      I do have some S2 parts, map pocket, switches, etc may even have a digital clock? funds are too stretched at the moment so really could do with just the bellhousing,clutch and parts for a conversion, will have to pass on the manifolds.




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